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Ette ending baby names and what they mean, with 208 results. -ette names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the height of their popularity 58 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.2%) and are now much less conventional (ADOPTION 0.2%, 80.2% LESS), with names such as Yvette falling out of fashion. The most trendy birth names in this compilation are Juliette (#185), Arlette (#892), Colette (#533), Violette (#1090) and Scarlette (#828), while Monette (TOP 7%) and Chelette (18%) are conventional -ette surnames.

-ette names

Acquanette - Arlette | Arnette - Cecette | Charlesette - Ellette | Ellette - Ginette | Glennette - Jazette | Jeanette - Lavette | .. - .. | Vinette - Yvette

Acquanette - Arlette

Aquannette, Aquanette, Acquanette
Forms of Acquanetta. Origin fr. Latin element. "Water." Rare. Compare Acquanette, Aquanette, Aquannette and popular -te surnames Antonette (UPPER 81%), Audette (8%).

Ellette, Allette, Alette1
Var. of Aleta. Origin fr. Greek language. "Footloose." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Alethea. Origin fr. Greek language. "Verity, truth." Aleti and Alte are creative variations. See also Alowette.

Olette, Alette3
Var. of Alida. Derivative of Latin. "Small winged one." Alette and Olette are seldom adopted as birth names.

Stems fr. Latin. "Olive tree." Alivette is unique as a girls' name. See also Olivette.

Elixyvette, Alixevette
Forms of Elixyvett. Modern combination name from Alexandra and .. Unusual. Alixevette, Elixyvette (compare Elyette) ends with the androgynous -te.

Alouette, var. Alowette, Allouette
Derived fr. French. "Lark." Unique. Alouette, Allouette, Alowette, similar to Antonette, Allette, end with -tte.

Var. of Ambrosine. Based on Greek element. "Immortal." Not in Top 2000.

Based on French language. "Little love." Amorette was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Form of Andrea. Stems fr. Greek language. "Manly, virile." Andrette is unique as a baby name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ette names: Anette, Anjanette, Annette, Antionette, Antoinette

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ette names: Antonette, Arlette, Nanette, Tonette

Anne and variants

Ninette, Nanette1, Nanette2, Annette1, Anjanette1, Anette1
Forms of Anne. Origin fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Usage of Anette, Nanette, etc. as children's names in 2018 was 16.2% less than the previous decade.

Var. of Anise. .. Other names derived from spices are .. Not that common as a baby name.

Anjanette and variants

Anjanette2, var. Annjeanette, Anjeanette
Derivative of American word. Blend of Ann and Janet. Anjeanette and Annjeanette are more exclusive as birth names among the versions of Anjanette.

Annette and variants

Annette2, var. Anette2
Stems fr. French, Hebrew words. "He (God) has favored me." Usage of Annette and Anette as baby names in 2018 was 16.2% less than a decade ago.

Antonia and variants

Tonette1, Toinette1, Antonnette, Antonette, Antoinette1, Anteunette
Forms of Antonia. Based on Latin language. Feminine of Anthony, used since classical .. Antoinette (TOP 78%) and Antonette (81%) exist commonly as last names.

Antoinette and variants

Antoinette2, var. Tonette2, Toinette2, Antwahnette, Antionette
Derived fr. French, Latin elements. .. Also a diminutive of Ann. Tonette and forms were favored by parents 108 years ago.

Orette, Arette
Var. of Aretha. Stems fr. Greek. "Excellence; righteous." Rare, with the androgynous -te suffix for Arette, Orette, like Ornette.

Form of Ariadne. Origin fr. Greek word. "Most holy." Uncommon, with the favored feminine -tte ending for Ariette, like Arette.


.. Probably of Norman French origin, a .. Used widely as a girls' name, Arlette is similar to the popular Arletha. See also Allette.

Var. of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Adoption of Arlette as a girls' name in 2018 was up significantly compared to the previous decade. See also Arleth.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ette names for girls.

1. Acquanette - Arlette
Acquanetta [Aquannette, ..], Aleta [Ellette, ..], Alethea [Alette], Alida [Olette, ..], Alivette, Elixyvett [Elixyvette, ..], Alouette [Alowette, ..], Ambrosine [Ambrosinette], Amorette, Andrea [Andrette], Anne [Ninette, ..], Anise [Anisette], Anjanette [Annjeanette, ..], Annette [Anette], Antonia [Tonette, ..], Antoinette [Tonette, ..], Aretha [Orette, ..], Ariadne [Ariette], Arlette, Arlene [Arlette]

Arnette [Ornette], Arthuretta [Artlette, ..], Aubrey [Aubrette], Barbara [Barbette, ..], Babette, Elizabeth [Ylisabette, ..], Belle [Bellette], Bridget [Brygette, ..], Bernadette [Bernette, ..], Bernice [Bernette], Betty [Bette], Roberta [Robinette, ..], Brenda [Brendette], Brittany [Brette], Brett [Brette], Brie [Briette], Bruna [Brunette], Cadette, Carla [Carlette], Cecilia [Cecette]

Charlesetta [Charlesette], Charlotte [Sharlette, ..], Claire [Clayrette, ..], Clarette, Claudia [Claudette], Claudette, Nicole [Nicolette, ..], Colette [Kolette, ..], Coline [Colinette], Corona [Coronette], Cosette [Cozette], Danna [Danette], Danielle [Dannette, ..], Dawn [Dawnette], Denise [Dennette], Donalda [Donaldette], Dora [Dorette], Earla [Erlette, ..], Eliana [Elyette, ..], Helen [Nellette, ..]

Ella [Ellette], Emma [Emmette], Henrietta [Hette, ..], Enrica [Enriquette], Yvonne [Yvette, ..], Evette [Eyvette, ..], Eve [Evette], Frances [Francette, ..], Fayette, Josephine [Josette, ..], Fleur [Fleurette], Garnet [Garnette], Gina [Ginette, ..], Georgia [Georgette], Georgette [Jorjette], Georgina [Georjette], Gilette, Ginny [Ginette], Gianina [Ginnette, ..], Virginia [Ginette]

Glenna [Glennette], Greta [Grette], Margaret [Mette, ..], Wilhelmina [Wilmette, ..], Gwendolen [Gwenette], Gwyneth [Gwenette], Halimeda [Halette], Harriet [Hariette], Harriette, Huette [Huguette, ..], Ida [Idette], Irvette [Ervette, ..], Ivette, Jacqueline [Jacquette, ..], Jacobina [Jacobette], Jae [Jaenette], Jamesina [Jamesette], Janet [Jonette, ..], Jane [Jeannette, ..], Jazzlyn [Jazette]

Jean [Jenette, ..], Jeanette [Jenette, ..], Jetta [Yette, ..], Jo [Jozette, ..], Johnna [Jonette, ..], Julia [Julyette, ..], Jolie [Joliette], Josie [Jozette, ..], Juliet [Julette, ..], Giulia [Juliette], June [Junette], Kenna [Kennette], Kora [Korette], Lana [Lanette], Lanetta [Lanette], Eluned [Lynnette, ..], Loretta [Lorette, ..], Laura [Lorrette, ..], La- [Lavette], Laveda [Lavette]

Linette [Lynnette, ..], Lisa [Lisette], Elisabeth [Lisolette], Lissa [Lissette], Liz [Lizette], Lizette [Lyzette, ..], Lucetta [Lucette, ..], Louise [Louisette], Lourdes [Lourdette], Lucy [Lucette], Luna [Lunette], Lurleen [Lurette], Lorelei [Lurette], Luz [Luzette], Lynette [Lynnette, ..], Lynn [Lynette], Mary [Minette, ..], Maria [Mariette], Marietta [Mariette], Marla [Marlette]

Marina [Marnette], Mignon [Minyonette, ..], Mina [Minnette, ..], Minna [Minette], Moselle [Mosette], Musetta [Musette], Nadette, Nan [Nannette, ..], Nanette [Nannette], Nicolette [Nicollette], Nina [Ninnette, ..], Ninon [Nynette, ..], Odele [Odelette], Odelia [Odette], Odette, Olivia [Olivette], Pascale [Pascalette], Paula [Paullette, ..], Pearl [Perlette, ..], Philippa [Philette]

Pierette, Petra [Pierrette, ..], Quintina [Quintonette], Rae [Rayette], Raina [Rayette], Regina [Reinette, ..], Reina [Reinette], Renata [Renette], Rhonda [Rhonette], Ricarda [Richette, ..], Rilla [Rillette], Robin [Robynette, ..], Rochelle [Rochette], Ronni [Ronnette, ..], Rose [Rosette], Rosa [Rosette], Ryan [Ryette], Sabra [Sabrette], Sally [Sallette], Sandra [Sandrette]

Sarah [Sarette], Scarlett [Scarlette], Sha- [Shakette], Shawna [Shawnette], Simone [Simonette], Soubrette, Starla [Starlette], Susan [Suzette, ..], Suzanne [Suzette], Sylvia [Sylvette], Toni [Twanette, ..], Trina [Trinnette, ..], Catherine [Trinette], Katherine [Trinette], Ursula [Ursulette], Vedette, Venus [Venusette], Verna [Vernette], Vida [Vidette], Villette

Vina [Vynette, ..], Violet [Vyolette, ..], Walda [Waldette], Wanetta [Wanette], Wyetta [Wyette], Yetta [Yette], Yolanda [Yolette], Yvette [Yevette, ..]

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