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Baby Name Origins for Boys

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For many parents, naming is also a search for history and ethnic identity. Our pasts or cultural backgrounds influence these names in being adopted by parents for their baby boys.

African,   American,   Arabic,   Celtic,   England,   French,   Gaelic,   German,   Greek,   Hebrew,   Hindi,   Italian,   Japanese,   Latin,   Norse,   Old English,   Roman,   Scandinavian,   Scottish,   Spanish,   Welsh

Baby Name Origins

Meaning & Etymology

Parents looking for personal or distinctive meaning in naming their child may look at these baby boy names segregated by meanings and associated keywords.

16th century,   17th century,   18th century,   19th century,   Actor,   Angel,   Author,   Bear,   Biblical,   Bird,   Blacksmith,   Blessed,   Brave,   Bright,   Brown,   Champion,   Christian,   Counsel,   Dark,   Deer,   Defender,   Dragon,   Eagle,   Earth,   Elf,   Explorer,   Faith,   Faithful,   Famous,   Farmer,   Fierce,   Fire,   Flower,   Friend,   Gentle,   Gift,   God,   Gold,   Good,   Gracious,   Great,   Handsome,   Happy,   Heaven,   Hero,   Holy,   Home,   Hunter,   Intelligent,   Israel,   Just,   King,   Leader,   Life,   Lion,   Literary,   Little,   Love,   Magical,   Meadow,   Medieval,   Modern,   Monk,   Monster,   Moon,   Mountain,   Mythology,   Noble,   Norman,   Occupational,   Old,   Peace,   Philosopher,   Place,   Power,   Prophet,   Pure,   Puritan,   Rare,   Raven,   Red,   River,   Rock,   Saint,   Sea,   Servant,   Short,   Star,   Strong,   Surname,   Thunder,   Town,   Tree,   Valley,   Victory,   War,   Warrior,   Water,   Wealthy,   White,   Wise,   Wolf