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Here is the list of Ta- names for girls.

pinAnastasios - Taji

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ta- names: Tad, Tahj, Taj, Tate

[Taso, .. 17 more] Var. of Anastasios 1 Derivative of Greek element. "Resurrection." Talso, Teiso and Tyso are kreatif variations. ..

[Tavin, .. 15 more] Form of Gustave 2 Stems fr. Scandinavian. "Royal staff; staff of the gods." Not in popularity charts. See also Tavis. ..

Tab [Tabb, Taber, Tabor] 3 Root fr. English language. Nickname of David .. Not in Top 1000.

Tabasco 4 Place name .. Outside Top 1000.

Tabor [Taber, Taibor, Tavor, Taybor, Tayber] 5 From Hungarian, Hebrew languages. "Encampment; misfortune, bad luck." Outside Top 1000. ..

Tabib [Tabeeb] 6 Stems fr. Turkish language. "Doctor." Not in Top 1000.

Tacitus 7 Name of a famous Roman historian (100 AD). Uncommon, with the masculine -us ending like Theodorus.

Tad [Tadd, .. 1 more] 8 Derivative of English. "Heart." Not in popularity charts. ..

Tadao 9 Source fr. Japanese. "Complacent; satisfied." Not in popularity charts. See also Taddeo.

Tadeo [Taddeo, Tadzio] 10 Derivative of Spanish, Aramaic languages. "Heart." Not in popularity charts. ..

Tadhg [Tad, .. 2 more] 11 Root fr. Scottish, Irish, Gaelic. "Poet, philosopher." Not Top 1000 names.

Tadi 12 Based on Native American Indian language. "Breeze, wind." Not in Top 1000. See also Taji.

Taft 13 Based on Old French language. "Homestead." Not in Top 1000. See also Tait.

Taggart [Taggert] 14 Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Son of the priest." Not Top 1000 names.

Tahir [Taheer] 15 From Arabic language. "Pure." Not in popularity charts.

Tahoe 16 Derivative of Native American Indian element. "Big water." Not Top 1000 name.

Tahoma [Tacoma, .. 2 more] 17 Root fr. Native American Indian language. "That frozen water." Not in popularity charts.

Tait [Tate, Tayte] 18 Derivative of Old Norse element. "Cheerful, happy." Ranked in Top 1000.

Taj [Tahj] 19 Derived fr. Hindi, Sanskrit words. "Crown." Not Top 1000 names.

Taji 20 Derivative of Japanese element. "Silver and yellow color." Also a girls' name. Not in Top 1000.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Ta- names for boys.

Anastasios - Taji
Anastasios [Taso], Gustave [Tavin], Tab [Tabb, Taber, Tabor], Tabasco, Tabor [Tavor, Taibor, Taybor, Tayber], Tabib [Tabeeb], Tacitus, Tad [Tadd], Tadao, Tadeo [Taddeo, Tadzio], Tadhg [Tad], Tadi, Taft, Taggart [Taggert], Tahir [Taheer], Tahoe, Tahoma [Tacoma], Tait [Tate, Tayte], Taj [Tahj], Taji

Takeo - Tanjiro
Takeo, Takoda, Tal [Tahl, Talor], Talbet [Talbert, Talbott, Tallbot, Tallbott], Talfryn [Talfrin, Talfrynn, Tallfryn], Talib [Taleeb], Taliesin, Tallis [Talys, Tallys], Talmai, Talmon, Talon [Tallan, Tallen, Tallin, Tallon, ..], Tamarack, Tamarisk, Tamerlane [Tamurlayn, Tamburlane, Tamurlaine, Tamburlaine, ..], Tamir, Tammany, Tamson [Tamsen], Tancred [Tancredi, Tancredo], Tandie [Tandy, Tandey], Tanjiro

Tanner - Tavio
Tanner [Tanney, Tannie, Tannis, Tannon, ..], Tannon [Tannen, Tannin, Tansen, Tanson], Tanton, Taos, Taran [Taren], Tariq [Tareq, Tarik, Tarick, Tarique, ..], Tarleton, Tarquin [Tarquino, Tarquinus, Tarquinius], Taro, Tarrant [Tarrent], Tarun [Taroon, Taroun], Tasso, Tate [Tait, Taitt, Tayte], Tau, Taurus [Tauro, Taurean, Taurino], Tavaris [Tavaress, Tavariss, Tavarous, Tavarious], Taverner [Tavener, Tavenner, Tavernier], Tavi [Tavee], Tavin, Tavio

Tavis - Thomas
Tavis [Tavey, Tavid, Tavie, Taveon], Tavish [Tavis], Tavon [Taveon, Tavion], Tay, Taylan [Taylon], Taylor [Tailer, Tailor, Tayler], Tayson, Tayton [Tayten, Taytin], Taz [Tazz, Tasman, Tazman], Terence [Tarrenz, Tarrants, Tarrence, Tarrance], Terran [Tarrin], Terrell [Tarrall], Terron [Tarren, Tarrin, Tarron, Tarryn, ..], Thaddeus [Tadeo, Tadio, Tadzio, Taddeusz, ..], Thandiwe [Tandy, Tandie], Thomas [Tam, Tamas, Tamhas]