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Nda ending baby names and what they mean, with 148 results. -nda names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the 1950s (ADOPTION OF 5.57%) and are now significantly less popular (ADOPTION 0.2%, 96%), with names like Linda becoming less stylish. Kanda (TOP 19%) and Banda (2%) are common -nda last names.

-nda names

Adelinda - Brenda | Brianda - Clarinda | Clarinda - Erlinda | Ethelinda - Jenda | Jocelinda - Lucinda | Lynda - Randa | .. - .. | Wanda - Zerlinda

Adelinda - Brenda

Adelinde and variants

Linda1, Adelinda
Forms of Adelinde. Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble, soft, tender." Uncommon. Adelinda, Linda, like Alcinda, Amarinda, use the -inda ending.

Alcinda, var. Allcinda, Alicinda, Alacinda
Possibly an adaptation of the Latin .. Rare. Compare Alacinda, var. and popular -nda surnames Aranda (UPPER 2%), Amenda (80%).

Zanda, Sanda, Anda1, Alexanda, Alessanda, Alejanda
Var. of Alexandra. Root fr. Greek element. "Man's defender." Unique, with the feminine -da suffix for Alejanda, Anda, etc., like Alacinda.

.. The name is also used in .. Uncommon as a girls' name, but Alinda is comparable to the more familiar Almeda. See also Alondra.

Amanda and variants

Amanda, var. Manda, Demanda
From Latin element. "Fit to be loved, lovable." Amanda (UPPER 1%) and Manda (59%) are common as feminine names, whereas Demanda is uncommon.

Amarinda1, Amarinda2
Var. of Amara. Based on Latin element. "Everlasting." Amarinda is seldom adopted as a girls' name. See also Amalinda.

Amelinda, var. Amellinda, Amalynda, Amalinda
Source fr. Latin, Spanish languages. Combined form of "beloved" and "pretty". Unique. Amelinda and variants are not found in the US Demographics.

Ananda and variants

Ananda, var. Anda2
Derived fr. Sanskrit word. "Ultimate bliss." Anda and variants soared in popularity 2 decades ago.

Var. of Annabel. Possibly elaborated form of Anna, or .. Not in popularity charts.


Form of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Less common today. Arlinda was last listed in 1950-1959 in the Top 2000. See also Arminda.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nda names: Amanda, Ananda, Arlinda, Arminda, Belinda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nda names: Brenda, Brinda, Linda, Manda, Velinda

Derivative of American element. Combination of Arlene and Linda. Arlinda was popular 7 decades ago. See also Arlana.

Form of Armande. From Old German word. "Soldier." Arganda (TOP 82%), Armand (8%) are familiar last names. See also Armona.


Var. of Armida. Italian and Spanish name .. Used somewhat widely as a children's name, Arminda is similar to the familiar Armanda. See also Arlinda.

Modern name .. Not that prominent as a birth name. See also Brinda.

Belinda and variants

Belinda1, var. Velinda, Linda2, Belynda, Bellynda, Bellinda, Belenda
Root fr. Italian element. "Beautiful." Belinda (TOP 7%) and Linda (1%) are familiar as feminine names, whereas Belenda, Bellinda, Bellynda, Belynda and Velinda are scarce.


Var. of Belle. Derivative of French language. "Beautiful." Belinda is familiar as a birth name compared to other variations. See also Delinda.

Root fr. Latin language. "Seductive, amiable." Blanga and Blanti are creative variations. See also Blondy.

Debranda, Branda
Var. of Brandy. Root fr. English element. The name of the distilled wine .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -da suffix for Branda, Debranda, like Delinda.

Breonda, Breanda
Forms of Breanna. Based on English, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic elements. "High, noble, exalted." Breanda and Breonda are rarely adopted as children's names.

Brenda and variants

Brenda, var. Labrenda, Brynda, Brinda, Brennda
Stems fr. Old Norse language. "Sword." Brenda and variants became less popular last year, dropping -100 positions as girls' names with Brenda falling the most.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -nda names for girls.

1. Adelinda - Brenda
Adelinde [Linda, ..], Alcinda [Allcinda, ..], Alexandra [Zanda, ..], Alinda, Amanda [Manda, ..], Amara [Amarinda, ..], Amelinda [Amellinda, ..], Ananda [Anda], Annabel [Annabelinda], Arlene [Arlinda], Arlinda, Armande [Armanda], Armida [Arminda], Barinda, Belinda [Velinda, ..], Belle [Belinda], Blanda, Brandy [Debranda, ..], Breanna [Breonda, ..], Brenda [Labrenda, ..]

Brianda, Brianna [Brianda], Calandra [Calynda, ..], Candace [Canda], Cara [Caranda], Caroline [Carlinda], Carla [Carlonda], Carol [Carolinda], Selina [Celinda], Selena [Selinda, ..], Celina [Selinda, ..], Celeste [Celinda], Chandra [Chanda], Chanda, Chantal [Shonda, ..], Cindy [Cinda], Cynthia [Synda, ..], Claire [Clorinda, ..], Clarimond [Claramonda], Clarinda [Clorinda]

Clara [Clarinda], Chloe [Clorinda], Clorinda [Chlorinda], Colleen [Colinda], Corinna [Corrinda, ..], Corisande [Corisanda], Cora [Correnda], Deandra [Dianda, ..], De- [Delinda], Deolinda, Derinda [Dorinda, ..], Diamond [Diamanda], Dora [Dorinda], Dorinda [Dyrinda, ..], Dorothy [Dorinda], Edmonda [Edmunda], Elinda, Emma [Emalinda], Enda, Erlinda

Ethelinda [Etholinda, ..], Ethel [Ethelinda], Fernanda [Nanda, ..], Flora [Florinda], Florence [Florinda], Friedelinde [Friedalinda], Gioconda [Jeoconda, ..], Glenda [Glynda, ..], Glenna [Glenda], Gwenda [Gwynda, ..], Gwendolen [Gwenda], Hinda [Hynda], India [Inda], Iolanthe [Iolanda], Jacaranda [Jakaranda, ..], Hyacinth [Jacinda], Jacinda [Jacenda, ..], Ja- [Jaconda], Jasmine [Jasminda], Jane [Jenda]

Jocelyn [Jocelinda], Violet [Yolanda, ..], Jo [Jolinda], Kalinda [Kalynda], Kendra [Kenda], Kora [Korenda], La- [Lawanda, ..], Lara [Larinda], Laura [Lorinda, ..], Lavonne [Levonda, ..], Leandra [Leanda], Lenna [Lenda], Leonarda [Lenda], Leonie [Leonda], Linda [Lynnda, ..], Lora [Lorinda], Lori [Lorinda], Luana [Luanda], Lucinda [Lucinda, ..], Lucy [Lucinda]

Lynda, Manda, Mandy [Manda], Mara [Maralinda], Marcella [Marcelinda], Maria [Marialinda], Marianne [Marianda], Marina [Marinda], Melinda [Melynda, ..], Melissa [Melisanda], Millicent [Melisanda], Mindy [Minda], Miranda [Randa, ..], Nolan [Nolanda], Odelia [Odelinda], Olinda [Olynda], Orinda, Orlanda, Ramona [Romonda, ..], Randa

Randy [Randa], Rachana [Rashanda], Rhonda [Ronnda, ..], Ricarda [Richenda, ..], Rolanda, Rosalind [Rozelynda, ..], Rosamond [Rosmunda, ..], Sandra [Sanda], Secunda, Sha- [Shalonda], Shana [Shanda], Sharon [Sharonda], Shawna [Shawnda, ..], Shavonne [Shavonda], She- [Shevonda, ..], Sherisa [Sherronda], Chevonne [Shevonda], Shirley [Shirlinda], Sigismonda [Sigmunda, ..], Vanda [Vonda, ..]

Wanda [Wonnda, ..], Wendy [Wenda], Yasmin [Yasminda], Yoconda, Yolanda [Yulanda, ..], Zara [Zarinda], Zenobia [Zenda], Zerlinda

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