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Rine ending baby names and what they mean, with 64 results. -rine names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the 1910s (ADOPTION OF 1.48%) and are now significantly less common (ADOPTION 0.25%, 83% LESS), with names like Katharine becoming somewhat outmoded.

-rine names

Alessandrine - Derine | Derrine - Larine | Laurine - Verine | Victorine - Zorine

Alessandrine - Derine

Sandrine, Lissandrine, Lisandrine, Alissandrine1, Alexandrine, Alexanderine, Alessandrine
Var. of Alexandra. Stems fr. Greek element. "Man's defender." Not Top 2000 names.

Var. of Alix. Derived fr. Old German element. "Noble." Not Top 2000 name. See also Alessandrina.

Almarine, var. Almerine
Root fr. Old German element. "Work ruler." Unusual. Compare Almarine, Almerine and common -ine last names Alvine (UPPER 68%), Amine (56%).

Form of Andrea. Stems fr. Greek language. "Manly, virile." Not that prominent as a baby name.

Var. of Arthuretta. Stems fr. Celtic word. Feminine of Arthur. Not Top 2000 name.

Form of Azure. Based on Spanish word. "Sky blue." Azurna and Azurne are creative forms.

Corinna and variants

Corrine1, Corine1, Carine1
Forms of Corinna. Origin fr. Greek. "Maiden." Carine occurs often (TOP 55%) as a surname.

Karine1, Carine2
Forms of Cara. Stems fr. Latin, Irish, Gaelic elements. "Beloved; friend." Cyrine is a moderately common birth name.

Karine2, Carine3
Forms of Carina. Stems fr. Latin word. "Beloved." Carine and Karine are unusual as birth names.

Korrine, Korine, Kerrine, Karrine, Karine3, Corrine2, Corine2, Carrine
Var. of Corinne. Derived fr. Greek language. "Maiden." Corine, Corrine and Karine are more familiar as baby names among the variant forms of Corinne.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -rine names: Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, Clarine, Corine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -rine names: Corrine, Katharine, Katherine, Kathrine

Catherine and variants

Catherine, var. Trine, Katrine1, Kathyrine, Kathrine, Katherine, Katharine, Kaitrine, Catrine1, Catrine2, Cathrine, Catharine, Caterine, Catarine, Caitrine
Source fr. Greek word. "Pure." Catherine, Catharine, Cathrine, Katharine, Katherine and Kathrine have fallen off in favor as baby names circa 1880-1889.

Katrine2, Catrine3
Var. of Catriona. Based on Gaelic, Greek words. Anglicized form of the Gaelic names .. Uncommon as girls' names, but Catrine and Katrine are comparable to the more common Catharine.

Origin fr. French. "Little ashes." Cendrine is unusual as a girls' name.

Form of Cesarina. Origin fr. Latin element. "Head of hair." Not that common as a girls' name.

Based on Greek, French languages. "Maiden; dance." Not that prominent as a baby name. See also Corine.


Form of Clara. Root fr. Latin. "Bright, famous." Clarine is a frequently occurring (TOP 65%) women's name. See also Clairene.

Var. of Claire. Stems fr. Latin element. "Bright, famous." Clarine is a familiar (TOP 65%) female name. See also Carine.

Corrine3, Corine3
Var. of Cora. Based on Greek language. "Maiden." Corine (TOP 20%) and Corrine (17%) are prevalent women's names.

Corrine4, Corine4
Forms of Corin. From Latin word. "Spear." Less popular today. Corrine was the variant last listed (2004) in the Top 2000.

Modern feminine form of Derek. Rather quirky as a girls' name. See also Doriane.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -rine names for girls.

1. Alessandrine - Derine
Alexandra [Sandrine, Lisandrine, Lissandrine, Alissandrine, ..], Alix [Alissandrine], Almarine [Almerine], Andrea [Andrine], Arthuretta [Arthurine], Azure [Azurine], Corinna [Carine, Corine, Corrine], Cara [Karine, Carine], Carina [Karine, Carine], Corinne [Korine, Korrine, Kerrine, Karrine, ..], Catherine [Trine, Katrine, Kathrine, Kathyrine, ..], Catriona [Katrine, Catrine], Cendrine, Cesarina [Cesarine], Chorine, Clara [Clarine], Claire [Clarine], Cora [Corine, Corrine], Corin [Corine, Corrine], Derine

Deryn [Derrine], Dora [Dorine], Doreen [Dorine], Fleur [Florine, Fleurine], Flora [Florine], Florence [Florine], Frederica [Frederine], Golda [Goldarine], Gregoria [Gregorine], Honor [Norine, Honorine], Irene [Irine], Ivory [Ivorine], Careen [Karine], Kara [Karine], Karina [Karine], Katherine [Trine, Katrine, Kathrine, Kathyrine, ..], Katrina [Katrine], Korina [Korine, Korrine], Kora [Korrine], Laraine [Larine]

Laura [Lorine, Laurine], Laverne [Laverine], Lysandra [Lisandrine, Lissandrine], Lorraine [Lorine], Marina [Marine], Mary [Maurine], Maureen [Morine, Maurine], Mazarine, Nerine [Narine], Noreen [Norine], Nura [Nurine], Onora [Onorine], Perri [Perrine], Perrin [Perrine], Petra [Petrine, Perrine], Sandra [Sandrine], Sarah [Sarine], Shereen [Shirine, Sherine], Trina [Trine], Vera [Verine]

Victoria [Viktorine, Victorine], Waltrina [Walterine], Zephyr [Zephyrine, Zephirine], Zora [Zorine]

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