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Baby Name Origins for Girls

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Foreign names which are emblematic of parents' ethnic roots and heritage or even just lend an exotic flavor are attractive to many parents.

African,   American,   Arabic,   England,   French,   Gaelic,   German,   Greek,   Hawaiian,   Hebrew,   Hindi,   Israeli,   Italian,   Japanese,   Latin,   Norse,   Old English,   Roman,   Russian,   Scandinavian,   Scottish,   Spanish,   Welsh

Baby Name Origins

Meaning & Etymology

These girl names are grouped by themes and meanings which can appeal to certain parents due to specific individual associations and idiosyncracies.

16th century,   17th century,   18th century,   19th century,   Actress,   Angel,   Battle,   Beautiful,   Bee,   Biblical,   Bird,   Black,   Blend,   Blessed,   Blue,   Brave,   Brown,   Christian,   City,   Dawn,   Deer,   Defender,   Destruction,   Determined,   Dragon,   Dream,   Earth,   Elf,   Exalted,   Fairy,   Fire,   Flower,   Gentle,   Gift,   Glory,   God,   Goddess,   Golden,   Good,   Gracious,   Great,   Green,   Heaven,   Heroine,   Holy,   Hope,   Ice,   Intelligent,   Island,   Jewel,   Joy,   Life,   Light,   Lion,   Literary,   Little,   Love,   Magical,   Mary,   Meadow,   Medieval,   Modern,   Monk,   Moon,   Mountain,   Mythology,   Nature,   Noble,   Oath,   Old,   Opera,   Peace,   Place,   Popular,   Power,   Precious,   Princess,   Prophet,   Puritan,   Queen,   Rainbow,   Rare,   Red,   Righteous,   River,   Rock,   Saint,   Sea,   Short,   Silver,   Simple,   Spirit,   Spring,   Star,   Strong,   Surname,   Tree,   Truth,   Victory,   Violet,   Virgin,   Virtue,   Warrior,   Water,   Wealthy,   White,   Wisdom,   Wolf,   Young