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Ah ending baby names and what they mean, with 361 results. -ah names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names reached its apex 2 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 3.8%) and is almost as widespread today (ADOPTION 2.9%, DOWN 24%), but with names like Nyah becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names among these are Delilah (#94), Ariyah (#348), Ariah (#343), Avah (#462) and Norah (#140), while Diah (TOP 97%) and Vannah (85%) are familiar -ah surnames. Here is the list of -ah names for boys.

-ah names

Aaliyah - Akeelah | Akilah - Ameenah | Ameerah - Avivah | Azariah - Chanyah | Chasidah - Diannah | Dinah - Farrah | .. - .. | Zorah

Aaliyah - Akeelah

Aliya and variants

Alliah, Aliyah, Aliah, Aleeyah, Aleah, Aaliyah
Var. of Aliya. Based on Hebrew language. "Exalted, sublime." Aziyah is also a marginally prominent birth name.

Aisha and variants

Yieshah, Ieeshiah, Ieeshah, Ieshah, Ieashiah, Ayishah, Ieashah, Ayisah, Ayeishah, Ayeisah, Ayeeshah, Asiah, Ayeesah, Ashiah, Ashah, Aisiah, Aishah, Aeshah1, Aieshah, Aeshah2, Aeeshah, Aayshah
Var. of Aisha. Based on Arabic element. "Alive and well." Alshah and Anshah are creative forms.

Abiah, var. Aviah
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is my father." Uncommon. Compare Abiah, Aviah with common surnames Awuah (TOP 71%), Appiah (19%), which also end with -ah.

Abijah, var. Abishah
Root fr. Hebrew word. "God is my father." Not in Top 2000.

Form of Abra. From Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Father of many." Rather uncommon as a girls' name. See also Afra.

Acimah, Achimah
Var. of Acima. Source fr. Hebrew word. "God will judge." Achimah and Acimah were not Top birth names in 2018.

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Ankle bracelet." Achsah is unique as a baby name.


Based on Hebrew. "Adornment." Unconventional, with usage of 0.006% for Adah as a baby name in 2018. See also Alah.

Aidah, Adiah, Addiah
Var. of Ada. Origin fr. Old German element. "Noble." Scarce as children's names, but Adiah, Addiah, etc. are similar to the more popular Aliah.

Form of Adeline. Source fr. Old German. "Noble." Unique. Adellah, like Akeelah, has the androgynous -lah ending. See also Adelle.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ah names: Aaliyah, Adah, Akeelah, Aleah, Aleeyah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ah names: Aliah, Aliyah, Asiah, Dinah

Form of Adela. Based on Old German. "Noble." Unique, with the -lah ending for Adellah, like Akeelah, Agnellah. See also Ahdella.

Var. of Adiba. Origin fr. Arabic element. "Cultured, refined." Scarce. Adibah is not found in the US Demographics. See also Atifah.

Form of Adina. From Hebrew language. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Uncommon. Adinah, like Allinah, ends with the feminine -inah. See also Adibah.

Adena and variants

Dinah, Denah, Adinah2
Forms of Adena. Based on Hebrew language. "Decoration." Adinah and Denah are more unconventional as baby names among the variant forms of Adena.

Form of Adiva. Derived fr. Hebrew. "Polite, considerate." Not in popularity charts. See also Adibah.

Form of Adara. From Arabic, Greek, Hebrew languages. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Not Top 2000 name. See also Audra.

Adrienah, Adriannah, Adrianah, Adriah
Forms of Adrienne. Derivative of Latin element. "From Hadria." Rare as birth names, but Adriannah, Adriah, etc. sound like the more common Audrianna.

Apirkah, Afrikah, Africah, Affrikah, Affricah
Var. of Africa. Source fr. Celtic. "Pleasant." Not in Top 2000.

Unah, Oonah, Nevesah, Nestah, Nessah, Annisah, Inah, Ainah, Agnolah, Agnettah, Agnellah, Agnah
Var. of Agnes. From Greek language. "Pure, holy." Nestah and variants were not among 2018's Top names.


Form of Akela. Source fr. Old German language. "Noble." Somewhat novel as a girls' name. See also Akilah.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ah names for girls.

1. Aaliyah - Akeelah
Aliya [Alliah, ..], Aisha [Yieshah, ..], Abiah [Aviah], Abijah [Abishah], Abra [Abrah], Acima [Acimah, ..], Achsah, Adah, Ada [Aidah, ..], Adeline [Adellah], Adela [Adellah], Adiba [Adibah], Adina [Adinah], Adena [Dinah, ..], Adiva [Adivah], Adara [Adrah], Adrienne [Adrienah, ..], Africa [Apirkah, ..], Agnes [Unah, ..], Akela [Akeelah]

Akilah, Alla [Alah], Alana [Lannah, ..], Alannah, Alaia [Alayah], Aleeza [Alizah, ..], Alina [Lynah, ..], Alfreda [Frydah, ..], Alice [Lichah, ..], Alida [Lydah, ..], Alisa [Alyssah, ..], Alizah [Aleezah], Eliza [Elizah, ..], Almeda [Almitah, ..], Alma [Almah], Almera [Myrah, ..], Alva [Alvah], Amanda [Amandah], Amaris [Amariah], Amina [Amynah, ..]

Amira [Mirah, ..], Amelinda [Amelindah], Amy [Amiah], Amica [Amicah], Aminta [Amintah], Amiya [Amiyah], Anisa [Anisah], Ania [Aniyah], Anna [Annah], Annora [Norah, ..], Arava [Aravah], Arda [Ardah], Aria [Ariyah, ..], Ashra [Ashirah], Ashira [Ashirah], Ashley [Ashleah], Asia [Asyah, ..], Atifa [Atifah, ..], Ava [Avah], Aviva [Avivah]

Azaria [Azariah], Azuba [Zubah, ..], Bara [Barah], Beatrice [Beah], Rebecca [Rivkah, ..], Beulah [Byulah, ..], Bina [Binah], Blimah [Blimah], Breanna [Breah], Brenda [Brenndah, ..], Brenna [Brennah], Brianna [Briannah], Cara [Carah], Carla [Carleah, ..], Chana [Chanah, ..], Chava [Chabah], Chamania [Chamaniah], Chanina [Haninah, ..], Hania [Hannyah, ..], Chanya [Hanyah, ..]

Chasidah, Chazona [Chazonah], Chepzibah, Chermona [Hermonah, ..], Ciara [Cierrah, ..], Cyra [Cyrah], Cira [Cyrah], Deja [Dejah, ..], Dakota [Dakotah], Dalia [Dalyah, ..], Dana [Danah], Danna [Dannah], Dara [Darrah, ..], Datya [Datyah, ..], Daya [Dayah], Deborah [Devorah, ..], Delilah [Lilah], Dimona [Dimonah, ..], Devora [Devorah], Diana [Diannah]

Dinah [Dynah, ..], Dena [Dinah], Ditza [Ditzah], Dora [Dorah], Derora [Drorah], Edna [Ednah, ..], Eila [Elah, ..], Eileen [Eilah], Elana [Elanah], Elfrida [Friedah, ..], Eliora [Eliorah], Elizabeth [Elisah], Elkana [Elkanah], Elmira [Myrah, ..], Emilia [Emilyah], Erica [Erykah], Eithne [Ethnah], Eulalia [Eulah], Eva [Evah], Farrah [Farah]

Fatima [Fatmah, ..], Galila [Glilah, ..], Gana [Ganah], Geila [Gilah, ..], Geulah, Gilana [Gilah], Gilia [Giliyah, ..], Hadiya [Haadiyah], Habiba [Havivah, ..], Hadara [Hadarah], Asta [Hadassah], Hadassah [Hadasah, ..], Hafsa [Hafsah], Hiba [Haibah], Hajar [Hajjrah, ..], Hala [Halah], Halima [Halimah, ..], Halleli [Hallelujah], Hamida [Hamidah, ..], Hamna [Hamnah]

Hana [Hannah], Hannah [Hanah, ..], Harela [Harrellah], Haviva [Havvivah, ..], Hedia [Hedyah, ..], Hedy [Hediah], Hephzibah [Hepzibah, ..], Honor [Norah, ..], Hosanna [Hosannah], Hulda [Huldah], Idona [Idonah], Ieesha [Ieeshah, ..], Ioanna [Ioannah, ..], Jae [Jaeleah], Ja- [Jaliyah], Jameelah [Jamilah], Jamila [Jamilah], Jana [Jannah, ..], Janae [Janah], Jan [Jannah, ..]

Janoah, Jay [Jaylah], Jedida [Jedidah], Jemima [Jemmimah, ..], Jenna [Jennah], Jerusha [Jerushah], Jessica [Jessah], Johanna [Johannah, ..], Joanna [Johannah], Geneva [Jonevah], Jorah, Jumana [Jumanah], Khadija [Khadijah, ..], Kaila [Kailah, ..], Kayla [Kaylah, ..], Kalei [Kaleah], Kalila [Kylilah, ..], Kamilah [Kamillah], Kara [Karrah, ..], Karima [Karimah, ..]

Karina [Karenah], Karla [Karlah], Keisha [Keeshah], Caoimhe [Keevah], Akiva [Kivah, ..], Kefira [Kefirah], Keila [Keilah], Kelila [Kelulah], Kendra [Kennah, ..], Keturah, Kezia [Keziah, ..], Kia [Kiah], Kiana [Kionah, ..], Kira [Kiriah], Christa [Krystah], Kylie [Kylah], Kyra [Kyrah], Laila [Laylah, ..], Latifah [Lateefah], La- [Latifah]

Latoya [Latoyah], Leah, Aileen [Linah, ..], Leila [Lilah, ..], Lemuela [Lemuellah, ..], Lenore [Lenorah], Leora [Leorah], Lida [Lidah], Lila [Lylah, ..], Lyla [Lilah], Lora [Lorah], Luana [Luannah], Luba [Lyubah, ..], Mahalia [Mahaliah, ..], Maia [Mayah, ..], Maiya [Maiyah], Majida [Majidah], Malka [Milcah, ..], Malia [Maleah], Mara [Marah]

Mariah, Maria [Moriah, ..], Madeline [Marleah], Medea [Medorah], Menora [Menorah], Maya [Miah], Mia [Miah], Micah [Mykah], Michaela [Micaiah], Miranda [Mirandah], Mona [Monah], Maura [Morah], Moriah [Moraiah], Myra [Myriah, ..], Naavah, Nabila [Nabilah], Nadira [Nadirah], Naila [Nailah], Naima [Naimah], Natalie [Nataleah]

Nathania [Natanyah], Natasha [Natashah], Nathifah [Natifah, ..], Nechama [Nehamah, ..], Neena [Neenah], Nina [Neenah], Neoma [Neomah], Nia [Nyah, ..], Nona [Nonnah, ..], Nora [Norah], Eleanor [Norah], Leonora [Norah], Nyla [Nylah], Ophrah [Orpah, ..], Orit [Orah], Orpah [Oprah, ..], Otzara [Otzarah], Palma [Pallmirah], Pandora [Pandorah], Pelia [Peliah]

Peninah, Peri [Perah], Petula [Petulah], Qiturah [Queturah, ..], Rabab [Rabiah], Rabiah, Raina [Rainah, ..], Rafa [Rafah], Rama [Ramah], Rashida [Rashidah, ..], Raziah, Reanna [Reannah], Rena [Rinah], Rinah, Riona [Rionnah], Riva [Rivkah], Roseanne [Rosehannah, ..], Rose [Rosenah], Sheba [Shebah, ..], Saba [Shebah, ..]

Sabra [Sabrah], Sadie [Sadah], Safiyah, Sahara [Saharah], Selima [Selimah, ..], Salimah, Salome [Selmah, ..], Samira [Samirah], Sarah [Zarah, ..], Sariah, Savannah [Savanah], Sabina [Sebinah], Sedona [Sedonah], Seema [Simah, ..], Selma [Zelmah, ..], Serena [Serinah, ..], Shaina [Shainah], Shalisa [Shalishah], Shalom [Shalvah], Shamira [Shamirah]

Shana [Shannah, ..], Shaneika [Shaneikah], Shoshana [Sosannah, ..], Sha- [Sharayah], Shasta [Shastah], Shawna [Shawnah, ..], Sheila [Shilah, ..], Shayla [Shaylah], Shayna [Shaynah], Sheena [Sheenah], Shera [Sherah], Shifra [Shifrah], Simone [Shimonah], Shiri [Shirah], Shona [Shonah], Susan [Suzannah, ..], Shyla [Shylah], Sofia [Sofiah], Soraya [Soreeyah], Thurayya [Surayyah]

Susannah [Suzannah, ..], Suzanne [Suzannah], Sidonia [Sydonah], Taima [Taoimah, ..], Taja [Tajah], Ta- [Taleah], Talia [Taliah], Tallulah, Talma [Talmah], Tamara [Tamrah, ..], Tara [Tarrah, ..], Tatiana [Tatyanah], Terra [Terrah, ..], Tiara [Tiarah], Tikva [Tikvah], Christina [Tinah], Tirzah [Tyrzah, ..], Tanya [Tonyah], Tova [Tovah], Toby [Tovah]

Tsila [Tzilah, ..], Tzipporah [Zipporah], Umnia [Umniyah, ..], Una [Unah], Wanda [Wandah], Winona [Winonah, ..], Yaffa [Yaffah], Yaminah, Yoana [Yoannah, ..], Yonina [Yoninah, ..], Zahavah [Zehavah, ..], Zahira [Zahirah], Zahra [Zahrah], Zakiya [Zakiah], Zara [Zariah, ..], Zaina [Zaynah], Zilla [Zillah], Zilpha [Zilpah], Zippora [Zipporah, ..], Ziv [Zivah]

19. Zorah

Zora [Zorrah, ..]

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