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Ee ending baby names and what they mean, with 413 results. -ee names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its highest in the year 2012 (USAGE OF 1.69%) and is somewhat less today (USAGE 1.22%, 28%), with names such as Brittnee becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier girl names here are Brynlee (#210), Harlee (#631), Charlee (#288), Rylee (#102) and Rosalee (#842), while Barbee (TOP 2%) and Maybee (15%) are common -ee surnames. Here is the list of -ee names for boys.

-ee names

Abbee - Annalee | Aponee - Bernee | Bernee - Brenee | Bridee - Carlee | Carolee - Chloee | Chrissee - Danee | .. - .. | Tyree - Zoee

Abbee - Annalee

Form of Abigail. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Father of exaltation." Uncommon. Compare Abbee and common -ee surnames Alfree (UPPER 82%), Achee (26%).

Var. of Abriana. From Hebrew. "Father of many." Avree is a marginally prominent baby name. See also Abeer.


Var. of Adalia. Derived fr. Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is my refuge; noble one." Adalee was among 2018's Top names. See also Athalee.

Adorlee, Adoree
Var. of Adora. Stems fr. Greek, Old German, Latin. "A gift; beloved; adored." Adoree and Adorlee were not Top birth names in 2018.

Var. of Aida. Source fr. Arabic element. "Reward, present." Rather quaint as a birth name. See also Ailee.

Var. of Aileen. Origin fr. Norman language. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Aile and Aileea are creative variations. See also Aleea.

Amy and variants

Aymee, Amiee, Amee, Aimee1
Forms of Amy. Stems fr. Old French, Latin. "Beloved." Aimee (UPPER 12%), Amiee (91%) and Amee (92%) are conventional as female names, whereas Aymee is rarely used.


Origin fr. Old French, Latin elements. "Beloved." Usage of Aimee as a girls' name in 2018 was 43.7% less than 10 years ago. See also Aidee.

Aynslee, Ainslee
Var. of Ainsley. From Old English word. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Rare. Ainslee, Aynslee (compare Adorlee, Avalee) use the -lee suffix.

Form of Alcina. Source fr. Greek language. Spanish and Portuguese name .. Compare surnames Alee (TOP 85%), Alce (48%). See also Alise.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ee names: Adalee, Aimee, Amee, Amiee, Analee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ee names: Andree, Annalee

Form of Alice. Root fr. Old German element. "Noble, exalted." Unusual, with the unusual androgynous-sounding -dee ending for Alidee, like Amedee. See also Alidah.

Amedee, Amadee
Forms of Amadea. Source fr. Latin language. "God's love." Amadee and Amedee are rare as women's names, and Amedee appears often (TOP 24%) as a surname.

Form of Amelia. Derived fr. Latin, Old German. "Rival, eager work." Uncommon as a baby name, but Amalee is comparable to the more popular Annalee. See also Amadee.

Var. of Amberly. .. Or a variant of Amber with .. Amberlee was not among 2018's Top names. See also Ambereen.


Var. of Ana. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Favored grace." Somewhat unfamiliar as a children's name.

Andrea and variants

Andree, Andee1
Forms of Andrea. Source fr. Greek language. "Manly, virile." Andee is exclusive as a birth name among the forms of Andrea.

Var. of Andie. Source fr. Greek. "Manly, virile." Uncommon. Andee is not found in the US Census. See also Anthe.

Form of Angela. Stems fr. Greek word. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Angelee is seldom used as a girls' name. See also Angle.

Var. of Anika. Origin fr. Hausa. "Sweet-faced." Not in Top 2000. See also Anke.


Form of Anna. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Annalee became less trendy last year, dropping -44 rankings as a birth name to reach #961. See also Analee.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ee names for girls.

1. Abbee - Annalee
Abigail [Abbee], Abriana [Abree], Adalia [Adalee], Adora [Adorlee, ..], Aida [Aidee], Aileen [Ailee], Amy [Aymee, ..], Aimee, Ainsley [Aynslee, ..], Alcina [Alcee], Alice [Alidee], Amadea [Amedee, ..], Amelia [Amalee], Amberly [Amberlee], Ana [Analee], Andrea [Andree, ..], Andie [Andee], Angela [Angelee], Anika [Anikee], Anna [Annalee]

Aponi [Aponee], Harley [Harlee, ..], Arlene [Arlee], Ashley [Lee, ..], Ashanti [Shauntee, ..], Athalia [Athalee, ..], Aubrey [Aubree], Audrey [Audree], Auralee, Ava [Avalee], Azure [Azuree], Bailey [Baylee, ..], Banee, Rebecca [Rivalee, ..], Bee, Bea [Bee], Beatrice [Bee], Bibi [Beebee], Bentley [Bentlee], Bernadette [Bernee]

Bernice [Bernee], Berry [Berree], Bethany [Bethanee], Bathsheba [Bethsabee], Beverly [Verlee, ..], Billie [Bilee], Wilhelmina [Billee], Blake [Blakenee, ..], Barbara [Bobbee], Roberta [Robbee, ..], Bonnie [Bonnylee, ..], Brady [Bradee], Bradley [Bradlee], Brandy [Brandee], Braylee, Brie [Bree], Brianna [Bree], Bree, Breanna [Bree], Breena [Brenee]

Bridget [Bridee], Brittany [Bryttnee, ..], Britney [Brittnee], Brylee, Bryleigh [Brylee], Brinley [Brynlee], Bunny [Bunnee], Cady [Kadee, ..], Casey [Kaysyee, ..], Callie [Kallee, ..], Calandra [Callee], Calantha [Callee], Cambria [Cambree], Candy [Candee], Candace [Dacee, ..], Capri [Capree], Cara [Karalee, ..], Carrie [Carree, ..], Carla [Carlee], Carly [Karlee, ..]

Carol [Carolee], Cassidy [Kassidee, ..], Cassie [Cassee], Kate [Katee, ..], Catherine [Kittee, ..], Katherine [Kathee, ..], Cayla [Kaylee, ..], Cecilia [Cee, ..], Cha- [Chanee], Chantal [Chantee], Cherie [Shuree, ..], Charity [Sharitee, ..], Charla [Charlee], Charlie [Charlee], Chastity [Chastitee], Chelsea [Cheslee, ..], Cher [Cherylee, ..], Cherry [Cheree], Cheryl [Cherylee, ..], Chloe [Chloee]

Chrissie [Chrissee], Christina [Chrystee], Cindy [Sindee, ..], Cynthia [Synthee, ..], Sissy [Sissee, ..], Claudia [Claudee], Cody [Kodee, ..], Conradine [Connee], Constance [Connee], Coral [Coralee], Cora [Coree, ..], Coralie [Coralee], Corliss [Corlee], Courtney [Kourtnee, ..], Cree, Cydney [Cydnee], Dacey [Daicee, ..], Daphne [Dafnee], Daisy [Daisee], Danielle [Danee]

Danae [Dee, ..], Danna [Dannee, ..], Darby [Darbee], Darcie [Darsee, ..], Deborah [Debralee, ..], Delicia [Deedee, ..], Deirdre [Deedee, ..], Diana [Deedee, ..], Dee [Deedee], Didi [Deedee], Deja [Dejanee], De- [Delaree], Demi [Demee], Desiree [Deziree, ..], Destiny [Destinee, ..], Devany [Devinee], Dimity [Dimitee], Dixie [Dixee], Dodie [Dodee], Dora [Doree, ..]

Dolly [Dollee], Dominique [Dominee], Donna [Donnalee], Doris [Doree], Dorothy [Dorothee], Dusty [Dustee], Ebony [Ebonee], Edith [Edee], Edmonda [Edmee], Eldora [Eldoree], Elise [Elisee], Ellie [Ellee], Helen [Ellee], Ella [Ellee], Elleree, Elizabeth [Elsee, ..], Emily [Emylee, ..], Emeline [Emmalee], Emma [Emmalee], Esme [Esmee]

Esmeralda [Esmee], Estee, Estelle [Estee], Esther [Estee], Eithne [Ethnee], Eulalia [Eulalee], Fanny [Fannee], Fay [Fee], Fiona [Fee], Fernley [Fernlee], Fortney [Fortnee], Frances [Francee], Fran [Frannee], Frederica [Freddee], Galatea [Galatee], Gigi [Geegee], Genevieve [Genivee], Ginger [Gingee], Virginia [Ginnee], Ginny [Jinee, ..]

Gypsy [Gipsee], Gloria [Gloree], Goldie [Goldee], Golda [Goldee], Grace [Gracee], Haidee [Haydee, ..], Heidi [Hydee, ..], Hayley [Haylee, ..], Haley [Haylee, ..], Hannah [Hanalee], Harmony [Harmonee], Harriet [Hatsee], Hildegard [Hellee], Holly [Hollee], Honor [Honoree], India [Indee], Aurelia [Irelee], Irene [Irenee], Ivy [Ivee], Jacey [Jaycee, ..]

Jackie [Jackee], Jacobina [Jackee], Jade [Jaydee, ..], Jamie [Jaymee, ..], Jane [Janee, ..], Jaime [Jaymee, ..], Jana [Jannalee, ..], Jae [Jaylee], Jean [Jeanee], Jenny [Jennylee, ..], Janae [Jenee], Jennie [Jennee, ..], Jenilee [Jennylee, ..], Jenna [Jennasee, ..], Guinevere [Wendee, ..], Jennifer [Jennee], Jeri [Jeralee], Geraldine [Jeralee], Je- [Jeree], Jeremia [Jeremee, ..]

Jerrie [Jerree, ..], Jessie [Jeziree], Jinny [Jinnee], Jody [Jodee], Jolie [Jolee], Joan [Jonee], Josephine [Josee], Jubilee [Jubalee], Judith [Judee], Judy [Judee], Julie [Jullee, ..], Julia [Julee], Kacie [Kaycee, ..], Kady [Kaidee, ..], Kandace [Kandee], Kara [Karee, ..], Karla [Karlee], Katie [Kaydee, ..], Kathy [Kathee], Kaylee [Kalee, ..]

Kay [Kaylee], Kelila [Kaylee], Kalila [Kaylee], Kelly [Kellee], Kelsey [Kelsee], Kennedy [Kenadee], Kerry [Keree], Kiley [Kilee], Kimberly [Kymberlee, ..], Kinsey [Kinzee, ..], Kirsty [Kirstee], Kitty [Kittee], Kodi [Kodee], Corey [Koree], Kora [Koree], Kori [Koree], Crystal [Kristalee], Christy [Krystee, ..], Kylie [Kylee], Lacey [Laicee, ..]

Langley [Langlee], La- [Laree], Laura [Loree, ..], Lee, Leah [Lee], Lily [Leelee], Leslie [Lezlee, ..], Aleta [Lettee], Libby [Libbee], Linda [Lindee, ..], Lindsay [Linzee, ..], Loni [Lonee], Lorelei [Lorilee, ..], Lora [Lorree, ..], Lori [Lorilee, ..], Karlotta [Lottee], Lynda [Lyndee], Lynn [Lynlee], Lyndsey [Lynzee], Macy [Macee]

May [Maelee], Mahalia [Mahalee], Maisie [Maisee], Mallory [Malloree], Amanda [Mandee], Manda [Mandee], Marcy [Marsee, ..], Marcella [Marcilee], Maria [Maree], Marie [Maree], Mary [Marylee, ..], Margery [Margeree], Marjorie [Margeree], Mari [Marilee], Marilyn [Marilee], Marketa [Markee], Marlene [Marlee], Marlee, Marni [Marnee], Merry [Merrilee, ..]

Mckayla [Mckaylee], Mimi [Meemee], Melanie [Melanee], Melody [Melodee], Michiko [Michee], Michaela [Mickee], Camilla [Millee], Mindy [Mindee], Minnie [Minnee], Mitzi [Mitzee], Molly [Mollee], Myra [Myree], Misty [Mystee], Nalani [Nalanee], Anne [Nancee], Nancy [Nansee, ..], Na- [Natahnee], Natalie [Natilee, ..], Normandie [Normandee], Nyree

Oralee [Orlee], Oralia [Oralee], Patricia [Pattee], Penny [Pennee, ..], Polly [Pollee], Rae [Raelee], Raina [Rainee], Rajani [Rajanee], Ramona [Ramee], Randy [Randee], Rani [Ranee], Rayna [Raynee], Riva [Rivalee, ..], Ranae [Renee], Renata [Renee], Renee [Ranee], Erica [Rickee], Riley [Rylee, ..], Robin [Robee], Ronni [Ronnee, ..]

Veronica [Ronnee], Rosalie [Rosalee], Rosae [Rosee], Rosemary [Rosemaree], Roza [Rozalee], Ruby [Rubee], Rylee, Sarah [Saralee, ..], Sadie [Saidee], Sally [Sallee], Samantha [Sammee], Sandra [Sandee], Sandy [Sandee], Alexandra [Sandee], Cassandra [Sandee], Selby [Selbee], Sesame [Sessamee], Shea [Shaylee, ..], Shaila [Shalee], Shaneika [Shantee, ..]

Shandy [Shandee], Shaina [Shanee], Shanti [Shantee], Shari [Sharee], Sherry [Sherree, ..], Sharlene [Sharlee], Shawna [Shawnee, ..], Shawnee, Shelby [Shelbee], Shelley [Shellee], Shirley [Shurlee, ..], Sydney [Sydnee, ..], Sigourney [Sigornee], Stacy [Staycee, ..], Stormy [Stormee], Susan [Suzee, ..], Sukey [Sukee], Sunny [Sunnee], Sylvia [Sylvee], Tabitha [Tabbee]

Tawny [Tawnee, ..], Tanya [Tanee, ..], Tahnee, Taja [Tajanee], Tally [Tallee], Tammy [Tammee], Tandy [Thandee, ..], Tansy [Tansee], Taree, Terry [Terree, ..], Thaddea [Thadee], Toby [Tobee], Toni [Tonee], Tori [Torree], Tracy [Tracee], Trilby [Trilbee], Trinity [Trinitee], Trixie [Trixee], Tuesday [Tuesdee], Tyler [Tylee]

Tyra [Tyree], Valerie [Valleree, ..], Valley [Vallee], Vanity [Vanitee], Vashti [Vashtee], Vicky [Vickee], Victoria [Vickee], Vivian [Vivee], Wendy [Wendee], Weslee, Whitney [Whitnee], Yancey [Yancee], Zoe [Zoee]

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