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Ra ending baby names and what they mean, with 366 results. -ra names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity 7 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 6.33%) and are now significantly less widespread (ADOPTION 2.87%, 55%), with names like Vera going out of style. The more fashionable names for newborns in this list are Aurora (#44), Nora (#30), Amara (#193), Samara (#256) and Zara (#253), while Camara (TOP 3%) and Vara (7%) are familiar -ra surnames.

-ra names

Abra - Almera | Alondra - Ara | Ardra - Behira | Belindra - Chara | Charmara - Deadra | Deandra - Deyanira | .. - .. | Zefira - Zora

Abra - Almera

Derivative of Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Father of many." Aira is a moderately common kid's name. See also Aura.

Adara and variants

Adara1, var. Adra1
From Arabic, Greek, Hebrew elements. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Popular. Compare Adara and common last names Avara (UPPER 40%), Arcara (42%), which also end with -ara.

Adira and variants

Adira, var. Edira, Adeera
Based on Hebrew language. "Strong, noble, powerful." Usage of Adira, Adeera, etc. as girls' names in 2018 was 2.7% less than a year ago.

Adora and variants

Adora, var. Dora
From Greek, Old German, Latin languages. "A gift; beloved; adored." Usage of Adora and Dora as baby names in 2018 was down 100% compared to the previous year.

Adra2, var. Adara2
Based on Arabic language. "Virgin." Less popular today. Adara was the form last found (1999) in the Top 2000.


Var. of Adrienne. Root fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." Adra is commonly used as a girls' name compared to other versions. See also Adorae.

From Greek word. Aesaar and Aesari are creative forms. See also Ashra.

Ophra, Ofra, Aphra1, Afra1
Forms of Ophrah. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Young deer, fawn; place of dust." Afra, Ofra, etc. are not Top 2000 names.

Aphra2, Afra2
Var. of Orpah. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Fawn." Outside Top 2000.

Afra3, var. Aphra3, Affra, Affera
Derivative of Hebrew, Arabic words. "Young deer; color of earth." Affera, Afra, etc. are seldom found as female names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Adara, Adira, Adra, Akira, Alejandra

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Aleksandra, Alessandra, Alexandra, Alexsandra, Allegra

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Almira, Almyra, Dora, Elmira, Elmyra

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ra names: Meera, Mira, Myra, Sandra, Sondra, Zandra


Root fr. Japanese. "Bright, clear, ideal." Akira is uncommon as a women's name. Cross-gender use.

Stems fr. Japanese. "Bright, clear, ideal." Not in Top 2000. See also Azra.

Var. of Alda. Source fr. Old German word. "Old, prosperous." Aldapa (UPPER 61%), Aldava (33%) are common surnames. See also Aludra.

Aldora, var. Aldara2
Origin fr. Greek language. "Winged gift." Not in Top 2000.

From Latin element. "Cheerful." Unique. Alegra is not found in the US Demographics.

Alessandra and variants

Alessandra1, var. Alyssandra
Derivative of Greek element. Italian and Spanish form of Alexandra. Adoption of Alessandra and Alyssandra as children's names in 2018 was up 43.6% compared to a decade ago.

Alexandra and variants

Alexandra, var. Zondra, Zohndra, Zanndra, Zandra, Zahndra, Sondra, Xandra, Sohndra, Shura, Sanndra, Sandra, Lisandra, Lissandra, Alyxandra, Allexandra, Allessandra, Allejandra, Alexsandra, Alixandra, Alessandra2, Aleksandra, Alejandra, Alandra
Root fr. Greek. "Man's defender." Alessandra is a chic version.

Allegra and variants

Allegra, var. Leggra, Legra, Alegra2
From Italian element. "Gay and jaunty." Allegra (TOP 26%) and Legra (60%) are found commonly as last names.

Allura, var. Alura, Alloura
Based on Old French element. "To entice, attract." Rare. Allura, Alloura and Alura are not found in the US Demographics.

Almera and variants

Almera, var. Myra, Mira, Meera, Mera, Elmyra, Elmera, Elmira, Elmeera, Ellmera, Edelmira, Almyra, Almeera, Almira, Allmeera
Root fr. Arabic. "Princess." Usage of Elmira as a children's name has decreased circa 1880-1889.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ra names for girls.

1. Abra - Almera
Abra, Adara [Adra], Adira [Edira, ..], Adora [Dora], Adra [Adara], Adrienne [Adra], Aesara, Ophrah [Ophra, ..], Orpah [Aphra, ..], Afra [Aphra, ..], Akira, Akyra, Alda [Aldara], Aldora [Aldara], Alegra, Alessandra [Alyssandra], Alexandra [Zondra, ..], Allegra [Leggra, ..], Allura [Alura, ..], Almera [Myra, ..]

Alondra [Alandra], Altaira, Aludra, Alura [Ellura, ..], Alvar [Alvera, ..], Alvara, Alvera, Amadore [Amadora], Amara [Marra, ..], Amira [Mira, ..], Amor [Amorra, ..], Andrea [Andra, ..], Anne [Annora, ..], Anitra [Laneetra], Anita [Annitra, ..], Honor [Onora, ..], Annora [Nora, ..], Aphra [Afra, ..], Ara, Arabella [Ara]

Ardelle [Ardra], Ashira [Asheera], Ashra [Asheera], Asta [Astra, ..], Astrid [Astra], Astra [Astera], Atara [Atera], Audra, Audrey [Audra], Aura [Ora], Aurora [Zora, ..], Azure [Azzurra, ..], Azra, Bakura, Bara [Barra], Barbara [Varvara, ..], Barra, Bathshira, Bechira, Behira [Bahira]

Belinda [Belindra], Bera, Bernadette [Bera], Berura, Borbala [Bora], Calandra [Kalandra], Callidora, Candelaria [Candelara], Candra, Candace [Candra], Cantara, Cara [Lacara, ..], Cassandra [Zandra, ..], Claire [Searra, ..], Cedrica [Cedra], Ceira, Cerise [Cera], Chandra [Chaundra, ..], Chantal [Chantra, ..], Charlotte [Chara]

Charmaine [Charmara], Chiara [Kiarra, ..], Chinara, Chrysantha [Krisandra, ..], Ciara [Sierra, ..], Cira, Cithara [Kithara, ..], Clara [Klarra, ..], Clarissa [Clara], Cleopatra, Clorinda [Clora], Cora [Kora], Cynara [Zinara], Cynthia [Cyndra], Cyra, Daira [Dayeera, ..], Damaris [Mara, ..], Da- [Danira], Dara [Darra], Deirdre [Diedra, ..]

Deandra [Diandra, ..], Diana [Diandra, ..], Deborah [Dobra, ..], Decembra, Deja [Deyanira, ..], Deiondra [Diondra], Dionne [Diondra, ..], Deitra [Deetra], De- [Delara, ..], Delma [Delmira], Dolores [Delora], Delores [Delora], Demetria [Dimitra, ..], Deanna [Deondra], Deora, Derora [Drora], Devon [Devondra], Devora [Devra], Dextra [Dextera], Deyanira [Nira, ..]

Diandra [Dyandra, ..], Dianthe [Diandra], Dimitra [Demetra], Dinah [Dinora], Dora, Dorothy [Dora], Edelmira, Edris [Eydra, ..], Eigra, Eira, Eldora, Eleanor [Nora, ..], Electra [Ilectra, ..], Helen [Nora, ..], Eleuthera, Eliora [Elliora, ..], Elmira [Myra, ..], Elnora, Elvira [Lira, ..], Emily [Emera]

Esther [Estera], Eudora [Dora], Fabia [Fabra], Farrah [Farra, ..], Fedora [Fadora], Fiora, Florence [Flora], Flora [Fiora], Gambhira, Gabrielle [Gavra], Guinevere [Vera, ..], Geneva [Janevra, ..], Genevieve [Ginevra, ..], Gevira, Gianna [Ginara], Ginevra [Genevra], Gloria [Glorra, ..], Gweneira [Gwyneira], Hadara, Hajar [Hajjra, ..]

Hera, Hesper [Hespera], Humayra [Humeira, ..], Idra, Indira [Indeera], Irene [Ira], Isadora [Ysadora, ..], Isaura [Aura], Ishara, Jade [Jaydra, ..], Jahzara, Ja- [Janora, ..], Javiera, Jenara [Jennara, ..], Je- [Jeondra], Jessie [Jessandra], Jethra, Ka- [Kasaundra, ..], Kanara [Kanarra], Kerry [Kerra, ..]

Kara [Kaira, ..], Kashmir [Kasmira], Kasmira, Kassandra [Kassondra, ..], Keturah [Ketura, ..], Keandra [Kiandra, ..], Kefira [Kefirra, ..], Kendra [Lakendra, ..], Kiara [Kierra, ..], Kindra, Kira [Kirra, ..], Kitra, Klara, Kora [Cora], Krisandra, Kimberly [Kymbra], Kyra [Kyrra, ..], La- [Lasandra, ..], Landra, Lara [Larra]

Laura [Lora, ..], Leandra [Leodora, ..], Lenore [Leonora, ..], Leonie [Leondra], Leonora [Ora, ..], Leora [Liora, ..], Lexie [Lexandra], Linda [Lindira], Liora [Leeora], Lisandra [Lizandra, ..], Melisande [Melisandra, ..], Lora [Lowra, ..], Lubomira, Lorelei [Lura], Lurleen [Lura], Lyris [Lyra], Lysandra [Lyssandra, ..], Mckenna [Mackendra], Mackenna [Mackendra], Madeira [Madira, ..]

Medea [Medora, ..], Madra, Maira, Makara, Mary [Moira, ..], Mara [Marra, ..], Marmara, Maureen [Mora, ..], Maura [Mora, ..], Mayra [Myra, ..], Maria [Mayra], Mazhira, Meara, Medora, Meera [Meira], Meira, Meliora, Menora, Mersera, Mira [Myra, ..]

Mirabel [Mira], Miranda [Myra, ..], Mirta [Mitra], Moira [Moyra], Mouna [Munira], Musidora, Myra [Mira, ..], Nadira [Nadra], Nahara, Natura, Nedra [Needra, ..], Nehara [Nehura, ..], Nemera, Nera, Neva [Nevara], Niagara, Nira, Nora [Noora, ..], Nura [Noura], Ofra [Ophra]

Omyra [Omeira], Ondrea [Ondra], Onora [Ornora, ..], Ophira [Ofira, ..], Aurelia [Ora], Orit [Ora], Ora [Orra], Otzara [Ozara], Palma [Palmyra, ..], Pandora [Pandoura, ..], Pandra, Peri [Pera], Petra [Pietra, ..], Phaedra [Phedra, ..], Pheodora [Fyedora, ..], Philyra [Phillyra, ..], Pierette [Pietra, ..], Primavera, Qiturah [Quetura], Rosa [Rosaura]

Roshan [Roshaundra, ..], Roxanne [Roxandra], Sabra [Sebra], Sadira, Sapphire [Sephira, ..], Sagara, Sahara [Zahara, ..], Sarah [Zara, ..], Sakura, Salvadora, Samara [Semara, ..], Samira, Sandra [Zandra, ..], Socorro [Sucorra, ..], Zephyr [Zephyra, ..], Semiramis [Semira], Sha- [Shanedra, ..], Shakira [Zshakira], Shamira [Shemira, ..], Shan- [Shandra]

Shandra, Shari [Shara], Sharon [Shara], Shera [Shyra, ..], Shifra [Schifra], Shiri [Shira], Shura, Sidra, Sierra [Siera, ..], Silvia [Silvestra], Silvestra, Sintra [Cintra], Sondra [Zondra, ..], Sonora, Tahira, Talicia [Talora], Tamara [Thamera, ..], Ranita [Tanitra], Tara [Tarra], Ta- [Tasharra, ..]

Taura, Temira [Timora, ..], Theresa [Tera], Terra [Tierra, ..], Treasure [Tesora], Theodora [Todora, ..], Thora [Tyra, ..], Tiana [Tiandra, ..], Tia [Tiara], Tiara [Tiarra, ..], Tierra [Tiyaira, ..], Tifara, Tiffany [Tiphara, ..], Tora, Tsifira, Tundra [Tunndra], Tyra [Thyra], Tzefira [Zefira], Tzipporah [Tzippora, ..], Valentina [Velora, ..]

Valera, Valora [Valoura, ..], Vanora [Vannora], Varvara, Veronica [Vera, ..], Vera [Veira, ..], Vespera, Vondra, Wysandra, Xandra [Zandra], Xaviera [Zaviera, ..], Xenia [Xiomara], Yaira [Yeira], Yakira [Yekara], Yara [Uira, ..], Zahara [Zahra], Zahira [Zaheera], Zahra, Zandra [Zondra, ..], Zara [Zayra, ..]

Zefira [Zifira], Zippora [Zipora], Zitomira, Zohara [Zaharira, ..], Zohra, Zora

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