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Eigh ending baby names and what they mean, with 67 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in 2010 (USAGE OF 0.4%) and is somewhat lower today (USAGE 0.2%, 35.4%), with names such as Caleigh becoming somewhat dated. The trendier girl names here are Charleigh (#459), Harleigh (#876), Hadleigh (#952), Marleigh (#940) and Bryleigh (#1023), while Kreigh (TOP 59%) and Shapleigh (51%) are familiar -eigh last names.

-eigh names

Ainslaeigh - Charleigh | Chelseigh - Kelleigh | Kelseigh - Shirleigh | Sidneigh - Whitneigh

Ainslaeigh - Charleigh

Ashley and variants

Ashleigh, Asheleigh, Ainslaeigh
Var. of Ashley. Source fr. Old English. "Ash meadow." Uncommon, with the -igh suffix for Ainslaeigh, Asheleigh, Ashleigh, like Annesleigh, Arleigh.

Form of Ainsley. Derived fr. Old English word. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Aisleigh is a somewhat common baby name.


Var. of Ana. Based on Hebrew word. "Favored grace." Analeigh peaked in popularity in 2009, but now, Analeigh has gone out of style.

Ansley and variants

Ansleigh, Annsleigh, Annesleigh
Forms of Ansley. Root fr. Old English language. "Hermitage field." Unique. Annesleigh, Annsleigh, Ansleigh, like Arleigh, use the androgynous-sounding -igh ending.

Based on Old English element. "Hare-meadow." Cross-gender use. Rare. Compare Arleigh with popular surnames Ameigh (TOP 52%), Amigh (96%), which also end with -gh.

Harley and variants

Harleigh, Arleigh2
Var. of Harley. Origin fr. Old English. "Hare meadow; rock meadow." Arleigh is novel as a birth name among the forms of Harley.


Var. of Aubrey. Derivative of Old German word. "Elf or magical being, power." Aubreigh is popular as a baby name compared to other forms.

Bailey and variants

Bayleigh, Baleigh, Baileigh
Var. of Bailey. Derived fr. Old English element. "Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification." Baileigh, Baleigh and Bayleigh are more commonly used as girls' names compared to other variant forms.

Form of Bentley. Origin fr. Old English. "Meadow of bent grass." Rather quaint as a girls' name.

Form of Bradley. Based on Old English. "Broad meadow." Cross-gender use. Rather quaint as a children's name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -eigh names: Analeigh, Ansleigh, Ashleigh, Aubreigh, Baileigh

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -eigh names: Baleigh, Bayleigh, Bryleigh, Caleigh, Carleigh

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -eigh names: Cayleigh, Charleigh, Harleigh, Kaileigh, Kaleigh

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -eigh names: Karleigh, Kayleigh

Form of Breanna. Origin fr. English, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic. "High, noble, exalted." Breigh was not among 2018's Top names. See also Brighe.

Var. of Brittany. Stems fr. Latin language. "From Brittany or Britain." Not Top 2000 name.


Var. of Brylee. Based on American element. Probably an invented name of Bryana .. Adoption of Bryleigh peaked in 2015 and is almost as widespread now. See also Bayleigh.

Root fr. American word. Modern combination of Brynn and Ryleigh. Bryleigh was favored 3 years ago and is almost as popular now. See also Bayleigh.

Cayla and variants

Kayleigh1, Kaleigh1, Kaileigh1, Cayleigh1, Caleigh1, Caileigh
Var. of Cayla. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Slim and fair." Popular, with usage of 0.057% for Caileigh, Kaileigh, etc. as girls' names in 2018, but lower than 0.062% the previous year.

Kaylleigh, Kayleigh2, Kaleigh2, Kaileigh2, Kaeleigh, Cayleigh2, Caleigh2
Forms of Kaylee. Origin fr. Gaelic language. "Slender." Somewhat common as birth names, Caleigh, Kayleigh, etc. are similar to the common Raleigh.

Carly and variants

Karleigh, Carleigh1
Var. of Carly. From Latin word. "Free man." Carleigh and Karleigh are intermittently used as given names.


Form of Carla. Root fr. Old German. "Free man." Adoption of Carleigh as a baby name in 2018 was 32.1% less than the previous decade. Also used for boys.

Form of Cecilia. Root fr. Latin, Old Welsh words. "Blind; sixth." Ceileigh is scantly used as a women's name. See also Cayleigh.


Form of Charlie. Source fr. Old German. "Free man." Charleigh was a Top birth name in 2018.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -eigh names for girls.

1. Ainslaeigh - Charleigh
Ashley [Ashleigh, Asheleigh, Ainslaeigh], Ainsley [Ainsleigh], Ana [Analeigh], Ansley [Ansleigh, Annsleigh, Annesleigh], Arleigh, Harley [Arleigh, Harleigh], Aubrey [Aubreigh], Bailey [Baleigh, Bayleigh, Baileigh], Bentley [Bentleigh], Bradley [Bradleigh], Breanna [Breigh], Brittany [Brittneigh], Brylee [Bryleigh], Bryleigh, Cayla [Kaleigh, Kayleigh, Kaileigh, Cayleigh, ..], Kaylee [Kaleigh, Kayleigh, Kaileigh, Kaylleigh, ..], Carly [Karleigh, Carleigh], Carla [Carleigh], Cecilia [Ceileigh], Charlie [Charleigh]

Chelsea [Chelseigh], Chesleigh, Chesney [Chesneigh], Courtney [Cortneigh, Kourtneigh, Courteneigh], Daphne [Dafneigh], Darcie [Darseigh, Darceigh], Denise [Deneigh], Dorsey [Dorseigh], Emily [Emmaleigh], Fernley [Fernleigh], Fortney [Fortneigh], Hadley [Hedleigh, Hadleigh], Hayley [Haleigh, Hayleigh, Haileigh], Haley [Haleigh], Holly [Holleigh], Jolie [Joleigh], Callie [Kaleigh], Karla [Karleigh], Kelby [Kelbeigh], Kelly [Kelleigh]

Kelsey [Kelseigh], Kempley [Kempleigh], Kimberly [Kymberleigh, Kimberleigh], Kylie [Kyleigh], Langley [Langleigh], Leah [Leigh], Lee [Leigh], Leslie [Lesleigh], Lindsay [Lindseigh], Mallory [Malloreigh], Marlee [Marleigh], Natalie [Nataleigh], Nelsey [Nelseigh, Nellseigh], Raleigh [Rawleigh, Raileigh], Riley [Rileigh], Selby [Selbeigh], Shandy [Shandeigh], Shaneika [Shanteigh, Shandeigh], Shelby [Shelbeigh], Shirley [Shirleigh]

Sidney [Sidneigh], Sivney [Sivneigh], Terry [Tereigh, Terreigh], Tierney [Tierneigh], Trilby [Trilbeigh], Vanessa [Vannaleigh], Whitney [Whitneigh]

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