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Sha ending baby names and what they mean, with 118 results. -sha names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity 38 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.3%) and have become much less popular since (ADOPTION 0.1%, DOWN 88.3%), with names such as Natasha becoming less trendy. Aisha (#523) and Asha (#1190) are two of the more contemporarily stylish birth names among these, while Resha (TOP 58%) and Hasha (60%) are popular -sha last names.

-sha names

Abeesha - Carlisha | Carmesha - Gerusha | Gwenisha - Lakeisha | Lakeisha - Misha | Misha - Sasha | Shosha - Yerusha

Abeesha - Carlisha

Abisha, Abeesha
Forms of Abijah. Source fr. Hebrew. "God is my father." Avisha is a slightly prominent kid's name.

Aisha and variants

Aisha, var. Yiesha, Tynisha, Tyisha, Tyesha, Tinisha, Tiesha, Takisha, Teisha, Taisha, Niesha, Myesha, Miesha, Maisha, Ihisha, Isha, Ieesha, Iesha, Ieasha, Aysha, Ayisha, Ayeisha, Ayesha1, Ayeesha, Asha, Aiesha, Aesha, Aeisha, Aeesha
Source fr. Arabic element. "Alive and well." Common, and Aisha, Ihisha, etc. are comparable to popular surnames Kisha (UPPER 96%), Pisha (71%), which also end with -isha.


Derivative of Sanskrit language. "Space, sky." A somewhat scarce baby name. See also Akosia.

Alicia and variants

Lesha, Leisha, Elisha, Alysha, Allyssha, Alisha1, Aleisha, Alesha, Aleesha
Forms of Alicia. Based on Old German. "Noble, exalted." Alesha, Alisha and Alysha have trended downward in favor as girls' names since 1990.

Alyosha, Aliosha
Forms of Adelaide. Stems fr. Old German. "Noble kind." Not in popularity charts.


Var. of Alice. Based on Old German. "Noble, exalted." Alisha has waned in favor as a baby name since 1990. See also Alisse.

Based on Hindi language. "Beautiful." Seldom used as a children's name. See also Alisha.

Stasha, Anastasha
Var. of Anastasia. Based on Greek. "Resurrection." Not Top 2000 names.


Form of Anice. Root fr. Greek word. "Satisfaction." Anisha is prevalent as a birth name compared to other variant forms. See also Aeisha.

Form of Antonia. Stems fr. Latin word. Feminine of Anthony, used since classical .. Antonisha was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -sha names: Aiesha, Aisha, Akasha, Aleesha, Aleisha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -sha names: Alesha, Alisha, Alysha, Anisha, Asha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -sha names: Ayesha, Aysha, Elisha, Iesha, Isha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -sha names: Leisha, Lesha, Maisha, Miesha, Myesha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -sha names: Niesha, Taisha, Takisha, Tiesha, Tyesha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -sha names: Tyisha, Tynisha

Form of Anouska. French spelling of Russian Anuska, a .. Ansha and Anuash are creative forms. See also Anissa.

Arnisha, Arniesha
Forms of Arnelle. Root fr. American element. Invented name based on Arnold. Arniesha and Arnisha are sparsely used first names.


Based on Persian. "Small one." Ayesha became less trendy in 2018, dropping -43 positions as a birth name to reach #1457. See also Ayshe.

Form of Barbara. Origin fr. Latin word. "Foreign woman." Scarce as a children's name, but Basha is similar to the more familiar Tasha. See also Dasha.

Root fr. Polish language. "Stranger." Basha is a scarcely used women's name, appearing often (UPPER 25%) as a surname. See also Basma.

Form of Batya. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Daughter of God." Compare surnames Baska (UPPER 44%), Bashi (51%). See also Basma.

Var. of Bernice. Based on Greek element. "Victory bringer." Sparing use. Bernisha is not found in the US Census. See also Vernisha.

Form of Brisa. Root fr. Latin word. Short form of the Spanish name .. Rare as a children's name.

Form of Cameron. Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Crooked nose." Camesha is not in the Top 2000. See also Kamesha.

Var. of Carla. Based on Old German word. "Free man." Carlisha is uncommon as a birth name. See also Marlisha.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -sha names for girls.

1. Abeesha - Carlisha
Abijah [Abisha, ..], Aisha [Yiesha, ..], Akasha, Alicia [Lesha, ..], Adelaide [Alyosha, ..], Alice [Alisha], Amisha, Anastasia [Stasha, ..], Anice [Anisha], Antonia [Antonisha], Anouska [Anusha], Arnelle [Arnisha, ..], Ayesha, Barbara [Basha], Basha, Batya [Basha], Bernice [Bernisha], Brisa [Brisha], Cameron [Camesha], Carla [Carlisha]

Carmel [Carmisha, ..], Acacia [Caysha, ..], Charis [Charisha], Cherish [Charisha], Delicia [Delisha, ..], Da- [Davisha, ..], Darnell [Darnisha], Dorothy [Dosha, ..], Dacia [Daysha], De- [Denisha, ..], Dionysia [Dinisha], Donna [Donisha], Dora [Doralisha], Elisha [Ellisha, ..], Ailsa [Elsha], Erisha, Ernestine [Ernesha], Felicia [Phyllisha, ..], Fuchsia [Fusha], Gerusha [Jerusha]

Gwyneth [Gwenisha], Horatia [Horasha, ..], Ieesha [Yeesha, ..], Iris [Irisha], Isha [Iesha, ..], Ja- [Janisha, ..], Jerusha [Jarusha], Juanita [Juanisha], Julissa [Julisha], Khadija [Kadisha, ..], Ka- [Katisha, ..], Kanisha [Koneesha, ..], Kapri [Kaprisha], Karla [Karlesha], Kashmir [Kasha], Kasha, Keisha [Kisha, ..], Kenisha [Kennesha], Lucretia [Lucresha, ..], La- [Latrisha, ..]

Lakeisha [Lekisha, ..], Latasha, Latisha [Lettisha, ..], Letitia [Tisha, ..], Tricia [Trisha, ..], Licia [Leesha], Lecia [Lisha], Marissa [Marisha], Markeisha [Markisha, ..], Marlisa [Marlisha], Marni [Marnisha], Marquise [Marquisha], Marcia [Marsha], Marsha, Mary [Masha], Matriona [Matresha], Melisha [Mellisha, ..], Melissa [Melisha], Menemsha, Michelle [Misha]

Misha, Monisha, Myisha [Myiesha, ..], Na- [Natosha, ..], Natalie [Tasha, ..], Natasha [Tosha, ..], Nessie [Nesha], Nisha [Niesha, ..], Pelagia [Pasha, ..], Patricia [Trisha, ..], Porsha, Rae [Raenisha], Ranae [Ranisha], Rayann [Raynisha, ..], Renee [Renisha, ..], Rhonda [Rhondiesha], Ronni [Ronisha], Saisha [Saesha], Sasha, Alexandra [Sasha]

Shoshana [Shosha], Stacy [Stasha], Stephanie [Stesha], Taja [Taisha], Ta- [Tanisha, ..], Talitha [Talisha], Tanisha [Tynisha, ..], Tasha [Tosha, ..], Te- [Tenisha, ..], Tertia [Tersha], Tisha [Tyesha, ..], Toni [Tonisha, ..], Tosha, Usha, Vanessa [Vinisha, ..], Vera [Verasha], Verna [Vernisha], Yerusha

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