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Ka ending baby names and what they mean, with 169 results. -ka names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names reached its apex in the year 1990 (USAGE OF 0.48%) and has become much reduced since (USAGE 0.11%, 76%), with names like Tomika becoming somewhat dated. Rivka (#867), Malka (#1257), Mika (#1301) and Anika (#712) are four of the more contemporarily stylish birth names in this compilation, while Oka (TOP 17%) and Ripka (19%) are popular -ka surnames.

-ka names

Aericka - Annika | Anouska - Danika | Dawnika - Ilka | Ilka - Karlinka | Karlinka - Mika | Milanka - Rifka | .. - .. | Viveka - Zuleika

Aericka - Annika

Erica and variants

Eryka, Erycka, Erikka, Erricka, Erika, Enrika, Ericka, Elika, Arika, Airika, Airicka, Aericka
Var. of Erica. Derived fr. Old Norse word. "Complete ruler." Emika is also a somewhat popular girl's name.

Apirka, Afrika, Affrika
Forms of Africa. From Celtic language. "Pleasant." Rare, but Affrika, Afrika, Apirka are comparable to popular -ka surnames Aska (TOP 68%), Aka (70%).

Form of Agnes. From Greek language. "Pure, holy." Not in Top 2000.

Alarieka, Alaricka
Forms of Alarice. Derivative of Old German. "Noble, regal ruler." Alaricka and Alarieka were not among 2018's Top names.

Zlatka, Alatinka
Var. of Zlata. Root fr. Czechoslovakian, Slavic words. "Golden." Not Top 2000 names.

Form of Alba. Source fr. Latin. "White." Not that popular as a birth name. See also Alvinia.

Var. of Albinia. Origin fr. Latin. "White, fair." Albinka is not in the Top 2000. See also Albine.

Shurochka, Sashenka, Aleka
Var. of Alexandra. From Greek element. "Man's defender." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Alena. Source fr. Greek, Latin. .. Magdala, meaning "tower" in Hebrew, is .. Alenca and Alenta are creative forms. See also Alonza.

Var. of Alice. Stems fr. Old German word. "Noble, exalted." Rather quirky as a baby name. See also Elika.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ka names: Angelika, Anika, Annika, Anushka, Arika

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ka names: Ericka, Erika, Eryka

Based on Nigerian. "Most beautiful." Alika is uncommonly used as a female name. See also Alita.

Ambika, var. Ambeika, Ambeeka
Stems fr. Sanskrit word. "Mother." Rare. Ambika, Ambeika (compare Arunika, Affrika) ends with the favored -ika.

Var. of Amica. Derivative of Latin word. "Loved friend." Amika was not a Top birth name in 2018. See also Amissa.

Angela and variants

Anjelika1, Angelika1, Andjelka
Forms of Angela. From Greek language. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Andjelka and Anjelika are more unconventional as birth names among the versions of Angela.

Anne and variants

Ninoshka, Hanka, Anyshka, Anyoushka, Anuska, Anouska1, Anushka, Anoushka, Annuska, Anka1, Anika1, Anechka
Var. of Anne. Origin fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Anechka, Anka, Annuska, Anoushka and Anouska are more rare as baby names among the forms of Anne.

Anjelika2, Angyalka, Angelika2
Forms of Angelica. Based on Latin language. "Angelic." Less common today. Angelika was the variant last recorded (2006) in the Top 2000.

Var. of Anice. From Greek word. "Satisfaction." Scarce as a birth name, but Anicka is similar to the more familiar Annika. See also Annaka.

Anika and variants

Anika2, var. Aunika, Annika1, Anneka, Annaka, Anaka
Derivative of Hausa word. "Sweet-faced." Annika has been the top favorite, though Anika has gained in popularity.

Form of Ana. From Hebrew element. "Favored grace." Not in Top 2000.

Anna and variants

Anouska2, Annika2
Forms of Anna. Derivative of Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Anouska is uncommon as a girls' name among the variant forms of Anna.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ka names for girls.

1. Aericka - Annika
Erica [Eryka, ..], Africa [Apirka, ..], Agnes [Agnieszka], Alarice [Alarieka, ..], Zlata [Zlatka, ..], Alba [Albinka], Albinia [Albinka], Alexandra [Shurochka, ..], Alena [Alenka], Alice [Alika], Alika, Ambika [Ambeika, ..], Amica [Amika], Angela [Anjelika, ..], Anne [Ninoshka, ..], Angelica [Anjelika, ..], Anice [Anicka], Anika [Aunika, ..], Ana [Anka], Anna [Anouska, ..]

Anouska [Anyoushka, ..], Aurelia [Aranka], Arunika, Rebecca [Rivka, ..], Bertha [Bertuska], Bianca [Bianka], Blanche [Blanka], Bogdana [Bogdanka], Borbala [Borka, ..], Branislava [Branka], Catherine [Katuska, ..], Cedrica [Cedrika], Celena [Celinka], Celeste [Tinka, ..], Chandana [Chandanika], Chandra [Chandrika], Hava [Chayka], Chava [Chayka], Cecilia [Cilka], Danica [Donika, ..]

Dawn [Dawnika], Decca [Deka, ..], Derica [Dericka, ..], Didrika [Diedrika, ..], Dominique [Mika, ..], Dorothy [Dorika], Duscha [Duschinka, ..], Elizabeth [Elikapeka], Elke [Ilka, ..], Enrica [Enricka], Ethel [Etelka], Frances [Franziska, ..], Farica [Flicka, ..], Francesca [Franciska, ..], Frederica [Frerika, ..], Geri [Gerika, ..], Gita [Gitika], Hansika, Henrietta [Henrika, ..], Helen [Ilka]

Ilka [Milka], Alona [Ilonka], Ilona [Ilonka], Irene [Irenka], Jane [Janka, ..], Ivana [Ivanka], Jamaica [Jemayka, ..], Ja- [Janika, ..], Jarica [Jarika, ..], Jelena [Jelka], Jenny [Jennika, ..], Jerica [Jerrika, ..], Jessica [Jyssika, ..], Jordan [Jordanka], Julia [Juliska, ..], Kamilla [Kamilka], Camilla [Kamilka], Charlotte [Karlika, ..], Karolina [Karolinka, ..], Caroline [Karolinka, ..]

Carol [Karlinka], Katherine [Katushka, ..], Katie [Katinka], Klara [Klarika], Christina [Krystka], Lalika, La- [Lanika], Yalena [Lenyushka, ..], Lily [Lillika], Linda [Lindka], Lisa [Liszka], Louise [Lujzika, ..], Amelia [Malika], Malka [Milka], Manika, Maria [Marika], Marika [Maryka, ..], Mary [Mariska], Mika [Meeka], Micah [Myka, ..]

Milena [Milanka], Emily [Milka], Mira [Mirka], Monica [Monika, ..], Nadia [Natka, ..], Natalie [Natka, ..], Natasha [Natashenka], Nebraska, Neka, Nicoline [Nika], Nike [Nika], Nina [Ninotchka, ..], Olga [Olenka], Osaka, Patricia [Patricka], Radmilla [Radinka], Theresa [Rezka], Rica [Rieka, ..], Ulrica [Ulrika, ..], Riva [Rivka, ..]

Rickie [Rika], Roderica [Roderika, ..], Veronica [Veronka, ..], Ronni [Ronika], Rose [Ruzenka, ..], Sarah [Sarka, ..], Sasha [Saschenka], Seneca [Seneka], Sha- [Shanika, ..], Shaneika [Shenika, ..], Shan [Shanika, ..], Sharik [Sharika], Shura [Shurka], Sitka, Sophia [Sofka], Stacy [Staska], Stephanie [Steshka, ..], Susan [Susanka], Ta- [Tanika, ..], Tamika [Tymmlecka, ..]

Tasha [Taska, ..], Anastasia [Tasenka], Tecla [Telka], Teresa [Teruska, ..], Terry [Terika], Tirzah [Thirshka], Antonia [Tonechka], Tosha [Toshka], Ulrika, Vladislava [Valeska], Valeska, Valerie [Valka, ..], Varvara [Vavka, ..], Velika, Vera [Verushka, ..], Bernice [Veronika], Verena [Veruschka, ..], Victoria [Viktorka, ..], Vita [Vitka], Viveca [Vivika, ..]

Viveka, Yessica [Yessika], Yeva [Yevka], Yudit [Yudelka], Yuliya [Yulka, ..], Zalika, Zivanka [Zivka], Zoya [Zoyenka], Zuleika

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