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Lyn ending baby names and what they mean, with 140 results. -lyn names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity a decade ago (ADOPTION OF 2.6%) and are almost as common today (ADOPTION 2.1%, 18.8%), but with names like Kaitlyn becoming less stylish. The trendier birth names in this compilation are Adalyn (#144), Addilyn (#359), Raelyn (#327), Rosalyn (#868) and Roselyn (#649). Here is the list of -lyn names for boys.

-lyn names

Adalyn - Caelyn | Caitlyn - Darlyn | Darolyn - Geralyn | Glyn - Jewelyn | Jocelyn - Kimberlyn | Kitlyn - Pamelyn | Raelyn - Valyn

Adalyn - Caelyn

Adelaide and variants

Adelyn, Adalyn1
Forms of Adelaide. Derived fr. Old German. "Noble kind." Adelin is also a marginally favored girl's name.

Adeline and variants

Addilyn, Adalyn2
Var. of Adeline. Stems fr. Old German element. "Noble." Adaan and Isalyn are creative forms.


Var. of Aileen. Source fr. Norman word. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Prevalent. Ailyn (cf. Ashtyn, Aislyn) ends with -yn. See also Alyna.


Form of Aislinn. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Dream, vision." Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -yn suffix for Aislyn, like Addisyn. See also Ayslyn.


Form of Alaine. Source fr. Old German element. "Precious." Unusual. Allyn, similar to Ailyn, uses the common androgynous-sounding -yn ending. Unisex name.

Form of Alana. From Old German, Hawaiian. "Precious; awakening." Unique. Allyn, similar to Avelyn, Ailyn, ends with -yn. Unisex name.

Var. of Angela. Source fr. Greek language. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -yn ending for Angelyn, like Ashlyn.


Var. of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Gender-neutral name. Unusual, with the common -yn ending for Arlyn, like Aryn, Ashtyn.

Form of Arlinda. Origin fr. American language. Combination of Arlene and Linda. Also a boys' name. Rare, with the -yn suffix for Arlyn, like Avelyn, Addilyn.

Ashlynn and variants

Ayslyn, Ashlyn
Var. of Ashlynn. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Dream." Uncommon. Ashlyn, Ayslyn (compare Adalyn) have the androgynous -yn suffix.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lyn names: Adalyn, Addilyn, Adelyn, Ailyn, Aislyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lyn names: Allyn, Arlyn, Ashlyn, Avalyn, Brooklyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lyn names: Caelyn, Cailyn, Caitlyn, Catelyn, Kaitlyn, Katelyn

Ava and variants

Avelyn, Avalyn
Forms of Ava. Of uncertain origin, probably German .. Avalyn is familiar as a baby name among the versions of Ava.

Var. of Beverly. Derived fr. Old English language. "Beaver stream or meadow." Unconventional. Compare Bevlyn with popular last names Butryn (UPPER 42%), Buteyn (55%), which also end with -yn.

Form of Brandy. Origin fr. English element. The name of the distilled wine .. Not in popularity charts. See also Brandalyn.

Brandilyn, var. Brandylyn, Brandolyn, Brandalyn
Stems fr. English word. Combination of Brandy and Lynn. Unusual, with the unusual androgynous-sounding -yn ending for Brandilyn, Brandolyn, etc., like Brendolyn.

Form of Breanna. Root fr. English, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic elements. "High, noble, exalted." Unusual. Breelyn (cf. Brendolyn) has the androgynous -yn suffix.

Var. of Brenda. Root fr. Old Norse language. "Sword." Brendolyn is rarely used as a birth name. See also Brandolyn.


Form of Brooke. Origin fr. Old English, Old German. "Water, small stream." Usage of Brooklyn as a baby name in 2018 was down 9.4% compared to the year before.

Cailin and variants

Cailyn1, Caelyn1
Var. of Cailin. Stems fr. Gaelic element. "Girl." Caelyn and Cailyn are more familiar as girls' names compared to other forms.

Caitlin and variants

Kayelyn, Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Caylyn, Catlyn, Catelyn, Caitlyn, Calyn, Cailyn2, Caelyn2
Forms of Caitlin. Derivative of Old French, Greek. "Pure." Kayelyn and variants soared in popularity in 2000 and are now less conventional, with Caitlyn becoming less stylish.


Form of Caoilainn. Root fr. Irish. "Slender and white, fair or pure." Caelyn grew in popularity in 2012. See also Caylen.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -lyn names for girls.

1. Adalyn - Caelyn
Adelaide [Adelyn, ..], Adeline [Addilyn, ..], Aileen [Ailyn], Aislinn [Aislyn], Alaine [Allyn], Alana [Allyn], Angela [Angelyn], Arlene [Arlyn], Arlinda [Arlyn], Ashlynn [Ayslyn, ..], Ava [Avelyn, ..], Beverly [Bevlyn], Brandy [Brandelyn], Brandilyn [Brandylyn, ..], Breanna [Breelyn], Brenda [Brendolyn], Brooke [Brooklyn], Cailin [Cailyn, ..], Caitlin [Kayelyn, ..], Caoilainn [Caelyn]

Kaitlin [Kathlyn, ..], Cara [Caralyn], Caroline [Karolyn, ..], Carla [Carlyn], Carlene [Karlyn, ..], Carol [Cherlyn, ..], Carolyn [Karolyn], Cecilia [Cecelyn], Charla [Charlyn], Charlene [Charlyn], Sheryl [Sherilyn, ..], Cheryl [Cherylyn, ..], Cherilyn [Sherylyn, ..], Charlotte [Cherlyn], Crystal [Kristalyn, ..], Cora [Coralyn], Coral [Coralyn], Courtney [Courtlyn], Dale [Daelyn], Darlene [Darlyn]

Daryl [Darylyn, ..], De- [Delyn], Donna [Donnalyn], Dora [Doralyn], Edlyn, Eleanor [Elyn, ..], Ellen [Elyn, ..], Helen [Ellyn], Emeline [Emmalyn, ..], Emily [Emmalyn, ..], Emma [Emmelyn, ..], Emmeline [Emmalyn], Ethel [Ethlyn, ..], Evangeline [Evangelyn], Eve [Evlyn, ..], Evelyn [Evlyn, ..], Fallon [Fallyn], Gemma [Gemmalyn], Geri [Gerrilyn, ..], Geraldine [Gerrilyn, ..]

Glenna [Glyn], Gwendolen [Gwyndolyn, ..], Harolyn, Ivy [Ivalyn], Jacqueline [Jaquelyn, ..], Jacey [Jacelyn], Jaclyn [Jaklyn, ..], Jacquelyn [Jaclyn, ..], Jae [Jaelyn], Ja- [Jalyn], Jamie [Jamilyn], Jana [Janalyn], Jasmine [Jaslyn], Jazzlyn [Jazzalyn, ..], Jenna [Jennalyn], Jenny [Jennilyn], Jeralyn [Jerrilyn, ..], Jessie [Jesslyn, ..], Jessica [Jessalyn], Jewel [Jewelyn]

Jocelyn [Jozlyn, ..], Joelle [Joellyn], Jolene [Jolyn], Jo [Jolyn], Johnna [Jonalyn], Joyce [Joycelyn], Kaylin [Kaylyn, ..], Katherine [Kaitlyn], Kami [Kamlyn], Karolina [Karolyn, ..], Kara [Karalyn], Karleen [Karlyn], Katelyn [Kitlyn, ..], Kathleen [Kathlyn], Katie [Katilyn], Kayla [Kaylyn], Keely [Keelyn], Kellen [Kellyn], Kerry [Kerilyn], Kimberly [Kimblyn, ..]

Kitty [Kitlyn], Krystalyn [Kristalyn], Laura [Laralyn], Lorelei [Lorilyn, ..], Linda [Lyn], Lynn [Lyn], Madeline [Madlyn, ..], Mandoline [Mandolyn, ..], Marcella [Marcelyn], Marcia [Marcilyn], Mary [Marilyn], Marilyn [Marylyn, ..], Marlin [Marlyn], Marlene [Marlyn], Marlen [Marlyn], Marvell [Marvelyn], Meryl [Merlyn], Michal [Michaelyn], Nicoline [Nicolyn], Pamela [Pamelyn]

Rae [Raelyn], Rosalind [Rozelyn, ..], Rosalyn [Roslyn], Rose [Roslyn], Royale [Royalyn], Roza [Rozlyn, ..], Sarah [Saralyn], Shayla [Shaylyn, ..], Sharlene [Sharlyn], Sharon [Sharolyn], Shea [Shaylyn], Sherilyn, Shirley [Shirlyn], Starla [Starlyn], Suellen [Suelyn], Tammy [Tamlyn, ..], Tara [Taralyn], Tayla [Taylyn], Teryl [Terelyn, ..], Valentina [Valyn]

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