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Ne ending baby names and what they mean, with 671 results. -ne names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its apex 9 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 8.8%) and is now much lower (ADOPTION 2.5%, DOWN 72%), with names such as Ferne becoming somewhat dated. The trendier baby names in this compilation are Adeline (#78), Adaline (#234), Sloane (#181), Jolene (#455) and Caroline (#55), while Alewine (TOP 12%) and Valine (31%) are popular -ne last names. Here is the list of -ne names for boys.

-ne names

Abarrane - Aine | Aithne - Allyriane | Almandine - Arachne | Ardene - Aveline | Aveline - Blondene | Bobine - Carine | .. - .. | Yasmene - Zorine

Abarrane - Aine

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Father of many." Unique, with the -ane suffix for Abarrane, like Adriane, Arjane.

Form of Abra. From Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Father of many." Not Top 2000 name.

Apollyne, Appoline, Apolline, Abbeline
Var. of Apollonia. From Greek element. .. Mythology. Rare, but Abbeline, Apolline, Appoline are similar to popular -ine surnames Amerine (UPPER 19%), Alewine (12%).

Abilene, var. Abiline, Abalene
Root fr. Hebrew language. Place name .. Avilene is a somewhat common birth name.

Form of Abriana. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Father of many." Abrienne is not frequently adopted as a girls' name. See also Aubrianne.

Aceline, var. Asceline
Based on French element. "Noble." Acelien and Acelina are creative variations.

Adelaide and variants

Eline, Edeline, Alline1, Aline1, Adeline1, Adaline1
Var. of Adelaide. From Old German word. "Noble kind." Usage of Adaline and variants as baby names in 2018 was a lot more than the previous decade.

Form of Adamina. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Earth." Adamine was not a Top birth name in 2018.


Var. of Adelinde. Stems fr. Old German word. "Noble, soft, tender." Adeline was a Top birth name in 2018. See also Adline.

Adeline and variants

Adeline3, var. Delyne, Deline, Daline, Aline2, Adline, Adaline2, Adilene, Adalene
From Old German word. "Noble." Common, with usage of 0.297% for Adeline and variants as children's names in 2018, but lower than 0.338% in 2017.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ne names: Adalene, Adaline, Adeline, Adilene, Adline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ne names: Adriane, Adrianne, Adriene, Adrienne, Aileene

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ne names: Ailene, Alene, Aline, Allene, Alline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ne names: Eileene, Eilene, Elaine, Elayne, Ellene

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ne names: Helaine, Helene, Ilene

Var. of Adena. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Decoration." Compare surnames Aden, Adee. See also Arene.

Var. of Adina. Source fr. Hebrew. "Noble, gentle, delicate." A rare birth name. See also Audene.

Adrienne and variants

Adrienne, var. Hadrienne, Aydrienne, Adriene, Adrianne, Adriane
Source fr. Latin element. "From Hadria." Popularly used, with usage of 0.017% for Adrienne and variants as birth names in 2018, higher than 0.017% the previous year.

Erinne, Erienne, Arinne, Aerynne, Aerenne
Forms of Erin. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Ireland." Aerynne and variants are rarely found as women's names.

Form of Agrippa. Stems fr. Greek. "Born feet first." Not in popularity charts. See also Agripina.

Aileen and variants

Illene, Illeanne, Iliane, Ilene1, Ileene1, Ellene, Ileane, Alline2, Allene, Aline3, Alene1, Aileene, Ailene1
Forms of Aileen. Source fr. Norman element. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Ileane, Ileene, Iliane, Illeanne and Illene are more unconventional as girls' names among the forms of Aileen.

Eileen and variants

Ilene2, Ileene2, Eilene, Eileene, Aline4, Ailene2, Alene2
Var. of Eileen. One of two anglicized forms of .. Alene, Aline and Ilene have faded in popularity as baby names circa 1910-1919.

Helen and variants

Ilene3, Hellene, Helene, Helaine, Elladine, Elaine, Elayne, Aline5, Alene3, Ailene3
Var. of Helen. Stems fr. Greek. "Sun ray." Usage of Ailene, Helaine, etc. as baby names in 2018 was down 6.1% compared to the previous year.

Var. of Anya. From Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Aine is sparsely used as a women's name. See also Sine.

Based on Gaelic, Celtic words. "Brilliant; happiness." Not that popular as a girls' name. See also Aline.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ne names for girls.

1. Abarrane - Aine
Abarrane, Abra [Abarrane], Apollonia [Apollyne, ..], Abilene [Abiline, ..], Abriana [Abrienne], Aceline [Asceline], Adelaide [Eline, ..], Adamina [Adamine], Adelinde [Adeline], Adeline [Delyne, ..], Adena [Adene], Adina [Adine], Adrienne [Hadrienne, ..], Erin [Erinne, ..], Agrippa [Agrippine], Aileen [Illene, ..], Eileen [Ilene, ..], Helen [Ilene, ..], Anya [Aine], Aine

Aithne [Aine], Alaine [Alline, ..], Alana [Alleyne, ..], Alba [Albine, ..], Alberta [Elbertine, ..], Alva [Albine], Alcina [Allcine, ..], Alda [Aldine, ..], Alida [Alldyne, ..], Alina [Alyne, ..], Allena [Alynne, ..], Alexandra [Sandrine, ..], Alexis [Alexine, ..], Alfonsine [Alphonsine], Eleanor [Helene, ..], Aline, Alice [Allisunne, ..], Alison [Alysanne, ..], Alix [Alissandrine], Allyriane

Almond [Almondine, ..], Almarine [Almerine], Almodine, Alphonsine, Alvina [Elvine, ..], Alverdine, Elvina [Elvine, ..], Amelia [Meline, ..], Amanda [Mandaline, ..], Ambrosine [Ambrozine], Emily [Emmelyne, ..], Andrea [Andrine, ..], Anemone [Anneaymone, ..], Angela [Angeline, ..], Anne [Nanine, ..], Hannah [Hanne, ..], Antigone, Antonia [Antonine], Antoinette [Antonine], Arachne [Arakne]

Arden [Ardene], Ardelle [Ardine, ..], Argene [Arjane], Ariadne [Aryanne, ..], Ariana [Arianne, ..], Arlene [Lene, ..], Arlinda [Arlenne], Armina [Ermyne, ..], Arthuretta [Arthurine, ..], Ashlynn [Ashlynne, ..], Asia [Asianne], Athena [Athene], Albinia [Aubine], Aubrey [Aubrianne], Audrey [Audene], Augusta [Austyne, ..], Aurelia [Aurene], Austine, Aveline, Ava [Aveline]

Evelyn [Evline, ..], Azure [Azurine], Balbina [Balbine], Benedicta [Benedictine], Berdine, Bernadette [Bernardine, ..], Bernadine [Berdine], Bertina [Bertine], Bertha [Bertine], Bethany [Bethanne], Bethel [Bethune], Betty [Bettine], Elizabeth [Bettine], Bettina [Bettine], Vivian [Vyvyanne, ..], Birdena [Byrdene, ..], Blaine [Blayne, ..], Blanda [Blandine], Blodwen [Blodwynne], Blondell [Blondene]

Roberta [Robertine, ..], Bonnie [Bonne], Brandilyn [Brandilynne], Brayne, Breanna [Breeanne, ..], Brianna [Brynne, ..], Bryn [Brynne, ..], Brenna [Brynne, ..], Bridget [Brigidine], Brionna [Brionne, ..], Brittany [Bryttine, ..], Brooke [Brooklynne], Brucie [Brucine], Brynn [Brynne], Brina [Brynne], Caitlin [Catline, ..], Calvina [Calvinne, ..], Capucine, Corinna [Korinne, ..], Carina [Karine, ..]

Cara [Karine, ..], Carlene [Karlene, ..], Carla [Carlene], Carly [Karline, ..], Carol [Sharline, ..], Charlotte [Sharmayne, ..], Carmen [Charmaine, ..], Carmel [Carmine], Caroline [Sharlyne, ..], Karen [Kerynne, ..], Kathleen [Katlyne, ..], Catherine [Trine, ..], Cathleen [Catline], Catriona [Katrine, ..], Colleen [Kolline, ..], Cecilia [Ceciliane], Celandine [Cellandine], Selena [Selyne, ..], Selina [Selyne, ..], Celina [Seline, ..]

Celeste [Silestyne, ..], Celine [Ciline], Cendrine, Cesarina [Cesarine], Cezanne, Cha- [Chevonne, ..], Cherilyn [Sherryline, ..], Charlene [Sharlene, ..], Charla [Sharlene, ..], Charmaine [Sharmayne, ..], Charmian [Sharmyane, ..], Chastity [Chastine], Siobhan [Syvonne, ..], Sheryl [Sherylayne, ..], Cherene, Cheryl [Sherianne, ..], Chevonne [Shivonne, ..], Cheyenne [Shyanne, ..], Chorine, Chrysantha [Chrisanne]

Christen [Christanne, ..], Crystal [Krystalanne, ..], Christina [Tine, ..], Christiana [Krystianne, ..], Christian [Kristienne, ..], Christine [Krystyne, ..], Cipriana [Syprianne, ..], Claire [Clarine, ..], Clara [Clarine], Claudia [Claudine, ..], Claudine, Clementine, Clemence [Clementine], Klementina [Klementine, ..], Cleone, Cleopatra [Cleone], Clymene, Coline [Nicolyne, ..], Columbine, Columba [Columbine]

Conradine, Constance [Constantine], Coralie [Coraline], Coral [Koralline, ..], Corin [Corrine, ..], Cora [Koryne, ..], Corey [Corianne], Corinne [Korynne, ..], Courtney [Cortne], Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Cypris [Siprianne, ..], Cyrene, Dagny [Dagne], Dale [Dalene], Damia [Damyenne, ..], Dana [Dayne, ..], Diana [Dyanne, ..], Daphne [Dafne], Daria [Doriane, ..], Darlene [Darryline, ..]

Daryl [Darylyne, ..], Daryn [Darynne], Davina [Davine, ..], Da- [Davonne], Dawn [Dawne], Dena [Dene, ..], Deanna [Deonne, ..], Delaney [Delene, ..], Dulce [Dulsine, ..], Della [Delline, ..], Delfina [Delphine], Delphine [Delfyne, ..], Danae [Dene], Derine, Deryn [Derrynne, ..], Destiny [Destine], Devon [Devonne, ..], Devin [Devinne], Didiane, Dionne [Dione, ..]

Divina [Divine], Donalda [Donaline], Dora [Dorine, ..], Doreen [Doryne, ..], Doria [Dorienne, ..], Duana [Dwayne, ..], Dylana [Dylane], Earla [Irelene, ..], Ebony [Ebone], Edwardine [Edwardyne, ..], Edwina [Edwynne, ..], Egberta [Egbertyne, ..], Eglantine [Eglantyne], Eithne [Aine], Elaine [Laine, ..], Ellen [Ellene, ..], Eliana [Eline, ..], Ella [Elladine], Emma [Emmelyne, ..], Emeline [Emmiline, ..]

Emmeline [Emmaline, ..], Emmy [Emmyjane], Imogen [Imogine, ..], Ermine [Erminne], Erna [Ernaline], Ernestine [Ernaline, ..], Ethel [Ethelynne, ..], Ethelinda [Etheline, ..], Euphemia [Eufane], Euphrosyne, Evadne [Evanne], Eva [Evaline], Evangeline, Evania [Evanne], Evelina [Evelyne, ..], Eve [Evonne, ..], Evonne [Ivonne, ..], Fabia [Fabienne, ..], Fabrizia [Fabrienne], Fallon [Faline]

Faline [Feyline, ..], Fanny [Fantine], Fauna [Faune], Faustine, Fawn [Fawne], Felicia [Felicienne], Fernanda [Fernandine], Fern [Ferne], Fifi [Fifine], Philopena [Filippine], Philomena [Philomene, ..], Fiona [Fione], Fleur [Florine, ..], Florence [Florine, ..], Flora [Florine], Fontanne [Fontaine], Fortune, Frances [Francyne, ..], Francene, Francine [Francene]

Frederica [Frederine], Gaetana [Gaetane], Gail [Gayline, ..], Eugenia [Gene], Jean [Jennine, ..], Gene, Georgia [Georgyanne, ..], Georgina [Georgine, ..], Geraldine [Jerilene, ..], Gerardine [Gerrardene, ..], Germaine [Jermayne, ..], Gillian [Jillianne, ..], Ghislaine [Gislaine], Gianina [Jeannine, ..], Gilberte [Gilbertine], Gitana [Gitane], Julia [Julyne, ..], Glenna [Glennene, ..], Gloria [Gloryanne, ..], Golda [Goldarine]

Grace [Gracelynne], Grainne [Grainne], Gregoria [Gregorine], Gudrun [Guthrunne, ..], Wilhelmina [Willmine, ..], Gunhilda [Gunne], Gwendolen [Wynne, ..], Gwyn [Gwynne, ..], Gwyneth [Wynne, ..], Guinevere [Winne, ..], Hadria [Hadrienne, ..], Halcyone, Haldana [Haldane], Hansine, Harley [Harlene], Haralda [Haroldene], Herbertine, Herminia [Hermine], Erma [Hermione, ..], Hermine [Erminine, ..]

Hermione [Hermine], Honor [Norine, ..], Huberta [Hubertine], Idona [Idone], Igraine [Ygraine, ..], Ilana [Ilane], Iliana [Ileanne, ..], Ilene [Ileene], Ilona [Ilone], Ione, Irene [Rene, ..], Irma [Irmine], Ivonne [Evonne], Ivory [Ivorine], Ivy [Ivyanne], Jacey [Jacine], Jacobina [Jakobine, ..], Jacqueline [Zhaqueline, ..], Jade [Jadrienne, ..], Ja- [Jamaine, ..]

Jelena [Jalaine], Jay [Jaylene, ..], Jane [Shene, ..], Jan [Janne, ..], Janine [Jannine, ..], Jazzlyn [Jazmaine, ..], Jasmine [Yasmine, ..], Jaxine, Jae [Jaylene], Jeannine [Jennine, ..], Jenny [Jenene], Jennifer [Jenne], Je- [Jeraine], Jeraldine, Jestina [Jestine], Jewel [Juelline, ..], Jillian [Jillyanne, ..], Jill [Jillianne, ..], Joan [Jone, ..], Joanna [Joeanne, ..]

Joakima [Joaquine], Jocelyn [Josselynne, ..], Joelle [Joelliane], Johanna [Johanne], Jolan [Yolanne, ..], Yolanda [Jolanne], Jolene [Jolyne, ..], Jo [Josanne, ..], Jordan [Jordanne, ..], Jorgina [Jorgeanne], Josephine [Josianne, ..], Giovanna [Jovanne], Joy [Joyanne], Joyce [Joyceanne], Juliana [Julieanne, ..], Giulia [Juliane], Julie [Julienne], June, Giustinia [Justine], Justine [Justyne, ..]

Kady [Kadienne], Kaylin [Kaylynne, ..], Kaitlin [Kathlinne, ..], Kalani [Kalaine], Kalina [Kalene], Cameron [Kamrynne], Karolina [Karolynne, ..], Karina [Karinne, ..], Kara [Karine, ..], Careen [Karine], Karleen [Karline, ..], Karol [Karolyne, ..], Katelyn [Katlynne, ..], Katherine [Trine, ..], Katie [Katianne], Katrina [Katrine], Kaylee [Kaylene], Kelly [Kellyanne, ..], Kerry [Kerrianne, ..], Kevina [Kevynne, ..]

Ceinwen [Keyne], Khristina [Khrystyne, ..], Kirsten [Kirstine], Korina [Korynne, ..], Kora [Korrine, ..], Krisandra [Krisanne], Kristina [Kristine, ..], Kristine [Krystine, ..], Kristen [Kristine], Krystal [Krystalline, ..], Krystalyn [Krystalline], Kylie [Kylianne, ..], Kyra [Kyrene], Lacey [Lacene], Laine [Layne], Lane [Layne, ..], Lareina [Lareine, ..], Laraine [Larraine, ..], Lara [Laralaine], Laurence [Laurentyne, ..]

Lauren [Lorne, ..], Laura [Lorine, ..], Laverne [Verne, ..], La- [Lavonne], Lavonne [Levonne, ..], Leanna [Lianne, ..], Lenis [Lene], Leona [Leontyne, ..], Leandra [Leoline, ..], Leonie [Leontine, ..], Leontyne [Leontine], Lexie [Lexine], Liane [Lianne, ..], Liana [Lianne, ..], Lidwina [Lidwine], Lily [Lilyanne, ..], Lillian [Lillyanne, ..], Lysandra [Lissandrine, ..], Liz [Lizanne], Loire [Loirane]

Lorena [Lorraine, ..], Lori [Lorianne], Lorraine [Lorrayne, ..], Lou [Louanne], Luana [Luanne, ..], Louise [Louisine, ..], Lucerne, Lucy [Lucine, ..], Lucille [Lucienne], Lurleen [Lurline, ..], Lorelei [Lurline, ..], Lucinda [Lusine], Linda [Lynne], Lynn [Lynne], Madeline [Marlyne, ..], Magdalena [Magdeline, ..], Mandoline [Mandolynne], Mara [Maraline], Marcella [Marcelline, ..], Marcene [Marceyne]

Marcia [Marcine, ..], Marian [Maryanne, ..], Mary [Maurine, ..], Marianne [Mariane], Maria [Marieanne], Mari [Marilene], Marilyn [Marilynne], Marina [Marne, ..], Marjan [Marjanne], Marjolaine, Marlene [Marlynne, ..], Marlen [Marlenne], Marmara [Marne], Marni [Marne], Martha [Martyne, ..], Martina [Tine, ..], Marvina [Marvadene], Maryann [Maryanne], Maureen [Morine, ..], Maxine [Maxene]

May [Maylene], Mazarine [Mazine], Megan [Meghanne], Melanie [Melaine], Melina [Melene], Melinda [Meline], Melusine, Malvina [Melvine], Merle [Myrline, ..], Michelle [Micheline, ..], Michal [Michaeline], Michaela [Micheline, ..], Mignon [Minyonne, ..], Minna [Minne], Modesty [Modestine], Monet [Mone], Montana [Monteene], Morgan [Morgayne, ..], Myla [Mylene], Mira [Myrene]

Nadine [Nadyne, ..], Nanette [Nanine], Nan [Nanine], Natalie [Nataline, ..], Nelly [Nellene], Nerine [Narine], Nicoline [Nicolyne, ..], Nicole [Nicoline], Nilsine, Noelle [Noeline, ..], Nolan [Nolene], Noreen [Norinne, ..], Norna [Norne], Nura [Nurine], Octavia [Octavianne], Odele [Odeline], Olina [Oline], Olivia [Olivine], Olwen [Olwynne], Ondine [Undine, ..]

Onora [Onorine], Opal [Opaline], Orane [Oriane], Oriana [Oriane], Oralia [Orlene], Orsa [Orseline, ..], Hosanna [Ozanne, ..], Otthild [Ottoline, ..], Pamela [Pamelynne], Pascale [Pascaline], Paulina [Polline, ..], Paula [Pauline], Payne [Paine], Pearl [Perlline, ..], Perri [Perrine, ..], Petra [Petrine, ..], Perrin [Perrine], Philana [Phillane, ..], Philippa [Philippine], Rachel [Rachelanne]

Rae [Raylene, ..], Raina [Rayne, ..], Rani [Raine], Regina [Rejine, ..], Ralphina [Ralphine], Randy [Randene], Rose [Rozene, ..], Rayann [Raylene, ..], Ray [Raylene], Rayna [Rayne], Raven [Rayvenne], Reanna [Reeanne, ..], Rena [Reene], Renata [Rene], Renee [Renne, ..], Rene, Rexanne [Rexine, ..], Rhiannon [Rianne, ..], Rhonda [Rhondene], Ryan [Ryenne, ..]

Riane [Ryanne, ..], Ricarda [Richilene, ..], Roanna [Roanne], Rowan [Roanne], Robin [Robynne, ..], Roline [Rolyne, ..], Romaine [Romene, ..], Rosalie [Rosalyne, ..], Rosalind [Rozalynne, ..], Roseanne [Rozanne, ..], Roselaine, Roxanne [Ruksane, ..], Royale [Royalynne, ..], Ruby [Rubianne], Rubena [Rubine], Rufina [Rufeine], Ruthann [Ruthanne], Ruth [Ruthine], Sabina [Savine, ..], Sabrina [Sabrene]

Sally [Sallianne], Sandra [Sandrine], Sarah [Sarine, ..], Sarina [Sarene], Savannah [Savonne], Sebastiane [Sebastienne], Seraphina [Serophine, ..], Serena [Serene], Serenity [Serene], Shaina [Shayne, ..], Sha- [Shamaine, ..], Shalini [Shalene], Shannon [Shane], Sharon [Sharronne, ..], Sharlene [Sharlynne, ..], Charlie [Sharlene], Sharmaine [Sharmayne], Shavonne [Shyvonne, ..], Shayla [Shaylynne, ..], Shayne

Shan [Shayne], Sherilyn [Sherelene], Shereen [Shirine, ..], Shirley [Shirline, ..], Shona [Shone], Shoshone, Shyanne, Sidonia [Sidaine], Signa [Signe], Sylvia [Sylvine, ..], Simone [Symone, ..], Sheena [Sine], Sinead [Sine], Sirena [Sirene], Sloane, Solana [Souline, ..], Solange [Zeline, ..], Starla [Starlene], Stephanie [Stevonne, ..], Stina [Stine]

Susan [Zanne, ..], Sunny [Sunshine], Susannah [Suzanne, ..], Suzanne [Zanne, ..], Ta- [Talene], Tamsin [Tamsinne, ..], Tasmine [Tasmyne], Terena [Terrene, ..], Teryl [Terrene], Theone [Teone], Thomasina [Tomasine, ..], Tiana [Tianne, ..], Tina [Tine], Trelane [Trelaine, ..], Trina [Trine], Zigana [Tzigane, ..], Tyra [Tyrene], Tzigane [Tsigane], Undine [Undene, ..], Ursula [Ursuline]

Valentina [Valentine, ..], Vera [Verlene, ..], Verlene [Verline], Verna [Verne], Verona [Verone], Victoria [Viktorine, ..], Vienna [Vienne], Vilhelmina [Vilhelmine], Vincentia [Vincintine], Violet [Yolane, ..], Virginia [Virgine, ..], Viridiana [Viridianne], Waltrina [Walterine], Warda [Wardine], Wanda [Wendeline, ..], Wendell [Wendaline], Wendy [Wendeline, ..], Wilona [Wilone], Winifred [Wynne, ..], Wynne [Winne]

Yasmin [Yasmine, ..], Yoslene [Yosline], Ysanne, Yvonne [Ivonne, ..], Zanna [Zanne], Zelia [Zeline, ..], Zephyr [Zephyrine, ..], Zhane, Zoanne, Zoe [Zoeline], Zora [Zorine]

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