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Ie ending baby names and what they mean, with 727 results. -ie names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its highest a century ago (ADOPTION OF 20.5%) and is now significantly reduced (ADOPTION 3.9%, 80.9%), with names such as Kerrie becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable birth names here are Ellie (#37), Charlie (#152), Evie (#322), Maisie (#498) and Emmie (#598), while Velie (TOP 21%) and Condie (14%) are common -ie surnames. Here is the list of -ie names for boys.

-ie names

Abbie - Aimie | Aimie - Andie | Anelie - Artie | Ashbie - Bennie | Bernie - Birdie | Blondie - Bunnie | .. - .. | Yollie - Zoelie

Abbie - Aimie


Var. of Abigail. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Father of exaltation." Abrie is also a slightly favored kid's name.


Var. of Adalia. Origin fr. Hebrew, Old German languages. "God is my refuge; noble one." Common, and Adalie is similar to popular -ie surnames Algie (UPPER 70%), Audie (72%). See also Adelle.

Var. of Adela. From Old German language. "Noble." Usage of Adalie as a children's name in 2018 was down 4.3% compared to the year before. See also Adalley.

Ada and variants

Adie, Addie1
Forms of Ada. Derivative of Old German. "Noble." Adoption of Addie and Adie as baby names in 2018 was down 7.7% compared to the previous decade.

Var. of Adamina. Source fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." Gender-neutral name. Addie became more popular in 2018, gaining +9 rankings as a birth name to reach #1253.

Derivative of Old German, Old English languages. "Noble; son of Adam." A conventional baby name (#1253 A YEAR AGO) that is also found somewhat frequently as a surname. Cross-gender use.

Var. of Adelaide. Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble kind." Addie peaked in popularity 138 years ago and is now less common. Also used for boys.

Edelie, Addie5
Forms of Adeline. Derived fr. Old German. "Noble." Addie is found commonly (TOP 21%) as a last name.

Based on Old German word. "Noble." Rather unusual as a children's name. See also Adelei.

Form of Adrienne. Stems fr. Latin element. "From Hadria." Rather unusual as a children's name. See also Adair.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ie names: Abbie, Adalie, Addie, Aggie, Allie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ie names: Amalie, Amelie, Amie, Ammie, Averie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ie names: Ellie, Emelie, Emilie, Emmie

Emily and variants

Emmilie, Emmie, Emmelie, Emmalie, Emillie, Emelie, Emilie, Emalie, Amelie, Amalie, Aemilie
Forms of Emily. Root fr. Latin element. "Rival; laborious; eager." Popularly used, with usage of 0.068% for Aemilie, Emmie, etc. as birth names in 2018, higher than 0.064% a year ago.

Avery and variants

Avrie, Averie, Aeverie
Forms of Avery. From Old English element. "Elf counsel." Averie is familiar as a children's name compared to Aeverie, Avrie.

Agatha and variants

Agie1, Aggie1
Var. of Agatha. Root fr. Greek word. "Good, honorable." Adoption of Agie and forms was up a century ago.

Nessie, Agnie, Agie2, Aggie2
Forms of Agnes. Based on Greek element. "Pure, holy." Agie, Agnie and Nessie are more unique as baby names among the variations of Agnes.

Based on Greek language. "Good, pure." Somewhat atypical as a children's name.

Form of Eilidh. Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic, Greek elements. "Sun ray." Not in popularity charts. See also Aliye.

Form of Aileen. Origin fr. Norman element. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Aidie and Auilie are creative variations. See also Aliye.

Scottish pet form of Aileen or .. Uncommon as a birth name, but Ailie is similar to the more popular Ali. See also Alia.

Alice and variants

Ellie, Allie1, Allie2, Alie, Aillie, Ailie4
Var. of Alice. Source fr. Old German element. "Noble, exalted." Ellie has risen in favor as a baby name since 1970-1979.

Amy and variants

Ammie, Amie, Aimie
Var. of Amy. Stems fr. Old French, Latin elements. "Beloved." Ammie and forms rose in popularity 48 years ago, but now, Amie has gone out of style.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ie names for girls.

1. Abbie - Aimie
Abigail [Abbie], Adalia [Adalie], Adela [Adalie], Ada [Adie, ..], Adamina [Addie], Addie, Adelaide [Addie], Adeline [Edelie, ..], Adelie, Adrienne [Adrie], Emily [Emmilie, ..], Avery [Avrie, ..], Agatha [Agie, ..], Agnes [Nessie, ..], Aggie, Eilidh [Ailie], Aileen [Ailie], Ailie, Alice [Ellie, ..], Amy [Ammie, ..]

Aimee [Aimie], Ainsley [Aynslie, ..], Alexandra [Sannie, ..], Alfreda [Freddie, ..], Alberta [Bertie, ..], Alana [Lannie, ..], Alison [Allie, ..], Mallory [Malorie, ..], Alva [Allie], Allegra [Allie], Allie, Alvina [Vinnie, ..], Amelia [Millie, ..], Amanda [Mandie, ..], Amberly [Amberlie, ..], Amity [Amitie], Ana [Anamarie], Anastasia [Taisie, ..], Andie, Andrea [Andie]

Anne [Onie, ..], Angela [Angie], Annalisa [Annelie, ..], Anna [Annmarie, ..], Annamaria [Annemarie, ..], Annemae [Annemie], Hannah [Nannie, ..], Ann [Annie], Ansley [Anslie], Antonia [Tonie, ..], Antoinette [Tonie, ..], Araxie, Arcadia [Arcadie], Aurelia [Oralie, ..], Ariadne [Aryanie, ..], Ariel [Arie], Arlene [Arlie], Armina [Erminie, ..], Arrie, Arthuretta [Artie]

Ashby [Ashbie], Ashley [Ashlie], Athalia [Attalie, ..], Athena [Attie, ..], Aubrey [Aubrie], Audrey [Audrie, ..], Aviela [Avie], Barbara [Bonnie, ..], Bailey [Baylie, ..], Bambi [Bambie], Bernice [Nixie, ..], Bara [Barrie], Barrie, Basilia [Basilie], Roberta [Robbie, ..], Beatrice [Trixie, ..], Rebecca [Rebbie, ..], Bernadette [Bernie, ..], Benita [Binnie, ..], Benedicta [Dixie, ..]

Berenice [Bernie], Bernadine [Bernie], Berry [Berrie], Beryl [Berrie], Gilberte [Gillie, ..], Bertha [Birdie, ..], Beth [Bessie], Elizabeth [Lyssie, ..], Bess [Bessie], Betty [Bettie, ..], Bethany [Bethannie, ..], Betsy [Betsie], Beverly [Verlie, ..], Bridget [Brydie, ..], Biddy [Biddie], Wilhelmina [Willie, ..], Billie, Binnie, Birdena [Birdie], Bird [Byrdie, ..]

Blondell [Blondie], Bobbie, Bonita [Bonnie, ..], Bonnie [Bunnie], Brady [Bradie], Brandy [Branndie, ..], Brenda [Brendie], Brenna [Brenie], Brittany [Brittie, ..], Bride [Bridie], Brie, Brianna [Brie], Briley [Brilie], Brylee [Brilie], Brodie, Bronwyn [Bronnie], Brooke [Brookie], Brucie, Bryony [Bryonie], Bunny [Bunnie]

Casey [Kaysie, ..], Acacia [Kacie, ..], Cady [Kadie, ..], Kalila [Kayllie, ..], Cayla [Kailie, ..], Caitlin [Caitie], Kate [Katie, ..], Catherine [Kittie, ..], Caroline [Karlie, ..], Kallista [Kallie, ..], Calantha [Callie], Calandra [Callie], Calista [Kallie, ..], Callie [Kallie, ..], Camilla [Millie, ..], Kamilla [Millie, ..], Candace [Dacie, ..], Kandace [Dacie, ..], Candy [Kandie, ..], Candida [Candie]

Cara [Karrie, ..], Carly [Karlie, ..], Carla [Carlie], Charlotte [Tottie, ..], Carmel [Carmie], Carmen [Carmie], Carolyn [Carrie], Carrie [Carie], Carol [Lottie, ..], Cassandra [Sandie, ..], Cassidy [Kassidie, ..], Katherine [Kittie, ..], Cass [Cassie], Cassie [Kassie], Kathy [Kathie, ..], Cathy [Cathie], Kayla [Kaylie, ..], Cecilia [Sissie, ..], Selena [Selie, ..], Celia [Celie]

Celeste [Celie], Zenobia [Zenobie, ..], Cesarina [Cesarie], Charis [Charie], Charlie [Sharlie], Charla [Charlie], Charlene [Charlie], Chasity [Chassie, ..], Chastity [Chastitie], Charity [Chattie], Chelsea [Chessie, ..], Cheryl [Cherie], Cherie [Scherie, ..], Cher [Sherie, ..], Cha- [Cherie], Cherry [Cherrie], Chesleigh [Chesslie, ..], Chesney [Chessnie, ..], Chessa [Chessie], Chiquita [Chickie]

Christy [Krystie, ..], Chrissie [Krissie, ..], Christina [Kirstie, ..], Christine [Tinie, ..], Christa [Crystie, ..], Cindy [Syndie, ..], Cynthia [Synthie, ..], Cinderella [Cindie], Hyacinth [Jackie, ..], Cicely [Sissie, ..], Sissy [Sissie, ..], Clara [Clarrie, ..], Claire [Clarrie, ..], Clarissa [Classie, ..], Claudia [Klaudie, ..], Clementine [Clemmie], Clemence [Clemmie], Cleopatra [Cleonie], Clytie, Cody [Kodie, ..]

Colleen [Collie], Columba [Collie], Connie [Konnie], Conradine [Connie], Constance [Konnie, ..], Consuelo [Connie], Coralie, Coral [Koralie, ..], Cora [Korrie, ..], Cordelia [Delie, ..], Cornelia [Nellie, ..], Corey [Korrie, ..], Corliss [Corlie], Kora [Corrie], Corinne [Corrie], Courtney [Kourtnie, ..], Sydney [Sydnie, ..], Dabney [Dabnie], Dacey [Dacie], Daphne [Daphnie, ..]

Daisy [Dasie, ..], Danielle [Danie], Darby [Darrbie, ..], Darcie [Darsie], Deborah [Debbie], Dee [Dedie], Deirdre [Deidrie], Delancey [Delancie], Delaney [Delanie], Demi [Demie], Denise [Dinnie, ..], Destiny [Destinie], Devany [Devanie], Dimity [Dimitie], Dixie, Eudocia [Eudoxie, ..], Dodie, Dora [Dorrie, ..], Dorothy [Dottie, ..], Dolly [Dollie]

Dominique [Dominie], Donna [Donnie, ..], Dorcas [Dorcie], Dorsey [Dorsie, ..], Eudora [Dorie], Doris [Dorrie, ..], Adora [Dorrie, ..], Drusilla [Drucie], Dulce [Dulcie], Dusty [Dustie], Edith [Eydie, ..], Earla [Earlie], Ebony [Ebonie], Edna [Eddie], Efrata [Effie], Effie [Euphie, ..], Evelyn [Evie, ..], Euphemia [Phemie, ..], Elana [Elanie], Elva [Elvie, ..]

Elfrida [Elfie], Elke [Elkie], Eloise [Ellie], Ellie, Ellen [Nellie, ..], Ella [Ellie], Eleanor [Nonnie, ..], Helen [Nonnie, ..], Elaine [Ellie], Elodie [Helodie], Elsa [Elsie], Elsie, Elspeth [Elspie], Elvira [Elvie], Elvina [Vinnie, ..], Esmeralda [Ezzie, ..], Emma [Emmie], Evangeline [Vangie, ..], Iphigenia [Iphigenie, ..], Hephzibah [Hepsie, ..]

Esther [Hittie, ..], Eppie, Erma [Herminie, ..], Estelle [Essie], Estefany [Estephanie], Etta [Ettie], Henrietta [Yettie, ..], Hester [Hettie, ..], Eugenia [Jennie, ..], Eulalia [Lallie, ..], Eustacia [Stacie, ..], Evadne [Evadnie], Eva [Evie, ..], Evania [Evannie], Evanthe [Evanthie], Evie, Eve [Evvie, ..], Frances [Frannie, ..], Fanny [Fannie], Felicia [Felicie]

Phemia [Phemie, ..], Fernley [Fernlie], Flavia [Flavie], Florence [Flossie, ..], Flora [Florrie, ..], Flossie, Fortney [Fortnie], Frankie, Fran [Frannie], Freda [Freddie], Winifred [Winnie, ..], Frederica [Rickie, ..], Fritzi [Fritzie], Gabrielle [Gabbie], Gardner [Gardie], Genevieve [Jennie, ..], Gene [Genie], Jean [Jeannie, ..], Guinevere [Winnie, ..], Jennifer [Jennie, ..]

Georgia [Georgie], Georgina [Georgie], Geraldine [Jerrie, ..], Gertrude [Trudie, ..], Gillian [Gillie], Ginger [Gingie], Virginia [Virginie, ..], Ginny [Jinnie, ..], Glenna [Glennie], Gloria [Glorie], Goldie, Golda [Goldie], Grace [Gracie], Augusta [Gussie], Gwendolen [Wendie, ..], Gypsy [Gypsie], Hayley [Haylie, ..], Halimeda [Medie, ..], Hallie, Halle [Hallie]

Haralda [Hallie], Harriet [Hattie, ..], Harley [Harlie], Harmony [Harmonie], Haley [Haylie], Hedda [Heddie], Hadley [Hedlie], Hilary [Hillie, ..], Hilda [Hildie], Brunhilda [Hildie], Holly [Hollie], Honey [Honie], Hulda [Huldie], Isabel [Izzie, ..], Idona [Idonie], Ilse [Ilsaie], Ione [Ionie], Ivy [Ivie], Ivory [Ivorie], Jacinda [Jacie]

Jacqueline [Jackie], Jackie [Jacquie], Jacobina [Jackie], Jaime [Jamie], Jamie [Jaymie, ..], Janelle [Janellie], Jane [Jonie, ..], Jana [Jannie], Jacey [Jaycie], Jay [Jaycie], Jemima [Jemmie], Jennie, Jenny [Jennie], Jeremia [Jerrie, ..], Jerrie, Jessie, Jessica [Jessie], Jasmine [Jessie], Jill [Jillie], Jinny [Jinnie]

Joan [Joanie], Joanna [Joanie], Joby [Jobie], Jody [Jodie], Judith [Judie, ..], Johnna [Jonnie, ..], Joie, Joy [Joie], Jolie, Jo [Jomarie], Jordan [Jorie, ..], Josephine [Josie], Josie, Joyce [Joycie], Judy [Judie], Giulia [Julie], Julie [Jullie, ..], Julia [Julie], Justine [Justie], Kacie [Kaycie]

Kady [Kadie], Kaylee [Kaylie, ..], Kallie [Callie], Kami [Kammie], Kara [Karrie, ..], Karolina [Karlie], Karla [Karlie], Kasey [Kasie], Kassandra [Kassie], Kassie, Katie, Keely [Keyllie, ..], Kelsey [Kelsie, ..], Kelby [Kellbie], Kelly [Kellie], Kelpie, Kempley [Kemplie], Kendra [Kendrie], Kennedy [Kennedie], Kenzie [Kinzie]

Kerry [Kerrie], Kezia [Kizzie, ..], Krista [Krystie, ..], Kimberly [Kymberlie, ..], Kim [Kimmie], Kinsey [Kinsie, ..], Kirsten [Kirstie], Kirsty [Kirstie], Kizzy [Kizzie, ..], Kodi [Kodie], Kori [Korrie, ..], Kristen [Krissie], Kiley [Kylie], Kylie, Kyra [Kyrie], Lacey [Laycie, ..], Laila [Lailie], Lalage [Lallie], Lallie, Laine [Lanie]

Lane [Lanie], Lassie, Lorelei [Loralie, ..], Laura [Lorrie, ..], Lavinia [Vinnie, ..], Leala [Lealie], Leona [Leonie], Leonie [Leonie], Leslie [Lezlie], Letitia [Lettie], Aleta [Lettie], Alexis [Lexie], Lexie, Libby [Libbie], Lydia [Lydie, ..], Lily [Lillie, ..], Lillian [Lillie], Linda [Lynndie, ..], Belinda [Lindie], Melinda [Mallie, ..]

Lindsay [Lyndsie, ..], Alyssa [Lissie], Elissa [Lissie], Olivia [Ollie, ..], Liza [Lizzie], Loni [Lonnie, ..], Lora [Lorrie], Lottie [Lotie], Karlotta [Lottie], Luana [Luannie], Lucy [Lucie], Lundy [Lundie], Lyndsey [Lynzie, ..], Macy [Macie], Mackenzie [Mckenzie, ..], Maida [Maidie, ..], Madeline [Maddie], Magali [Magalie], Maggie, Magnolia [Maggie]

Margaret [Peggie, ..], Maisie [Mazie, ..], Amalfi [Malfie], Malka [Malkie], Mary [Mollie, ..], Malvina [Melvie, ..], Mamie, Mandy [Mandie], Manda [Mandie], Marcia [Marcie], Marcy [Marcie], Marcella [Marcie], Margery [Marjorie, ..], Maria [Marie], Marie, Marjorie [Marjie, ..], Marketa [Markie], Marlene [Marlie], Marlee [Marlie], Marni [Marnie]

Marmara [Marnie], Marina [Marnie], Martina [Martie], Martha [Pattie, ..], Matilda [Tillie, ..], Maud [Maudie], Maureen [Maurie], Maxine [Maxie], Mckenzie, Megan [Meggie], Melanie [Melonnie, ..], Millicent [Missie, ..], Melissa [Missie, ..], Melody [Melodie], Mercy [Mercie], Meredith [Merridie], Merry [Merrie], Michelle [Mickie], Michaela [Mickie], Mildred [Millie]

Mindy [Mindie], Mina [Minnie], Minna [Minnie], Minnie, Myrtle [Myrtie, ..], Missy [Missie], Misty [Mistie], Miriam [Mitzie], Mitzi [Mitzie], Molly [Mollie], Monica [Monnie], Nadia [Nadie], Nadine [Nadie], Nan [Nettie, ..], Nancy [Nannie, ..], Naomi [Noemie, ..], Natalie [Tashie, ..], Neda [Neddie], Nelia [Neelie], Neila [Neelie]

Nelly [Nellie], Nelsey [Nelsie, ..], Nerola [Nerolie], Nessie, Vanessa [Vannie, ..], Nettie, Nicole [Nettie], Annette [Nettie], Nanette [Nettie], Nikki [Nikkie, ..], Nixie, Nona [Nonie], Nora [Nonie], Normandie, Norma [Normie], Octavia [Tavie, ..], Olympia [Olympie], Ophelia [Ophelie], Oralia [Orelie, ..], Orpah [Orphie]

Ottilie [Ottolie, ..], Odelia [Ottilie], Otthild [Ottilie], Urania [Ouranie], Pamela [Pammie], Pansy [Pansie], Parthenia [Parthenie], Patricia [Pattie], Paula [Pollie, ..], Pearl [Pearlie], Peggy [Peggie], Pelagia [Pelagie], Penny [Pennie], Penelope [Pennie], Pepita [Peppie], Perry [Perrie], Philantha [Philanthie], Philippa [Pippie, ..], Phyllis [Phyllie], Polly [Pollie]

Prairie, Priscilla [Prissie], Prudence [Prudie], Queena [Queenie], Quenby [Quinbie, ..], Quincey [Quincie], Ramona [Ramie], Miranda [Randie], Randy [Randie], Rawnie, Regina [Reggie], Remy [Remie], Renee [Rennie, ..], Irene [Renie], Renata [Rennie, ..], Rene [Rennie, ..], Rhoda [Rodie, ..], Erica [Rickie], Rickie [Ryckie, ..], Rica [Rickie]

Ria [Rie], Richelle [Rikkie], Robin [Robbie], Roderica [Roddie], Roanna [Ronnie], Ronni [Ronnie], Veronica [Vonnie, ..], Rosalie [Rozelie, ..], Rose [Rozalie, ..], Rosalind [Rosanie], Rosemary [Rosmarie, ..], Rosa [Rosie], Roxanne [Roxie], Ruby [Rubie], Rudi [Rudie], Ruth [Ruthie], Rylee [Rylie], Sadie [Saydie, ..], Sarah [Sarie, ..], Sally [Sallie]

Samaria [Samarie], Samantha [Sammie], Sami [Sammie], Sandy [Sandie], Sandra [Sandie], Shawnacy [Seanucie], Selby [Selbie], Shandy [Shandie], Shaina [Shanie], Sharon [Sharie], Sherry [Sherrie, ..], Shawna [Shaunie], Shawnee [Shawnie], Shelby [Shelbie], Rachel [Shellie], Shelley [Shellie], Shirley [Sherrlie, ..], Sidney [Sidnie], Sidonia [Sidonie], Sigourney [Sigournie]

Silken [Silkie], Silver [Silverie], Silvia [Sylvie, ..], Sylvia [Sylvie, ..], Susan [Zannie, ..], Sivney [Sivnie], Skye [Skie], Sofia [Sofie], Sophia [Sophie, ..], Sukey [Sukie, ..], Sonia [Sonnie], Stacy [Taisie, ..], Stephanie [Stevie, ..], Stormy [Stormie], Soki [Sukie], Sunny [Sunnie], Susanna [Suzie, ..], Susannah [Zannie, ..], Swanhild [Swannie], Tabitha [Tabbie]

Tacy [Tacie], Thaddea [Thaddie, ..], Taisiya [Taisie], Taisie [Tayzie], Talicia [Tallie, ..], Thalia [Thalie, ..], Tallulah [Tallie], Tally [Tallie], Tammy [Tammie, ..], Thomasina [Tommie, ..], Tansy [Tandie], Tandy [Thandie, ..], Natasha [Tashie], Tasha [Tassie], Tatiana [Tatie], Toby [Thobie, ..], Tawny [Tawnie], Theodora [Teddie], Tina [Tinamarie, ..], Terry [Terrie, ..]

Teresa [Tessie, ..], Theresa [Tracie, ..], Tessa [Tessie], Tiffany [Tyffenie, ..], Theophania [Teophanie, ..], Tiberia [Tibbie], Tierney [Tiernie], Tilda [Tillie, ..], Timothea [Timmie], Tippi [Tippie], Toni [Tonie], Tori [Torrie, ..], Victoria [Victorie, ..], Toshie, Tracy [Tracie], Trilby [Trilbie], Trixie, Trudy [Trudie], Ursula [Ursie], Valerie [Vallrie, ..]

Valkyrie [Vallkyrie], Valley [Vallie], Valentina [Vallie], Valora [Valorie], Vera [Verdie], Verity [Veritie, ..], Verlene [Verlie], Verna [Vernie], Vondra [Vonnie], Wallis [Wallie], Wanda [Wandie], Wendy [Wendie], Weslee [Weslie], Whitney [Whittnie, ..], Winona [Winnie], Wynne [Winnie], Gwyneth [Wynnie, ..], Wyome [Wyomie], Yancey [Yancie], Yolanda [Yolie]

Iolanthe [Yollie], Zaida [Zadie], Zelia [Zelie, ..], Zandra [Zandie], Suzanne [Zannie], Zanna [Zannie], Zoe [Zowie, ..]

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