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Een ending baby names and what they mean, with 162 results. -een names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity during the years 1950-1959 (ADOPTION OF 2%) and have become much less common since (ADOPTION 0.2%, DOWN 92.5%), with names such as Cathleen becoming less in vogue. Ayleen (#925), Jayleen (#506) and Queen (#959) are three of the more chic birth names here, while Green (TOP 1%) and Sween (25%) are popular -een surnames.

-een names

Aberdeen - Caleen | Caraleen - Conradeen | Coreen - Evaleen | Evaleen - Janeen | Janeen - Khristeen | Kirsteen - Myleen | .. - .. | Zareen - Zoreen

Aberdeen - Caleen

Derived fr. Scottish word. .. city in northeast Scotland. Popular as last name, and Aberdeen (UPPER 73%) is comparable to popular -en last names Abdeen (UPPER 96%), Arendsen (55%).

Form of Adina. Derivative of Hebrew. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Adlen is a marginally favored birth name. See also Ardeen.

Helen and variants

Heleen, Eileen1, Aileen1
Forms of Helen. Source fr. Greek. "Sun ray." Heleen is novel as a children's name among the variations of Helen.

Aileen and variants

Aileen2, var. Ileen, Elleen, Eleen, Eileen2, Alleen1, Aleen1
Root fr. Norman. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Aileen, Aleen, Alleen, Eileen and Ileen are more commonly used as children's names compared to Eleen, Elleen.

Ireen, Eireen, Aireen
Forms of Irene. Source fr. Greek word. "Peace." Airan and Airna are creative variations.

Alina and variants

Alleen2, Aleen2
Var. of Alina. Origin fr. Greek word. "Sun ray." Adoption of Alleen and forms was common during 1910-1919.


Form of Alaine. Root fr. Old German language. "Precious." Somewhat popular as a birth name, Alleen is comparable to the common Aleen. See also Ayleen.

Var. of Alana. Source fr. Old German, Hawaiian words. "Precious; awakening." Alleen is popular as a girls' name compared to other variations. See also Alleine.

Var. of Amber. .. Amber is the English name for .. A rare baby name. See also Amberlee.

Var. of Ardelle. .. Also possibly a feminine form of .. Unique. Ardeen, like Arlen, Aiden, ends with -en. See also Arden.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -een names: Aileen, Aleen, Alleen, Arleen, Eileen, Ileen

Var. of Arden. Derivative of Latin element. "Great forest." Unique. Ardeen, similar to Arlen, has the androgynous -en ending. See also Arleen.


Form of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Arleen is commonly used as a baby name compared to other forms. See also Alleen.

Var. of Ashlynn. From Irish, Gaelic. "Dream." Uncommon. Ashleen, like Aileen, ends with the androgynous-sounding -en. See also Ashlan.

Var. of Audrey. From Old English element. "Noble strength." A peculiar children's name. See also Adrien.

Var. of Barbara. Stems fr. Latin word. "Foreign woman." Not in popularity charts.

Form of Bernadine. Stems fr. Old French, Old German words. "Strong, brave bear." Sparing use. Berneen is not listed in the US Demographics.

Form of Breena. Variant of Brenna .. Compare surnames Brees, Breed. See also Breana.

Form of Cailin. Derived fr. Gaelic word. "Girl." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Selina. Stems fr. Greek word. "The moon." Caleen is not often adopted as a baby name. See also Carleen.

Var. of Selena. Origin fr. Greek word. "The moon." Uncommon, with the feminine -leen ending for Caleen, like Caraleen. See also Caylen.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -een names for girls.

1. Aberdeen - Caleen
Aberdeen, Adina [Adeen], Helen [Heleen, ..], Aileen [Ileen, ..], Irene [Ireen, ..], Alina [Alleen, ..], Alaine [Alleen], Alana [Alleen], Amber [Ambereen], Ardelle [Ardeen], Arden [Ardeen], Arlene [Arleen], Ashlynn [Ashleen], Audrey [Audreen], Barbara [Barbeeleen], Bernadine [Berneen], Breena [Breen], Cailin [Caileen], Selina [Caleen], Selena [Caleen]

Caroline [Sharkeen, ..], Careen [Carreen], Carly [Carleen], Charlotte [Sharleen, ..], Carlene [Karleen, ..], Carol [Sharleen, ..], Carla [Carleen], Catherine [Katleen, ..], Katherine [Katleen, ..], Cathleen [Catleen, ..], Cayla [Cayleen], Charlene [Charleen], Charmaine [Charmeen], Cherie [Shereen, ..], Christina [Kristeen, ..], Christine [Kristeen, ..], Crystal [Krystaleen, ..], Claire [Claireen], Colleen [Kolleen, ..], Conradine [Conradeen]

Corinna [Koreen, ..], Corinne [Koreen, ..], Corin [Correen, ..], Cora [Koreen, ..], Dara [Dareen], Darlene [Darryleen, ..], Davina [Daveen], Dena [Deneen], Dora [Doreen], Doreen [Dorreen], Earla [Ireleen, ..], Edwardine [Edwardeen], Eileen [Ileen, ..], Eleanor [Eileen], Einin [Eineen], Eireen, Ellen [Elleen], Emeline [Emaleen], Ethel [Etheleen], Eve [Evaleen]

Evelyn [Evleen, ..], Evelina [Eveleen], Faline [Faeleen], Fanny [Fanceen], Francine [Franceen], Francene [Franceen], Gail [Gayleen], Geraldine [Jerroldeen, ..], Glenna [Gleneen], Hansine [Hanseen], Harley [Harleen], Harleen, Ilene [Ileen], Imogen [Imojeen], Aislinn [Isleen], Ivory [Ivoreen], Jaclyn [Jakleen, ..], Jacqueline [Jakleen, ..], Jae [Jayleen, ..], Jane [Janeen]

Janine [Janeen], Jazzlyn [Jasleen], Jasmine [Yasmeen, ..], Jean [Jeanneen, ..], Jenny [Jeneen], Jill [Jilleen], Jeannine [Jineen], Jolene [Jolleen, ..], Julia [Juleen], Justine [Justeen], Kaylin [Kayleen, ..], Kaitlin [Kaitleen], Kalina [Kaleen], Karina [Kareen], Karleen, Karolina [Karleen], Kathleen [Katleen, ..], Kaylee [Kayleen], Kelly [Kelleen], Khristina [Khristeen]

Kirsten [Kirsteen], Kora [Koreen], Kristen [Kristeen], Kristine [Kristeen], Kylie [Kyleen], Laura [Loreen, ..], Lorena [Loreen], Lorelei [Lurleen], Lurleen, Marcene [Marceen], Marina [Mareen], Margaret [Pegeen, ..], Madeline [Marleen], Marlene [Marleen], Mary [Maureen], Maureen [Moreen], Maxine [Maxeen], May [Mayleen], Moreen, Myla [Myleen]

Merle [Myrleen], Nadine [Naydeen, ..], Natalie [Nataleen], Nazneen, Coline [Nicoleen], Noelle [Noweleen, ..], Noreen, Nura [Nureen], Olina [Oleen], Paulina [Pauleen], Pearl [Pearleen], Peggy [Pegeen], Queena [Queen], Rae [Raeleen], Rayann [Rayleen], Roline [Rolleen], Rosalind [Rosaleen], Rose [Rosheen, ..], Rosalie [Rosaleen], Sabrina [Sabreen]

Sarah [Sareen], Sarina [Sareen], Sasha [Sasheen], Sharon [Shareen], Sharlene [Sharleen], Shawna [Shawneen], Shayla [Shayleen], Sheila [Sheileen], Shereen [Shireen], Sherry [Shereen], Sheryl [Sherileen], Shirley [Shirleen], Ta- [Taleen], Tasmine [Tasmeen], Trina [Treen], Undine [Undeen], Valentina [Valenteen], Wilhelmina [Willeen, ..], Yasmin [Yasmeen], Yoslene [Yosleen]

Zarina [Zareen], Zora [Zoreen]

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