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Na ending baby names and what they mean, with 948 results. -na names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity 2 decades ago (USAGE OF 7.8%) and have remained as popular to this day (USAGE 7.1%, 9% LESS), but with names such as Corina becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy birth names in this list are Luna (#23), Elena (#66), Athena (#117), Valentina (#81) and Eliana (#83), while Licona (TOP 15%) and Khanna (10%) are popular -na last names. Here is the list of -na names for boys.

-na names

Abalina - Aghna | Agostina - Alcina | Aldana - Ana | Ana - Aretina | Argentina - Audriana | Audrina - Bellona | .. - .. | Zerlina - Zsuzsanna

Abalina - Aghna

Abilena, Abalina
Var. of Abilene. Stems fr. Hebrew. Place name .. Abelina is a moderately popular kid's name.

Apolena, Abbelina
Forms of Apollonia. Derived fr. Greek. .. Mythology. Unusual, but Apolena is comparable to common -ena last names Aravena (TOP 60%), Agena (29%).

Derived fr. Greek word. "Destroyer." Outside Top 2000.

Abina, var. Abena
Derived fr. African, Ghanaian words. "Born on Tuesday." Abina and Abena were not among 2018's Top names.

Var. of Abra. Derived fr. Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Father of many." Rather uncommon as a baby name. See also Abriana.

Abriana and variants

Abriana, var. Abrianna
Source fr. Hebrew language. "Father of many." Less used today. Abrianna was the version last listed (2016) in the Top 2000.

Adelaide and variants

Adelina1, Adalena
Var. of Adelaide. Based on Old German word. "Noble kind." Adelina is a Top 2000 baby name.

Adeline and variants

Lina, Dellina, Delina, Dallina, Dalina, Adelina2, Dahlina, Adallina, Adalina
Forms of Adeline. Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble." Popularly used, with usage of 0.064% for Adalina, Dalina, etc. as girls' names in 2018, but lower than 0.065% the previous year.

Adamina and variants

Adamina, var. Minna, Mina, Ademina, Ademeena, Adaminna, Adameena
Derivative of Hebrew language. "Earth." Usage of Adamina and variants as baby names in 2018 was 75.8% more than a decade ago.

Derivative of Hebrew word. "Earth." A quaint children's name. See also Adeana.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -na names: Abriana, Abrianna, Adalina, Adelina, Adina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -na names: Adreanna, Adriana, Adrianna, Aldona, Dawna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -na names: Deena, Delina, Dina, Ina, Lina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -na names: Mina, Minna, Oona, Una

Derivative of Nigerian element. "Her father's daughter." Adanne and Adona are creative forms. See also Aidana.

Dawn and variants

Dawna, Adawna
Var. of Dawn. Source fr. Old English language. "The first appearance of light, daybreak." Dawna is a familiar (UPPER 35%) women's name, while Adawna is unusual.

Alida and variants

Alldonna, Alldona, Alldina, Aldonna, Aldona, Adelyna, Aldina, Adellyna, Adelina3
Forms of Alida. Origin fr. Latin element. "Small winged one." Used widely as birth names, Aldina, Adelina, etc. are similar to the popular Albina.

Adena and variants

Adena1, var. Dina, Deena, Adina1
Root fr. Hebrew language. "Decoration." Adena (UPPER 86%), Adina (47%), Deena (21%) and Dina (14%) are commonly occurring feminine names, and Dina is found often (UPPER 17%) as a surname.

Based on Nigerian. "My coming has opened the way." Not Top 2000 name. See also Ademina.

Adin and variants

Adeana1, Adina2
Var. of Adin. Derived fr. Hebrew. "Delicate and slender." Sparing use, with usage of 0.008% for Adina and Adeana as birth names in 2018, higher than 0.007% a year ago.

Adina3, var. Adena2, Adeena, Adeana2
Based on Hebrew element. "Noble, gentle, delicate." Adena and forms grew in popularity less than a decade ago and have remained popular.

Adrienne and variants

Adrina, Adrienna, Adriena, Adrianna, Adriana, Adreanna
Var. of Adrienne. Origin fr. Latin language. "From Hadria." Adreanna, Adriana, etc. became less popular in 2018, falling -58 rankings as birth names with Adrianna leading the decline.

Aegina, var. Egina
Root fr. Greek. .. the name of a nymph who .. Aegina and Egina are not often adopted as children's names.

Agnes and variants

Una, Oona, Ina, Agna, Aghna
Var. of Agnes. Based on Greek. "Pure, holy." Ina, Oona and Una are more popular as girls' names among the variant forms of Agnes.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -na names for girls.

1. Abalina - Aghna
Abilene [Abilena, ..], Apollonia [Apolena, ..], Abellona, Abina [Abena], Abra [Abrahana], Abriana [Abrianna], Adelaide [Adelina, ..], Adeline [Lina, ..], Adamina [Minna, ..], Adana, Adanna, Dawn [Dawna, ..], Alida [Alldonna, ..], Adena [Dina, ..], Adesina, Adin [Adeana, ..], Adina [Adena, ..], Adrienne [Adrina, ..], Aegina [Egina], Agnes [Una, ..]

Augusta [Tina, ..], Agraciana [Agracyanna, ..], Agrippa [Agrippina, ..], Agrafina [Agrafena], Agrippina [Agripina], Amelia [Emelina, ..], Aina, Irene [Yarina, ..], Aiyana [Ayanna, ..], Akilina [Aquilina, ..], Alaine [Allena, ..], Elaine [Elliana, ..], Alana [Lanna, ..], Alexandra [Sandrina, ..], Alastair [Alastriona, ..], Alberta [Elbertina, ..], Alva [Albina], Albinia [Alvina, ..], Alba [Albina], Alcina [Alzina, ..]

Alda [Aldona, ..], Aldina, Aldona, Aliya [Aleana], Alena, Helen [Yelena, ..], Alexis [Alexina, ..], Aliana [Alianna], Alina [Lyna, ..], Allena [Alena, ..], Almond [Amandina, ..], Alona [Ilona, ..], Alumina [Allumina], Alvina [Vina, ..], Alzena [Elzina, ..], Amana, Ambrosine [Ambrosina], Amina [Amena, ..], Ana [Analena], Anastasia [Anna, ..]

Anne [Nona, ..], Ancina, Andie [Andena], Andrea [Drena, ..], Anemone [Anemona], Angela [Angellina, ..], Angusina, Anina [Annina, ..], Anna [Ana], Hannah [Honna, ..], Anona, Anonna [Nona, ..], Antoinette [Antonina], Antonia [Tunna, ..], Apona, Aquilina [Akilina], Arachne [Archna], Arden [Ardena], Arena, Aretha [Aretina]

Argenta [Argentina], Ariadne [Aryanna, ..], Ariana [Aryonna, ..], Arizona, Arlene [Lina, ..], Arlinda [Arlenna], Armande [Armandina], Armina [Armeena], Armona, Arnina [Arona, ..], Arthuretta [Artina, ..], Aruna, Aryana, Asemina, Ashlynn [Ashleena], Astra [Asterina], Ethelinda [Athelina], Athena [Athina, ..], Aubrey [Aubrianna, ..], Audriana [Audrianna, ..]

Audrina, Audrey [Audrina], Auina, Aurelia [Aurelina, ..], Aura [Auriana], Austine [Austina], Ava [Avelina], Evelyn [Ewelina, ..], Aveline [Avelina], Avena, Aviana [Avianna], Ayanna [Ianna, ..], Azucena [Azuzena, ..], Balbina, Bambi [Bambina, ..], Barcelona, Sebastiane [Sebastiana, ..], Belanna, Belle [Bellina], Bellona [Belona, ..]

Bena, Benigna, Benjamina [Benyamina, ..], Bernadette [Bernina, ..], Bernadine [Bernardina], Bertha [Bertina, ..], Bertina, Bertrona, Bethel [Bethuna], Elizabeth [Bettina, ..], Bettina [Tina, ..], Betty [Bettina], Vivian [Vyvyana, ..], Bibiana [Bibianna], Biljana, Billie [Billina], Bina [Buna], Birdena, Blanda [Blandina], Roberta [Robynna, ..]

Bogdana [Bohdana, ..], Breanna [Breonna, ..], Breena [Bryna, ..], Brenna [Brynna, ..], Brianna [Breayanna, ..], Brina [Brynna, ..], Brionna [Bryonna, ..], Brittany [Brittina, ..], Brucie [Brucina], Bruna, Bryn [Brynna], Buena, Cabalina, Cadence [Kadena, ..], Catherine [Yekaterina, ..], Katherine [Yekaterina, ..], Callie [Calina], Calvina [Calvinna], Canna, Caparina [Caprina]

Caprice [Capriana], Caroline [Sharlena, ..], Kara [Karina, ..], Carina [Rina, ..], Cara [Karina, ..], Carlene [Karlina, ..], Carla [Carlina, ..], Carol [Karolina, ..], Carmen [Mina, ..], Carmel [Mina, ..], Carna, Carolina, Cassidy [Cassadina], Catarina [Caterina, ..], Catriona [Katriona, ..], Caitlin [Catriona], Cedrica [Cedrina, ..], Zephyr [Sefarina, ..], Cecilia [Ceilena], Celena [Selina, ..]

Celeste [Tina, ..], Celine [Celina], Celina [Selena, ..], Cerise [Cerrina], Cesarina, Chalina, Chana [Channa], Chandana, Chanina [Hanina], Shannon [Shanna, ..], Charlene [Charlina, ..], Charlesetta [Charlesina], Chasina, Chastity [Chastina], Chazona [Hazona], Cherie [Shereena, ..], Chermona [Hermona], Chessa [Chesna], Chevonne [Shifana, ..], Cheyenne [Chianna, ..]

Chiara [Chiarina], China [Chynna, ..], Cholena, Chrysantha [Crisanna, ..], Christen [Christina, ..], Christian [Cristianna, ..], Christiana [Tiana, ..], Christina [Tina, ..], Ciana [Kiana, ..], Cypris [Supriana, ..], Cipriana [Sypriana, ..], Clara [Clarina], Claudia [Claudina], Clemence [Clementina], Clementine [Klementyna, ..], Cleopatra [Cleona], Cliona [Cliodhna, ..], Colleen [Collina, ..], Coline [Collina, ..], Columbine [Columbina]

Constance [Tina, ..], Concepcion [Concettina], Conradine [Conradina], Konstanze [Tina, ..], Coral [Corallina, ..], Coralie [Coralina], Corazon [Corazana], Cora [Korynna, ..], Corin [Corrina, ..], Kora [Korynna, ..], Corinna [Korrina, ..], Corona [Coronna], Corey [Corrianna], Corvina [Corveena], Crispina, Cristina, Crystal [Krystalina, ..], Cyrene [Cyrina, ..], Czarina, Daphne [Daphna, ..]

Dagny [Dagna], Dahlia [Dahiana], Daina, Madeline [Marlena, ..], Dale [Dalina, ..], Damia [Damyana, ..], Dana [Dayna, ..], Danielle [Danna], Danna [Dantina, ..], Daria [Dhariana, ..], Darlene [Darlina, ..], Da- [Davonna, ..], Davina [Divina, ..], Deanna [Deonna, ..], Deborah [Debriana, ..], Geraldine [Gerianna, ..], Deiondra [Dionna, ..], De- [Delina, ..], Delaney [Delena, ..], Delana

Dulce [Dulsiana, ..], Delfina, Delphine [Delphina], Demi [Demiana], Dinah [Dyna, ..], Dena [Dina, ..], Desdemona [Desmona], Destiny [Destina], Devon [Devonna, ..], Dhana [Dhanna], Diamond [Diamontina], Diana [Dyanna, ..], Didiane [Didianna, ..], Digna, Dillian [Dillianna, ..], Dimona [Demona], Dionne [Dionna, ..], Divina [Devina], Domina, Dona

Donalda [Donaldina, ..], Donna [Ladonna, ..], Dora [Dorina, ..], Doria [Dorianna, ..], Dorona, Drina [Dreena], Duana [Dwayna, ..], Duena, Dylana, Dympna [Dymphna], Enda [Eanna], Earla [Irelina, ..], Irvette [Irvina, ..], Edana [Aydana, ..], Edina [Edyna, ..], Edlyn [Edlinna], Edna [Ena, ..], Edwardine [Edwardina], Edwina [Edwyna, ..], Egberta [Egbertyna, ..]

Egelina [Egilina, ..], Egidia [Egidiana], Eifiona, Eileen [Lina, ..], Eila [Eilona], Eirian [Eirana], Eithne [Etna, ..], Ekaterina [Yekaterina], Elana [Ilana, ..], Elena [Elina, ..], Eleanor [Norina, ..], Ellen [Ellina, ..], Eliana [Lina, ..], Elkana [Elkanna], Ella [Ellina], Elmina [Elmena, ..], Elvia [Elviana], Elvira [Elvina], Elvina [Vina, ..], Emmeline [Emelina]

Emily [Emelina], Emma [Emelina], Emerald [Emeraldina], Emilia [Emiliana], Emina, Ena [Ina, ..], Enid [Enedina], Erin [Erinna, ..], Ermine [Ermina], Erma [Ermina], Ernestine [Ernesztina, ..], Erna, Erwina [Irwina], Etana, Eugenia [Jenna, ..], Euna, Euron [Euriona], Evania [Evanna, ..], Evangeline [Ewangelina, ..], Evelina

Eve [Evelina], Eva [Evina], Evonne [Evonna], Fabia [Favianna, ..], Fawn [Fawna, ..], Farina [Fareena], Fauna [Fawna], Faustine [Faustina], Fay [Fayanna], Felicia [Feliciona, ..], Faline [Felina], Fern [Ferna], Fernanda [Fernandina], Fidelity [Fidelina], Philippa [Phillipina, ..], Filomena, Josephine [Josianna, ..], Fina, Fiona [Fyona, ..], Florence [Florina, ..]

Flana [Flanna], Flora [Floriana, ..], Fortune [Fortuna], Francine [Francina, ..], Frederica [Frederickina, ..], Guinevere [Gwynna, ..], Gaetana, Gafna, Gaia [Gaiana], Gayle [Galena], Galiana, Galiena [Galyena, ..], Galina [Halina], Gana, Garland [Garldina], Gavina, Gabrielle [Gavrina], Gaynor [Gayna], Geena, Virginia [Virgina, ..]

Gelsomina [Jelsomina], Gemini [Gemina], Genevieve [Gina, ..], Geneva [Gena], Genna, Jennifer [Jenna, ..], Georgia [Jorgina, ..], Georgina [Giorgina, ..], Gerardine [Gererdina, ..], Germaine [Germana], Gertrude [Gertina], Gianina [Janina, ..], Jane [Sheena, ..], Gianna [Gionna, ..], Gilana, Geila [Gilana], Gilberte [Gilbertina], Gillian [Gillianna, ..], Gina [Jenna, ..], Giordana

Giovanna [Jovanna, ..], Gitana [Jeetanna, ..], Julia [Julyanna, ..], Giulia [Julliana, ..], Giuliana, Giuseppina [Josefina], Giustinia [Justiniana, ..], Justine [Justyna, ..], Glenna [Gleana], Gloria [Gloryanna, ..], Golda [Goldina, ..], Grace [Grazyna, ..], Gregoria [Gregoryna, ..], Greta [Gretna], Gudrun [Gudruna], Gwendolen [Gwynna, ..], Gunhilda [Gunna], Gwyn [Gwynna, ..], Gwyneth [Gwynna], Hadria [Hadrianna, ..]

Halcyone [Halcyona], Haldana [Haldanna], Hamna, Hanako [Hana], Hana, Hansine [Hansina], Haralda [Haroldina], Hasana [Hassana], Hasina, Hena [Hinna], Herminia [Hermina], Hermione [Hermina], Hosanna [Osanna, ..], Huberta [Ubertina, ..], Huette [Hugina, ..], Husayna, Ianthe [Ianthina], Idina, Idona [Iduna, ..], Iduna [Idunna]

Ilana [Ilianna, ..], Aileen [Lina, ..], Ilene [Ilena], Iliana [Illianna, ..], Ilona [Yionna, ..], Ina [Yna, ..], Indiana [Idiana], Ioanna [Yohanna, ..], Iolana, Iona, Iris [Iridiana], Irma [Irmina], Ishana, Ivana [Ivanna], Ivonne [Ivonna], Jacinda [Jacinna], Jacobina [Jakobina, ..], Jacqueline [Zhakelina, ..], Jade [Jadeana], Jae [Jaena, ..]

Ja- [Javona, ..], Jamesina, Jemima [Jamina], Jan [Janna, ..], Jana [Janna, ..], Janine [Jannina, ..], Jordan [Jordena, ..], Jardina [Jardyna, ..], Jasmine [Yasmina, ..], Jazzlyn [Jazmina], Jean [Jeena, ..], Jeannine [Jenina, ..], Jelena [Yelena, ..], Jena [Jenna], Jenny [Jenna], Jenna [Jena, ..], Jeovanna [Jeovana], Je- [Jerona], Jessie [Jessina, ..], Jestina [Jesstina]

Jiana [Jianna], Jill [Jillana, ..], Jillian [Jyllina, ..], Jimena, Jina [Gina], Jinny [Jinna], Joanna [Johanna, ..], Joakima [Joaquina], Joaquina, Joby [Jobyna, ..], Jocelyn [Joselina, ..], Johanna [Jovanna, ..], Johnna [Jovanna, ..], Jo [Josanna, ..], Yolanda [Jolanna], Jolene [Jolyna, ..], Jonina, Jorgina [Jorjana, ..], Josie [Josina], Jovana [Jovina, ..]

Joy [Joyanna], Juanita [Wanna, ..], Judith [Judeena, ..], Juliana [Julieanna, ..], Jumana [Jumanna], Kadenza [Kadena], Kalani [Kalana], Kalina [Kalena, ..], Ka- [Kavonna, ..], Karina [Karyna, ..], Karleen [Karlina], Karmen [Karmina], Karen [Karna], Karol [Karolina], Karolina [Lyna, ..], Kathleen [Kathlena, ..], Katrina [Kotryna, ..], Kay [Kayana], Kaylin [Kayleena], Keena [Keeana, ..]

Keilana, Keitha [Keithana], Kelly [Kellina], Kendra [Kinna, ..], Kenna [Kennina, ..], Keren [Kerena], Kerry [Kerridana, ..], Kevina, Khristina [Kristina, ..], Kiana [Quianna, ..], Kim [Kimana], Kina, Kira [Kiriana], Klementina [Klementyna, ..], Kolina, Corinne [Korinna, ..], Korina [Korrina, ..], Krystal [Kristalena], Kristen [Krystyna, ..], Kristina [Krystyna, ..]

Kristine [Kristina], Kyra [Kyreena], Lacey [Lacina], Ladonna [Ledonna], Laine [Laina], La- [Lavonna, ..], Lana [Lanna], Lantana [Lantanna], Lareina [Larreina, ..], Lauren [Lorena, ..], Laurence [Laurentyna, ..], Lara [Larina], Laraine [Larina], Latona, Laura [Lorna, ..], Lavinia [Luvina, ..], Laverne [Loverna, ..], Lavonne [Lavonna], Leanna [Leighanna, ..], Lena [Lina, ..]

Lenna, Leona [Leowna, ..], Leontyne [Leontina], Levana [Livanna, ..], Levina, Levona, Lewana [Livana, ..], Lexie [Lexina], Liana [Lianna, ..], Luba [Libena], Lidwina [Lidweina, ..], Lillian [Lillianna, ..], Lily [Liliana], Lina [Lyna, ..], Linnea [Linna], Lysandra [Lissandrina, ..], Lizena, Loni [Lonna, ..], Lorraine [Lorraina, ..], Lora [Lorenna, ..]

Lorena [Lorrina, ..], Lorenza [Lorenzina], Lori [Loriana], Lorna [Lorrna], Lou [Louanna], Louise [Louisiana, ..], Luana [Luwana, ..], Lucinda [Lucinna, ..], Lucerne [Lucerna], Lucy [Lucyna, ..], Luciana [Ciana], Luisa [Luisana], Lumina, Luna, Lupita [Lupelina], Luz [Luziana, ..], Lynn [Lynna], Mackenna [Mckenna], Madonna [Madona], Magdalena [Magdelena]

Mahina, Makena [Makenna], Malana, Malcolmina [Malcolmeena], Malina, Melinda [Melina, ..], Malvina [Melvina, ..], Melva [Melvina, ..], Mara [Maralina], Marcella [Marsalina, ..], Marcene [Marcina, ..], Marcia [Marcina, ..], Maria [Marielena, ..], Marian [Mariana], Marianne [Maryanna, ..], Mary [Marianna, ..], Mari [Marilena], Marina [Marna, ..], Marlene [Marna, ..], Marni [Marnina, ..]

Martha [Martina, ..], Martina [Tina, ..], Marvina, Maryann [Maryanna], Matana, Matriona [Motreina, ..], Maxine [Maxina, ..], May [Mayana], Maida [Maydena], Mckenna [Mackenna], Medina [Mdina], Meena, Meiriona, Melanie [Milena, ..], Melina [Mellina, ..], Melusine [Melusina], Malva [Melvina], Mercy [Mercina], Merle [Merlina], Merona [Merrona, ..]

Messina [Mussina, ..], Michelle [Michelina, ..], Michaela [Miguelina, ..], Milena [Mladena, ..], Miliana, Mina [Minna, ..], Minna [Mina], Mira [Miriana, ..], Miriam [Miyanna, ..], Moana, Modesty [Modestina], Mona [Moyna, ..], Monica [Mona], Montana [Montina, ..], Maureen [Morena], Morena, Morgan [Morgana], Morna, Morwenna [Morwynna, ..], Mouna [Muna]

Myrna [Murna, ..], Nadine [Nadyna, ..], Nana, Nan [Nanna, ..], Natalie [Natalina, ..], Natana, Neena, Neilina, Nerine [Nerina], Nicole [Nicolina], Nilsine [Nilsina], Nina [Nyna, ..], Nissa [Nissnana], Nituna, Nitza [Nitzana], Nolan [Nolana], Nona [Nonna], Noreen [Noreena], Honor [Norina], Norma [Normina]

Norna, Ocarina, Oceana, Octavia [Octoviana, ..], Odele [Odelina], Roxanne [Ruksanna, ..], Oksana [Oksanna], Olena [Olina, ..], Oliana [Olianna, ..], Olympia [Olimpiana], Olina, Undine [Undina, ..], Ondine [Ondina], Oona [Una], Opal [Opalina], Orange [Orangina], Ora [Orarariana, ..], Oriana [Orianna, ..], Oralia [Orlena], Orinthia [Ornina, ..]

Orsa [Orselina, ..], Osanna, Pamela [Pamelina, ..], Pamina, Paula [Polina, ..], Parthenia [Pathina, ..], Patricia [Patrina], Paulina [Pavlina, ..], Penelope [Penna, ..], Petra [Petrovna, ..], Philana [Phillina, ..], Philomena [Philomina, ..], Philopena [Philippina, ..], Pierette [Pierina], Pnina, Peninah [Pnina], Polly [Pollyanna], Pollyanna, Pomona, Prima [Primina]

Priscilla [Prisciliana], Queena [Quenna], Quiana [Quiyanna, ..], Quintana, Quintina [Quintona, ..], Quirina, Rachana [Rashana, ..], Rae [Rayona, ..], Raina [Reyna, ..], Ralphina, Ramona [Romona, ..], Veronica [Verona, ..], Rani [Rayna, ..], Rana, Roseanne [Rozeanna, ..], Ravenna [Ravinna, ..], Raven [Ravina], Rayann [Rayanna, ..], Rayna [Reyna, ..], Reanna

Regina [Riona, ..], Reina [Reyna], Rena [Rina, ..], Rexanne [Rexina, ..], Rhiannon [Rianna, ..], Riane [Rianna, ..], Rhona [Roana], Ryan [Ryanna, ..], Ricarda [Richina, ..], Rihana, Rimona, Rinah [Rina], Riona [Rionna], Rowan [Roanna], Roanna [Ranna], Robin [Robyna, ..], Rhoda [Rodina], Rohana [Rohanna], Roline [Rollina], Roma [Romina, ..]

Rona [Ronna, ..], Ronni [Ronna], Rosalind [Rosina, ..], Rose [Ruzena, ..], Rosalie [Rosalina], Roshan [Roshawna, ..], Rosa [Rosina], Rowena [Rowina, ..], Royale [Royalina], Roya [Royanna], Roza [Rozanna], Rubena [Rubina, ..], Ruby [Rubyna, ..], Rufina [Ruphyna, ..], Ruth [Ruthina], Rylee [Rylina], Sabina [Sebina, ..], Sabrina [Zabrina, ..], Sade [Sadina], Salamasina [Masina]

Salena [Selena, ..], Salvia [Salvina], Sana, Sandra [Sandrina], Susannah [Zuzanna, ..], Susan [Zanna, ..], Sanna [Zanna, ..], Santana, Sardinia [Sardegna], Sarah [Sarina, ..], Sarina [Sarinna, ..], Satin [Satina], Savannah [Vanna, ..], Seadhna, Seana [Seanna], Sedona [Sadona], Sefarina [Zephirina, ..], Selena [Sylena, ..], Selina [Sylina, ..], Seraphina [Serofina, ..]

Serena [Seryna, ..], Sha- [Shawna, ..], Shaina [Sheina, ..], Shalini [Shalina, ..], Shana [Shanna, ..], Sharon [Sharonna, ..], Sharlene [Sharlina, ..], Shasta [Shastina], Shavonne [Shavonna, ..], Shawna [Sianna, ..], Shaya [Shayana], Shayna [Sheina, ..], Sheena [Sina, ..], She- [Shelanna], Sherry [Sherina, ..], Sherisa [Sherrina], Shyanne [Shyanna, ..], Simone [Symona, ..], Shona [Shuna], Shoshana [Sosanna, ..]

Sian [Sianna, ..], Siena [Sienna], Signa, Silvana [Silvina, ..], Sylvia [Sylvonna, ..], Silvia [Sirvanna, ..], Seema [Sina], Sinead [Sina], Sirena [Syrena, ..], Siri [Siriana], Sophronia [Sophrona, ..], Solana [Solina], Starla [Starlena, ..], Stephanie [Stevonna, ..], Stevonna, Stina, Suzanne [Susanna, ..], Susanna [Suzanna, ..], Svetlana [Swetlana, ..], Sidonia [Sydona]

Tabina, Tanya [Tana, ..], Taja [Tajiana], Ta- [Tawana, ..], Taryn [Taryna, ..], Tasha [Toshiana, ..], Tasmine [Tasmina, ..], Natasha [Tassiana], Tatiana [Tiatiana, ..], Taura [Taurina], Tawny [Tawna], Te- [Teonna, ..], Teresa [Terrosina, ..], Terena [Therena, ..], Theresa [Theresina, ..], Terry [Teriana], Teryl [Terrena], Texana [Texanna], Thana, Thomasina [Tomina, ..]

Tia [Tiana], Tiana [Tyanna, ..], Tina [Tena, ..], Titania [Tiziana], Toni [Tonina, ..], Tori [Toriana], Toya [Toyanna], Tranquilina, Treva [Trevina], Trina [Trena, ..], Tricia [Trissina, ..], Trista [Tristina, ..], Tristana [Tristenna], Tryphena [Tryphaena, ..], Tzigane [Tsigana], Tyler [Tylena], Tyra [Tyrena], Una [Unna, ..], Urbana [Urbanna], Urit [Urina, ..]

Ursula [Ursulina, ..], Valentina [Vallatina, ..], Valerie [Valeriana], Vania [Vanina], Vanna [Vana, ..], Vanessa [Venna, ..], Varda [Vardina], Varina [Verina], Varvara [Varina], Barbara [Varina], Venus [Venusina], Verbena [Verbyna, ..], Verena [Veryna, ..], Vera [Verina, ..], Verna [Virna], Verona [Verowna, ..], Vespera [Verperina], Vevina, Vianna [Viona, ..], Victoria [Viktorina, ..]

Vienna, Vilhelmina [Wilhelmina, ..], Vina [Vyna, ..], Vincentia [Vincentina, ..], Viridiana [Viridianna], Walda [Waldina, ..], Waltrina [Waltina, ..], Warna, Wilhelmina [Wilna, ..], Wilma [Wilmina], Wilmot [Wilmotina], Wilona, Winifred [Wina], Winona [Wynonna, ..], Xaviera [Xavienna], Xenia [Zyna, ..], Ximena, Xylia [Zylina, ..], Yalena [Yelena], Yaminah [Yemina, ..]

Yarina [Yerina, ..], Yarona, Yasmin [Yasmina, ..], Yekaterina [Ekaterina], Yoana [Yoanna, ..], Yonina [Yonina, ..], Yordan [Yordanna, ..], Yoslene [Yoslina], Ysanne [Ysanna], Yuridiana, Yvonne [Yvonna], Zaina [Zayna, ..], Zanna [Zana], Zara [Zarina], Zarina [Zareena], Zenobia [Zenna, ..], Zelenia [Zelaina], Zelia [Zelleana, ..], Zinaida [Zena], Zena [Zina, ..]

Zerlinda [Zerlina], Zetta [Zetana], Zigana [Ziganna, ..], Zlata [Zlatina], Zoanne [Zoanna], Zona, Zora [Zorina, ..], Zsazsa [Zsuzsanna]

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