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Think Baby Names

Think Baby Names is a leading baby names site built with love since 2004. It maintains one of the most comprehensive and authoritative baby names dictionary on the web with more than 30000 baby names and definitions of name meanings, all accessible via smart search tools. News media around the world have come to rely upon ThinkBabyNames.com as the baby names site of record. Our site has been featured on Yahoo, MSN, CNN and traditional print media. More than 1,000,000 people a month visit the site. This site and its information are maintained by me, Kian, and you can reach me here for any enquiries.


ThinkBabyNames.com is based on the efforts of linguists and infopreneurs combining their expertise. Credit is also attributed to researchers and scholars whose works on name meanings are referenced, especially Leslie Dunkling and William Gosling, authors of "The Facts on File Dictionary of First Names", Alfred J. Kolatch, author of "Dictionary of First Names", and E. G. Withycombe, author of "The Oxford Dictionary of Early English Christian Names". The ThinkBabyNames.com library also features contributions on baby name meanings from helpful users all over the world.