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Onna ending baby names and what they mean, with 50 results. -onna names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity 68 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.5%) and have become much less widespread since, with names like Brionna becoming somewhat outmoded. Altadonna (TOP 33%) and Colonna (8%) are conventional -onna surnames.

-onna names

Aldonna - Honna | Idonna - Sharonna | Shavonna - Yvonna

Aldonna - Honna

Alldonna, Aldonna
Var. of Alida. Root fr. Latin. "Small winged one." Rare. Aldonna, Alldonna (compare Aldana) ends with the androgynous -na.


Var. of Alana. Based on Old German, Hawaiian languages. "Precious; awakening." Alenna is also a slightly favored birth name. See also Alyona.

From Latin. Name of the Roman goddess of .. Rare. Compare Anonna with popular surnames Akuna (UPPER 68%), Alagna (24%), which also end with -na. See also Alonna.

Ariana and variants

Aryonna, Arionna
Var. of Ariana. Root fr. Welsh language. "Silver." Aryonna is exclusive as a girls' name among the versions of Ariana.

Form of Ayanna. Based on Kiswahili language. "Beautiful flower." Rather uncommon as a children's name. See also Aryonna.


Form of Breanna. Based on English, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic elements. "High, noble, exalted." Breonna is an intermittently used female name. See also Bronya.

Brionna and variants

Brionna, var. Bryonna
Based on Irish, Gaelic, Celtic elements. "High, noble, exalted." Less popular today. Brionna was the variation last found (2009) in the Top 2000.

Form of Chevonne. Stems fr. Hebrew. "God is gracious." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Corona. Derived fr. Latin. "Crown." Coronna is uncommon as a girls' name. See also Corrinna.

Var. of Da-. Origin fr. American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Davonna is not a Top 2000 name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -onna names: Alonna, Arionna, Breonna, Brionna, Deonna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -onna names: Dionna, Donna, Ladonna

Deiondra and variants

Dionna1, Deionna
Forms of Deiondra. .. diminutive of Dionysius. Somewhat common as baby names, Deionna and Dionna are similar to the conventional Deonna.


Form of Deanna. Derived fr. Old English language. "Valley; church leader." Deonna is popular as a girls' name among the versions of Deanna. See also Dianna.

Form of Devon. Derived fr. Old English word. .. a county in England noted for .. Devonna is an uncommonly used first name. See also Deionna.

Var. of Dionne. Based on English, Greek elements. "Follower of Dionysius." Somewhat popular as a children's name, Dionna is similar to the conventional Dina. See also Deionna.

Donna and variants

Donna, var. Ladonna
Derivative of Italian language. "Lady." Donna and Ladonna became more popular in 2018, rising on average +72 rankings as baby names with Donna gaining the most.

Yionna, Ilonna, Elonna
Forms of Ilona. Origin fr. Hungarian, Greek elements. "Sun ray." Not in Top 2000.

Var. of Evonne. Source fr. French. "Yew." A quaint children's name. See also Evanna.

Form of Fiona. Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "White, fair." Fana and Fionfa are creative variations. See also Fina.

Gionna, Geonna
Var. of Gianna. Root fr. Italian, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." Not in Top 2000.

Var. of Hannah. Source fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Rare as a girls' name, but Honna is comparable to the more popular Jonna. See also Hannia.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -onna names for girls.

1. Aldonna - Honna
Alida [Aldonna, Alldonna], Alana [Alonna], Anonna, Ariana [Aryonna, Arionna], Ayanna [Ayonna], Breanna [Breonna], Brionna [Bryonna], Chevonne [Chevonna], Corona [Coronna], Da- [Davonna], Deiondra [Dionna, Deionna], Deanna [Deonna], Devon [Devonna], Dionne [Dionna], Donna [Ladonna], Ilona [Yionna, Ilonna, Elonna], Evonne [Evonna], Fiona [Fionna], Gianna [Gionna, Geonna], Hannah [Honna]

Idona [Idonna], Ivonne [Ivonna], Johnna [Jonna], Ka- [Kavonna, Kashonna], Kiana [Kionna, Keonna], Ladonna [Ledonna], La- [Lavonna], Lavonne [Lavonna], Loni [Lonna], Madonna, Mona [Monna], Nona [Nonna], Ramona [Remonna, Ramonna], Riona [Rionna], Veronica [Ronna], Rona [Ronna], Ronni [Ronna], Savannah [Savonna], Sha- [Shadonna], Sharon [Sharonna]

Shavonne [Shavonna], Shawna [Shonna], Simone [Simonna], Stephanie [Stevonna], Stevonna, Sylvia [Sylvonna], Te- [Teonna], Tiana [Tionna], Winona [Wynonna, Winonna], Yvonne [Yvonna]

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