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Ara ending baby names and what they mean, with 78 results. -ara names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the 1940s (ADOPTION OF 3.24%) and are now significantly less widespread (ADOPTION 0.82%, 74.7% LESS), with names like Ciara becoming less stylish. The most trendy names for newborns in this list are Amara (#193), Samara (#256), Xiomara (#725), Yara (#672) and Zara (#253), while Gara (TOP 25%) and Azzara (23%) are familiar -ara last names.

-ara names

Adara - Chara | Charmara - Kanara | Kara - Sara | Shamara - Zohara

Adara - Chara


Derivative of Arabic, Greek, Hebrew words. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Azara is also a somewhat popular baby name. See also Amara.

Var. of Adra. Origin fr. Arabic element. "Virgin." Common. Compare Adara with popular last names Aihara (UPPER 74%), Avera (11%), which also end with -ra. See also Atera.

Derived fr. Greek language. Aesara is not frequently adopted as a baby name.

Var. of Alda. From Old German element. "Old, prosperous." Rather uncommon as a girls' name. See also Aldora.

Var. of Aldora. Stems fr. Greek language. "Winged gift." Compare last names Aldama (TOP 13%), Aldana (3%). See also Aludra.

Form of Alvar. Root fr. Old English. "Elf or magical army, warrior." Alivara and Alvada are creative forms. See also Alvira.

Root fr. Italian, Old English languages. "Elf warrior." Uncommon, with the favored -ra ending, like Afra, Akira. See also Aldara.

Amara and variants

Amara, var. Mara
Derived fr. Latin word. "Everlasting." Amara and Mara are contemporarily stylish forms.


Derived fr. Persian language. "Brings rain." Cross-gender use. Moderately unfamiliar as a children's name, Ara is found more often as a last name.

Form of Arabella. Root fr. Latin element. "Prayerful." Gender-neutral name. Adoption of Ara was up a century ago, but now, Ara has gone out of style.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ara names: Adara, Amara, Ara, Barbara, Cara

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ara names: Ceara, Chiara, Ciara, Clara, Kara

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ara names: Klara, Mara

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Diadem." Outside Top 2000. See also Adira.

Stems fr. Hebrew, Arabic. "To select; innocent." Bara is rarely used as a baby name. See also Lara.

Barbara and variants

Barbara, var. Varvara, Barabara, Babara
Root fr. Latin word. "Foreign woman." Barbara, Babara and Barabara are more popular as baby names compared to Varvara.

Var. of Candelaria. Derivative of Spanish. "Candle." Not in Top 2000.

Derived fr. Arabic word. "Little bridge." Cantara is irregularly used as a women's name, existing often (UPPER 24%) as a surname. See also Cintra.

Cara and variants

Cara, var. Lacara, Kara, Kaara
Stems fr. Latin, Irish, Gaelic languages. "Beloved; friend." Usage of Cara, Lacara, etc. as children's names in 2018 was up 1.5% compared to 2017.

Claire and variants

Seara, Klyara, Kliara, Klara, Cliara, Clara, Chiara, Ciara, Cheeara, Ceara
Forms of Claire. Source fr. Latin word. "Bright, famous." Usage of Ceara, Cheeara, etc. as birth names in 2018 was 1.1% less than 2017.

Var. of Chandra. Derivative of Hindi, Sanskrit words. "Moon shining." Chandara was not among 2018's Top names. See also Chantra.

Var. of Chantal. Source fr. Old French. "Stone." Unusual, with the -ra suffix for Chantara, like Chiara, Citara. See also Cantara.

Var. of Charlotte. Stems fr. Old German. "Free man." Chara is generally used as a girls' name among the forms of Charlotte. See also Ciarra.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ara names for girls.

1. Adara - Chara
Adara, Adra [Adara], Aesara, Alda [Aldara], Aldora [Aldara], Alvar [Alvara], Alvara, Amara [Mara], Ara, Arabella [Ara], Atara, Bara, Barbara [Babara, Varvara, Barabara], Candelaria [Candelara], Cantara, Cara [Kara, Kaara, Lacara], Claire [Seara, Klara, Klyara, Kliara, ..], Chandra [Chandara], Chantal [Chantara], Charlotte [Chara]

Charmaine [Charmara], Chiara [Kiara], Chinara, Sierra [Ciara], Ciara [Siara, Kiara, Keara, Cieara, ..], Cithara [Citara, Kitara, Kithara], Clara [Klara, Chiara], Clarissa [Clara], Cynara [Zinara], Damaris [Mara, Damara], Dara, De- [Delara], Farrah [Fara], Gianna [Ginara], Hadara, Ishara, Jahzara, Jenara [Genara, Jennara, Gennara], Ka- [Kamara], Kanara

Kara [Cara], Kerry [Kara], Kiara, Klara, Lara, Helen [Leonara], Makara, Mara, Mary [Mara], Marmara, Meara, Nahara, Nehara [Nahara], Neva [Nevara], Niagara, Otzara [Ozara], Sagara, Sahara [Zahara], Samara [Semara, Sammara], Sarah [Zara, Sara, Shara]

Sha- [Shamara], Sharon [Shara], Shari [Shara], Tamara [Thamara, Tammara], Tara, Ta- [Tashara], Tiana [Tianara], Tia [Tiara], Tiara [Teara], Tifara, Tiffany [Tifara, Tiphara], Varvara, Xenia [Xiomara], Yara [Iara], Yakira [Yekara], Zahara, Zara, Zohara [Zahara]

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