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Ine ending baby names and what they mean, with 393 results. -ine names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread 98 years ago (USAGE OF 5.09%) and has become significantly lower since (USAGE 1.74%, 66%), with names such as Pauline becoming less trendy. The trendier girl names here are Adaline (#234), Adeline (#78), Caroline (#55), Celine (#503) and Clementine (#685), while Cline (TOP 1%) and Lepine (13%) are common -ine last names.

-ine names

Abbeline - Alcine | Aldine - Amaline | Amandine - Benedictine | Berdine - Carine | Carline - Cendrine | Cesarine - Columbine | .. - .. | Violaine - Zorine

Abbeline - Alcine

Appoline, Apolline, Abbeline
Forms of Apollonia. Derivative of Greek word. .. Mythology. Rare, but Abbeline, Apolline, Appoline are comparable to popular -ine surnames Anstine (TOP 18%), Agustine (99%).

Var. of Abilene. Origin fr. Hebrew word. Place name .. Uncommon as a baby name, but Abiline is similar to the more conventional Aveline.

Aceline, var. Asceline
Origin fr. French element. "Noble." Aceline and Asceline are not in the Top 2000.

Adelaide and variants

Eline, Edeline, Alline1, Aline1, Adeline1, Adaline1
Forms of Adelaide. From Old German. "Noble kind." Adaline and variants became less popular in 2018, dropping on average -12 positions as children's names with Adaline leading the fall.

Form of Adamina. Root fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." Adamine is unusual as a birth name.


Form of Adelinde. Derived fr. Old German element. "Noble, soft, tender." Adeline is prevalent as a girls' name among the variant forms of Adelinde. See also Odeline.

Adeline and variants

Adeline3, var. Deline, Daline, Aline2, Adline, Adaline2
Root fr. Old German language. "Noble." Adeline and variants became less trendy last year, falling on average -12 rankings as girls' names with Adaline leading the fall.

Var. of Adina. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Adine is seldom adopted as a baby name. See also Adie.

Form of Agrippa. Based on Greek element. "Born feet first." Outside Top 2000.

Nanine, Aine1
Forms of Anne. Based on Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Rare as girls' names, but Aine and Nanine are similar to the more common Nadine.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ine names: Adaline, Adeline, Adline, Albertine, Aline, Alline

Form of Anya. Derivative of Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Ainge (TOP 49%), Aina (28%) are conventional surnames. See also Aimie.

Var. of Eithne. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Kernel." Outside Top 2000. See also Anna.

Origin fr. Gaelic, Celtic elements. "Brilliant; happiness." Aine is not frequently adopted as a birth name. See also Auina.

Form of Aithne. Stems fr. Gaelic word. "Fire." Outside Top 2000. See also Adine.

Form of Alana. Based on Old German, Hawaiian. "Precious; awakening." Rather quaint as a birth name nowadays, but Alaine still exists frequently as a first name for women. See also Alenne.

Alaine and variants

Alaine2, var. Alline2, Alleine, Allaine, Aleine
Origin fr. Old German. "Precious." Alaine (TOP 98%) and Alline (67%) are recognizable women's names, while Aleine, Allaine and Alleine are scantly used.

Alberta and variants

Elbertine, Elberthine, Aubine, Albertine, Alberthine
Forms of Alberta. Origin fr. Old English element. "Noble, bright." Usage of Albertine and variants was elevated 128 years ago.

Var. of Alva. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. "White." Albine is an atypical given name. See also Alaine.

Var. of Alba. Stems fr. Latin word. "White." Albige and Arbine are creative forms. See also Alcine.

Allcine, Alcine
Forms of Alcina. Source fr. Greek language. Spanish and Portuguese name .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -ne ending for Alcine, Allcine, like Aveline.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ine names for girls.

1. Abbeline - Alcine
Apollonia [Appoline, ..], Abilene [Abiline], Aceline [Asceline], Adelaide [Eline, ..], Adamina [Adamine], Adelinde [Adeline], Adeline [Deline, ..], Adina [Adine], Agrippa [Agrippine], Anne [Nanine, ..], Anya [Aine], Eithne [Aine], Aine, Aithne [Aine], Alana [Alaine], Alaine [Alline, ..], Alberta [Elbertine, ..], Alva [Albine], Alba [Albine], Alcina [Allcine, ..]

Alda [Aldine], Alida [Alldine, ..], Alexandra [Sandrine, ..], Alexis [Alexine], Alfonsine [Alphonsine], Eileen [Aline], Eleanor [Elladine, ..], Helen [Helaine, ..], Alina [Alline, ..], Aileen [Alline, ..], Aline, Alix [Alissandrine], Almond [Almondine, ..], Almarine [Almerine], Almodine, Alphonsine, Alverdine, Elvina [Elvine, ..], Alvina [Elvine, ..], Amelia [Meline, ..]

Amanda [Mandaline, ..], Ambrosine [Ambrozine], Emily [Emmaline, ..], Andrea [Andrine], Angela [Angeline], Antonia [Antonine], Antoinette [Antonine], Ardelle [Ardine], Arlene [Arline], Armina [Armine, ..], Arthuretta [Arthurine], Albinia [Aubine], Augusta [Austine, ..], Austine, Aveline, Ava [Aveline], Evelyn [Evline, ..], Azure [Azurine], Balbina [Balbine], Benedicta [Benedictine]

Berdine, Bernadette [Bernardine, ..], Bernadine [Berdine], Bertha [Bertine], Bertina [Bertine], Bettina [Bettine], Elizabeth [Bettine], Betty [Bettine], Birdena [Birdine], Blaine, Blanda [Blandine], Roberta [Robertine, ..], Bridget [Brigidine], Brittany [Bryttine, ..], Brucie [Brucine], Calvina [Calvine], Capucine, Corinna [Corrine, ..], Cara [Karine, ..], Carina [Karine, ..]

Charlotte [Sharline, ..], Carlene [Carline], Carly [Karline, ..], Carol [Sharline, ..], Carmen [Charmaine, ..], Carmel [Carmine], Caroline [Sharline, ..], Corinne [Korrine, ..], Caitlin [Catline, ..], Kathleen [Katline, ..], Catherine [Trine, ..], Cathleen [Catline], Catriona [Katrine, ..], Colleen [Kolline, ..], Celandine [Cellandine], Celeste [Selestine, ..], Celina [Seline, ..], Selena [Seline, ..], Celine [Ciline], Cendrine

Cesarina [Cesarine], Charlene [Charline, ..], Charmaine [Sharmaine, ..], Chastity [Chastine], Cherilyn [Sherryline, ..], Cheryl [Cheryline], Chorine, Christen [Christaine], Christina [Tine, ..], Christine [Krystine, ..], Crystal [Kristaline, ..], Clara [Clarine], Claire [Clarine], Claudine, Claudia [Claudine], Klementina [Klementine, ..], Clemence [Clementine], Clementine, Coline [Nicoline, ..], Columba [Columbine]

Columbine, Conradine, Constance [Constantine], Coral [Koralline, ..], Coralie [Coraline], Cora [Corrine, ..], Corin [Corrine, ..], Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Darlene [Darryline, ..], Daryl [Daryline, ..], Davina [Davine], Delaney [Delaine], Dulce [Dulsine, ..], Della [Delline], Delphine [Delfine], Delfina [Delphine], Derine, Deryn [Derrine], Destiny [Destine], Divina [Divine]

Donalda [Donaline], Dora [Dorine], Doreen [Dorine], Earla [Erline, ..], Edwardine, Edwina [Edwine], Egberta [Egbertine], Eglantine, Elaine [Laine, ..], Eliana [Eline], Ella [Elladine], Emeline [Emmiline, ..], Emma [Emmeline, ..], Emmeline [Emmaline, ..], Ermine, Erna [Ernaline], Ernestine [Ernaline, ..], Ethel [Etheline], Ethelinda [Etheline], Eva [Evaline]

Evangeline, Eve [Eveline], Evelina [Eveline], Fallon [Faline], Faline [Feyline, ..], Fanny [Fantine], Faustine, Fernanda [Fernandine], Fifi [Fifine], Philopena [Filippine], Fleur [Florine, ..], Florence [Florine], Flora [Florine], Fontanne [Fontaine], Frances [Francine, ..], Francine, Frederica [Frederine], Gail [Gayline], Georgia [Georgine], Georgina [Georgine]

Geraldine [Jeraldine, ..], Gerardine [Geradine], Germaine [Jarmaine], Ghislaine [Gislaine], Gianina [Jeannine, ..], Gilberte [Gilbertine], Glenna [Glenine], Golda [Goldarine], Gregoria [Gregorine], Wilhelmina [Willmine, ..], Gwendolen [Gwendoline, ..], Hansine, Herbertine, Hermine [Erminine, ..], Herminia [Hermine], Hermione [Hermine], Erma [Hermine], Honor [Norine, ..], Huberta [Hubertine], Igraine [Ygraine]

Imogen [Imogine], Irene [Irine], Irma [Irmine], Ivory [Ivorine], Jacey [Jacine], Jacobina [Jakobine, ..], Jacqueline [Zhaqueline, ..], Jade [Jadine], Jane [Jensine, ..], Jelena [Jalaine], Ja- [Jamaine, ..], Jay [Jaline], Jan [Janine], Janine [Jannine], Jazzlyn [Jazmaine, ..], Jasmine [Yasmine, ..], Jaxine, Jean [Jennine, ..], Jeannine [Jennine, ..], Je- [Jeraine]

Jeraldine, Jestina [Jestine], Jillian [Jillaine], Joakima [Joaquine], Jocelyn [Jossline, ..], Jolene [Joline, ..], Jolan [Jolaine], Jordan [Jordaine], Josephine [Josefine, ..], Jewel [Juelline], Julia [Juline, ..], Justine, Giustinia [Justine], Kalani [Kalaine], Karolina [Karoline, ..], Kara [Karine], Careen [Karine], Karina [Karine], Karleen [Karline], Karol [Karoline]

Katelyn [Kateline], Katherine [Trine, ..], Katrina [Katrine], Khristina [Khristine], Kirsten [Kirstine], Korina [Korrine, ..], Kora [Korrine], Kristen [Kristine], Kristine [Krystine], Kristina [Kristine], Krystal [Krystalline, ..], Krystalyn [Krystalline], Laine, Lane [Laine], Laraine [Larraine, ..], Lara [Laralaine], Lareina [Lareine], Laurence [Laurentine, ..], Lauren [Larsine], Laura [Lorine, ..]

Laverne [Laverine], Leona [Leontine, ..], Leandra [Leoline, ..], Leonie [Leontine, ..], Leontyne [Leontine], Lexie [Lexine], Lidwina [Lidwine], Lysandra [Lissandrine, ..], Lorraine [Lorine, ..], Lorena [Lorraine], Louise [Louisine], Lucy [Lucine], Lurleen [Lurline], Lorelei [Lurline], Lucinda [Lusine], Madeline [Marline, ..], Magdalena [Magdeline], Mandoline, Mara [Maraline], Marcella [Marcelline, ..]

Marcia [Marcine], Marina [Marine], Marjolaine, Marlene [Marline], Martha [Marthine], Martina [Tine, ..], Maureen [Morine, ..], Mary [Maurine], Maxine, Mazarine [Mazine], Melanie [Melaine], Melinda [Meline], Melusine, Malvina [Melvine], Merle [Myrline, ..], Michal [Michaeline], Michelle [Micheline, ..], Michaela [Micheline, ..], Modesty [Modestine], Morgan [Morgaine]

Nadine, Nan [Nanine], Nanette [Nanine], Natalie [Nataline], Nerine [Narine], Nicoline, Nicole [Nicoline], Nilsine, Noelle [Noeline], Noreen [Norine], Nura [Nurine], Odele [Odeline], Olina [Oline], Olivia [Olivine], Ondine [Undine], Onora [Onorine], Opal [Opaline], Orsa [Orseline, ..], Otthild [Ottoline, ..], Payne [Paine]

Pascale [Pascaline], Paula [Pauline], Paulina [Polline, ..], Pearl [Perlline, ..], Perrin [Perrine], Petra [Petrine, ..], Perri [Perrine], Philippa [Philippine], Philana [Philline], Rae [Raelaine, ..], Raina [Rayline, ..], Regina [Rejine, ..], Rani [Raine], Ralphina [Ralphine], Rose [Rozaline, ..], Rayann [Raycine], Rexanne [Rexine], Robin [Robine], Roline [Rolline, ..], Romaine [Romeine]

Rosalie [Rosaline], Rosalind [Roseline, ..], Roselaine, Roxanne [Roxine], Rubena [Rubine], Rufina [Rufeine], Ruth [Ruthine], Sabina [Savine, ..], Sandra [Sandrine], Sarah [Sarine], Seraphina [Serophine, ..], Shaina [Shaine], Sha- [Shamaine, ..], Sharlene [Sharline, ..], Sharmaine, Shereen [Shirine, ..], Shirley [Shirline], Sidonia [Sidaine], Sylvia [Sylvine, ..], Sinead [Sine]

Sheena [Sine], Solana [Souline, ..], Solange [Zeline, ..], Stephanie [Stephine, ..], Stina [Stine], Sunny [Sunshine], Tamsin [Tamsine, ..], Tasmine, Thomasina [Tomasine, ..], Tina [Tine], Trelane [Trelaine, ..], Trina [Trine], Undine [Ondine], Ursula [Ursuline], Valentina [Valentine], Vera [Verine], Verlene [Verline], Victoria [Viktorine, ..], Vilhelmina [Vilhelmine], Vincentia [Vincintine]

Violet [Violeine, ..], Virginia [Virgine], Waltrina [Walterine], Warda [Wardine], Wendell [Wendaline], Wendy [Wendeline, ..], Wanda [Wendeline, ..], Yasmin [Yasmine], Yoslene [Yosline], Zelia [Zeline], Zephyr [Zephyrine, ..], Zoe [Zoeline], Zora [Zorine]

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