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En ending baby names and what they mean, with 279 results. -en names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names was at its apex during the years 1950-1959 (USAGE OF 4.6%) and is now much diminished (USAGE 1%, 79.3%), with names like Coleen falling out of fashion. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Aspen (#269), Wren (#469), Maren (#607), Haven (#311) and Rowen (#1244), while Bolden (TOP 1%) and Roden (3%) are conventional -en last names. Here is the list of -en names for boys.

-en names

Aberdeen - Aren | Arianwen - Bren | Bren - Carleen | Carleen - Coreen | Coreen - Eiddwen | Eileen - Floellen | .. - .. | Suellen - Zoreen

Aberdeen - Aren

Derivative of Scottish. .. city in northeast Scotland. Popular as last name. Compare Aberdeen (UPPER 73%) with common last names Abegglen (UPPER 36%), Albertsen (29%), which also end with -en.

Var. of Adina. Stems fr. Hebrew. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Unusual. Adeen is not listed in the US Demographics.

Aidan and variants

Ayden, Aiden, Aden
Forms of Aidan. Derivative of Gaelic language. "Fire." Aden and variants peaked in popularity a decade ago, but now, Ayden has become somewhat outmoded.

Var. of Adrienne. Stems fr. Latin language. "From Hadria." Adrien is a prevalent (TOP 84%) feminine name, and exists often (TOP 32%) as a surname. Also a boys' name.

Based on Welsh language. "Fair, blessed berries." Not in Top 2000.

Aileen and variants

Aileen, var. Ileen, Elleen, Eleen, Eileen, Alleen1, Aleen1
Stems fr. Norman. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Adoption of Aileen and variants as birth names in 2018 was down 5.8% compared to a decade ago.

Iren, Ireen, Eiren, Eireen, Aireen
Forms of Irene. Derivative of Greek language. "Peace." Aireen, Ireen, etc. were not Top birth names in 2018.

Based on Welsh element. .. See also Arianwen. Aledwen is rare as a birth name.

Alina and variants

Alleen2, Aleen2
Var. of Alina. Source fr. Greek language. "Sun ray." Less widespread today. Aleen was the variation last listed (the 1930s) in the Top 2000.

Var. of Alice. From Old German word. "Noble, exalted." Alicyn is a marginally prominent girl's name. See also Alisun.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -en names: Aiden, Aileen, Aleen, Alleen, Arden

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -en names: Ayden, Eileen, Ileen

Allicen, Allcen
Forms of Alison. Derived fr. Old German element. "Noble, exalted." Allcen and Allicen were not among 2018's Top names.


Var. of Alaine. Derivative of Old German word. "Precious." Alleen was favored 118 years ago. See also Aleena.

Form of Alana. Derived fr. Old German, Hawaiian languages. "Precious; awakening." Alleen is conventional (TOP 76%) as a feminine name. See also Elleen.

Var. of Amber. .. Amber is the English name for .. Not Top 2000 name. See also Amberlea.

Var. of Annette. From French, Hebrew elements. "He (God) has favored me." Annettchen is rare as a children's name.

Based on Welsh language. "Very fair." Seldom used as a girls' name. See also Arwen.

Var. of Ardelle. .. Also possibly a feminine form of .. Addeen and Audeen are creative variations. See also Ardin.

Arden and variants

Arden, var. Ardeen2
Derivative of Latin. "Great forest." Used frequently as girls' names, Arden and Ardeen are similar to the popular Arwen.

Form of Erin. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Ireland." Arey (UPPER 11%), Arel (16%) are common last names.

Form of Arin. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew. "Ireland; mountain of strength." Cross-gender use. Aren is not frequently adopted as a children's name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -en names for girls.

1. Aberdeen - Aren
Aberdeen, Adina [Adeen], Aidan [Ayden, ..], Adrienne [Adrien], Aeronwen, Aileen [Ileen, ..], Irene [Iren, ..], Aledwen, Alina [Alleen, ..], Alice [Alicen], Alison [Allicen, ..], Alaine [Alleen], Alana [Alleen], Amber [Ambereen], Annette [Annettchen], Anwen, Ardelle [Ardeen], Arden [Ardeen], Erin [Aren], Arin [Aren]

Arianwen, Arlene [Arlen, ..], Armen, Arwen, Ashlynn [Ashlen, ..], Ashley [Ashlen], Ashton [Ashten], Aspen, Audrey [Audreen], Aven, Barbara [Barbeeleen], Belen, Bergen, Bernadine [Berneen], Blodwen, Bracken, Branwen [Brangwen], Breena [Breen], Bryn [Bren], Brenna [Bren]

Brenda [Bren], Brittany [Britten], Bronwyn [Bronwen], Cailin [Caileen], Caitlin [Caylen, ..], Selina [Caleen], Selena [Caleen], Callan [Callen], Cameron [Kamren, ..], Caroline [Sharkeen, ..], Carden, Careen [Carreen], Katherine [Trinchen, ..], Catherine [Katrien, ..], Caron [Carren, ..], Carina [Caren], Carol [Sharleen, ..], Carly [Carleen], Carla [Carleen], Carlene [Karlen, ..]

Charlotte [Sharleen, ..], Carmen [Karmen], Carolyn [Carolien], Carwen, Casey [Casen], Cathleen [Catleen, ..], Cayla [Cayleen], Ceinwen, Ceridwen [Cerridwen], Charlene [Charlien, ..], Charmaine [Charmeen], Cherie [Shereen, ..], Christina [Kristen, ..], Christine [Kristen, ..], Christen [Kristen, ..], Crystal [Krystaleen, ..], Claire [Claireen], Colleen [Kolleen, ..], Conradine [Conradeen], Corin [Correen, ..]

Corinna [Koreen, ..], Corinne [Koreen, ..], Cora [Koreen, ..], Cypris [Cyprien], Damia [Damyen], Dara [Dareen], Darlene [Darryleen, ..], Daria [Darien], Davina [Daveen], De- [Delynden], Dena [Deneen], Deryn [Deren], Devon [Deven], Doreen [Dorreen], Dora [Doreen], Earla [Ireleen, ..], Ebrilla [Ebrilwen], Eden [Eaden], Edwardine [Edwardeen], Eiddwen

Eileen [Ileen, ..], Eleanor [Helen, ..], Eilwen, Einin [Eineen], Eireen, Eirian [Eirianwen], Eirwen [Eirawen], Elen, Ellen [Elleen, ..], Emeline [Emelen, ..], Ethel [Etheleen], Eurwen, Eve [Evaleen], Evelyn [Evleen, ..], Evelina [Eveleen], Faline [Faeleen], Fallon [Fallen], Fanny [Fanceen], Farren [Faren], Florence [Floellen]

Francene [Franceen], Francine [Franceen], Gabrielle [Gabriellen], Gayle [Gaylen, ..], Gail [Gayleen], Geraldine [Jerroldeen, ..], Glenys [Glen], Glenna [Glen, ..], Greta [Gretchen], Gretchen, Margaret [Pegeen, ..], Gudrun [Gudren], Guinevere [Jen, ..], Gwen, Gwendolen [Gwen, ..], Hadria [Hadrien], Hansine [Hanseen], Harleen, Harley [Harleen], Heaven [Haven]

Helen [Hellen, ..], Heulwen, Ilene [Ileen], Imogen [Imojeen, ..], Aislinn [Isleen], Ivory [Ivoreen], Jaclyn [Jakleen, ..], Jacqueline [Jakleen, ..], Jade [Jayden, ..], Jae [Jayleen, ..], Jane [Janeen], Janine [Janeen], Jazzlyn [Jasleen], Jasmine [Yasmeen, ..], Jean [Jeanneen, ..], Jennifer [Jen], Jenny [Jeneen, ..], Jill [Jilleen], Jeannine [Jineen], Jolene [Jolleen, ..]

Joelle [Joellen], Jordan [Jorden], Julia [Juleen], Justine [Justeen], Kaylin [Kaylen, ..], Kaitlin [Kaitleen], Kalina [Kaleen], Kameron [Kamren], Karina [Kareen], Karen [Taren, ..], Karleen [Karlen], Karolina [Karlen, ..], Karmen, Carmel [Karmen], Christian [Kristien, ..], Kathleen [Katleen, ..], Kaylee [Kayleen], Kelly [Kelleen], Kellen, Keren

Khristina [Khristen, ..], Kirsten [Kirsteen, ..], Kora [Koren, ..], Kristine [Kristeen], Kristen [Krysten, ..], Kylie [Kylen, ..], Lake [Laken, ..], Larsen [Larssen], Laura [Loren, ..], Lauren [L'Wren, ..], Lidwina [Lidwien], Linden, Lorena [Loreen], Loren [Lorren], Lorelei [Lurleen], Lurleen, Madison [Madisen], Madeline [Marlen, ..], Magdalena [Magdalen], Marcene [Marceen]

Marina [Mareen], Mary [Maureen, ..], Marianne [Marien], Marlene [Marlen, ..], Marlen, Marlin [Marrlen, ..], Maureen [Moreen], Maxine [Maxeen], May [Mayleen], Mason [Maysen], Megan [Megen], Moreen, Morgan [Morgen], Myla [Myleen], Merle [Myrleen], Nadine [Naydeen, ..], Natalie [Nataleen], Nazneen, Nelly [Nellwen], Coline [Nicoleen]

Noelle [Noweleen, ..], Nolan [Nolen], Noreen, Nura [Nureen], Olina [Oleen], Olwen, Paulina [Pauleen], Paxton [Paxten], Pearl [Pearleen], Peggy [Pegeen], Penelope [Pen], Perrin [Perren], Queena [Queen], Rae [Raeleen], Raven [Rayven], Rayann [Rayleen], Roline [Rolleen], Rose [Rosheen, ..], Rosalind [Rosalen, ..], Rosalie [Rosaleen]

Rowan [Rowen], Ruth [Ruthellen], Ryan [Ryen], Sabrina [Sabreen], Saffron [Saffren], Sarah [Sareen], Sarina [Sareen], Sasha [Sasheen], Shannon [Shannen], Sharon [Sharren, ..], Sharlene [Sharleen], Shawna [Shawneen], Shayla [Shayleen], Sheila [Sheileen], Shereen [Shireen], Sherry [Shereen], Sheridan [Sherriden, ..], Sheryl [Sherileen], Shirley [Shirleen], Silken

Suellen, Susan [Susen], Ta- [Taleen], Tamsin [Tamzen, ..], Taryn [Tarren], Tasmine [Tasmeen], Tirion [Tirrien, ..], Trina [Treen], Trista [Tristen], Tristana [Tristen], Undine [Undeen], Valentina [Valenteen, ..], Vivian [Vivien], Wilhelmina [Willeen, ..], Wren, Yasmin [Yasmeen], Yoslene [Yosleen], Zarina [Zareen], Zora [Zoreen]

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