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Tha ending baby names and what they mean, with 69 results. -tha names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread 138 years ago (ADOPTION OF 2.56%) and is now much less (ADOPTION 0.27%, 89.4%), with names like Altha becoming less trendy. Mcgatha (TOP 39%) and Botha (44%) are conventional -tha last names.

-tha names

Agatha - Chrisantha | Chrysantha - Gretha | Gustha - Philantha | Robertha - Yelizavetha

Agatha - Chrisantha

Agatha and variants

Agatha, var. Agotha, Agetha
Derived fr. Greek language. "Good, honorable." Common, and Agatha, Agetha, Agotha are similar to popular -ha surnames Agha (UPPER 23%), Arocha (13%).

Alberta and variants

Elbertha, Aubertha, Albertha
Var. of Alberta. Based on Old English element. "Noble, bright." Aubertha and Elbertha are more unique as birth names among the forms of Alberta.


Form of Alethea. Stems fr. Greek language. "Verity, truth." Aletha grew in popularity a century ago. See also Alletta.


Form of Alta. Origin fr. Latin element. "High, elevated." Altha is generally used as a children's name among the forms of Alta. See also Alida.

Althea and variants

Eltha, Altha2
Forms of Althea. Stems fr. Greek. "Healing herb." Altha and forms were popular as birth names in the 1880s, but now, Altha has fallen out of fashion.

.. Also a short form of Samantha. Amantha was not a Top birth name in 2018. See also Amynta.

Stems fr. Greek word. "Unfading." Amaranth is a marginally prominent birth name.

Aretha and variants

Aretha, var. Retha, Reatha, Oretha, Laretha, Arletha1
Based on Greek. "Excellence; righteous." Aretha, Arletha, Oretha, Reatha and Retha are more familiar as children's names compared to Laretha.


Var. of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Arletha soared in popularity in the 1930s. See also Aretha.

Root fr. Hindi element. "Riches." Antha and Attha are creative forms. See also Ardia.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -tha names: Agatha, Albertha, Aletha, Altha, Aretha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -tha names: Arletha, Atha, Bertha, Betha, Birtha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -tha names: Eltha, Oretha, Reatha, Retha


Form of Athalia. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "The Lord is exalted." Less used today. Atha was last found in 1930-1939 in the Top 2000. See also Athie.

Root fr. Old German language. "Shining, brilliant." Barthe (UPPER 35%), Bartra (84%) are common surnames. See also Eartha.

Bertha and variants

Bertha, var. Birtha
From Old German. "Bright, famous." Less popular today. Bertha was the version last appearing (2001) in the Top 2000.


Stems fr. Celtic language. "Life." Less widespread today. Betha was last listed in the 1880s in the Top 2000. See also Bethia.

Calantha, var. Kalantha
Origin fr. Greek. "Beautiful flower." Calantha and Kalantha are atypical first names.

Stems fr. Latin. "Golden flower." Rare, with the common -ha suffix, like Claretha, Carlisha. See also Catha.

Form of Carla. From Old German language. "Free man." Not that common as a birth name. See also Charletta.

Form of Carmel. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Garden, orchard." Not in Top 2000.

Katha, Catha
Var. of Catherine. Root fr. Greek element. "Pure." Not in Top 2000.

Chryssantha, Chrissantha, Chrisantha
Forms of Crisanta. From Greek language. "Golden flower." Unique. Chrisantha, Chrissantha and Chryssantha are not found in the US Census.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -tha names for girls.

1. Agatha - Chrisantha
Agatha [Agotha, Agetha], Alberta [Elbertha, Aubertha, Albertha], Alethea [Aletha], Alta [Altha], Althea [Eltha, Altha], Amantha, Amarantha, Aretha [Retha, Reatha, Oretha, Laretha, ..], Arlene [Arletha], Artha, Athalia [Atha], Bartha, Bertha [Birtha], Betha, Calantha [Kalantha], Caltha, Carla [Carletha], Carmel [Carmelitha], Catherine [Katha, Catha], Crisanta [Chrisantha, Chryssantha, Chrissantha]

Chrysantha, Krysanthe [Chrysantha], Cynthia [Syntha, Cyntha, Cintha, Diantha], Hyacinth [Cintha, Jacintha, Hyacintha], Clara [Claretha], Cliantha [Kliantha, Cleantha], Diantha, Dianthe [Diantha], Dorothy [Dortha, Dorotha, Doritha], Eartha [Ertha, Hertha], Edith [Editha, Edytha, Eidytha], Egberta [Egbertha], Elberta [Elbertha], Elixyvett [Elixyvetha], Yolanda [Yolantha, Jolantha, Iolantha, Eolantha], Ethel [Etha], Giacinta [Yacintha, Jacintha, Jiacintha, Giacintha], Jacinda [Jacyntha, Jacintha, Giacintha], Gilberte [Gilbertha], Greta [Gretha]

Gustava [Gustha], Gytha [Githa], Hertha [Ertha, Eartha], Ianthe [Iantha], Iolanthe [Yolantha, Jolantha, Iolantha], Jolan [Jolantha], Violet [Yolantha, Jolantha], Judith [Juditha], Katherine [Katha], Kathleen [Katha], Keitha, Laura [Lauretha], Letha [Leitha], Letitia [Letha], Martha [Matha, Mirtha], Mirta [Mirtha, Meertha], Melanie [Melantha], Melantha [Mallantha], Olethea [Oletha], Philantha

Roberta [Robertha], Sabetha [Betha], Samantha [Symantha, Simantha, Semantha, Semanntha, ..], Tabitha [Tabytha, Tabotha, Tabetha, Tabbitha, ..], Tacy [Tacitha], Talitha [Taletha, Taleetha], Uberta [Ubertha], Xanthe [Zantha, Xantha], Yelisabeta [Yelizavetha]

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