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Ar ending baby names and what they mean, with 133 results. -ar names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex during 1880-1889 (ADOPTION OF 0.8%) and has become much reduced since (ADOPTION 0.4%, 51%), with names like Delmar going out of style. Bear (#1005) and Gunnar (#470) are two of the more chic baby names in this compilation, while Guizar (TOP 9%) and Lear (3%) are popular -ar surnames.

-ar names

Abnar - Bar | Barbar - Edmar | Eibhear - Haidar | Halvar - Jamar | Jamar - Nizar | Omar - Tsar | Ullmar - Zafar

Abnar - Bar

Var. of Abner. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Father of light." Abrar is a slightly prominent baby name.

Achishar, var. Avishar, Amishar
Based on Hebrew word. "My brother sings." Unconventional. Compare Achishar, Amishar, Avishar and popular last names Ashar (UPPER 82%), Afshar (18%), which also end with -ar.

Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Noble." Adar is rarely adopted as a birth name. See also Adam.

Root fr. Old German language. "Noble, famous." A novel children's name.

Var. of Alard. Derivative of Old German. "Noble strength." Unusual as a boys' name, but Adlar is similar to the more conventional Adler. See also Adalard.

Based on Arabic element. "Greatest." Not in popularity charts.

Alamar, var. Alomar
Stems fr. Arabic language. "Gilded, covered with gold." Alamar and Alomar are unconventional men's names, and Alomar is found often (TOP 27%) as a surname.

Form of Alexander. Source fr. Greek word. "Man's defender, warrior." Aleksandar is an uncommonly used men's name.

Ellgar, Elgar, Allgar, Algar
Forms of Alger. Derivative of Old English element. "Elf spear." Algar, Allgar, etc. are uncommon as boys' names.

Allaistar, Alistar
Var. of Alastair. Origin fr. Scottish, Greek. "Man's defender." Not in popularity charts.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ar names: Ammar, Anwar, Baldemar, Baltazar

Alvar, var. Allvar
From Old English. "Elf or magical army, warrior." Alviar (TOP 17%), Alver (79%) are popular surnames.


Root fr. Arabic. "Prosperous long life." Usage of Ammar as a boys' name in 2018 was down 15.9% compared to 2017. See also Ameir.


Source fr. Arabic element. "Light." Cross-gender use. Adoption of Anwar was expansive 13 years ago.

Var. of Elmer. Source fr. Old English element. "Noble, famous." Alumar and Aylar are creative forms. See also Alomar.

Baldemar and variants

Baldemar, var. Baumar, Baldomar
Origin fr. Old German word. "Bold and renowned; famous ruler." Adoption of Baldemar and forms was well-received during 1930-1939.

Balthasar and variants

Balthasar, var. Belshazzar, Balthazar, Balthazaar, Balthasaar, Baltazar, Baltasar
Source fr. Babylonian word. "Baal protect the king." Baltazar is prevalent as a birth name among the variations of Balthasar.

Form of Berkeley. Derivative of Old English element. "The birch tree meadow." Bar, like the similar-sounding Bari, occurs more usually as a surname.

Form of Bard. Root fr. English, Irish elements. "Minstrel, singer-poet." Scarce as a birth name, but Bar is similar to the more conventional Barry. See also Par.

Var. of Baird. Derivative of Gaelic, Scottish, Irish. "Poet, one who sings ballads." Bar is not in the Top 2000. See also Barra.

Form of Barclay. Origin fr. Scottish, Old English languages. "Birch tree meadow." Not in Top 2000. See also Bax.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ar names for boys.

1. Abnar - Bar
Abner [Abnar], Achishar [Avishar, ..], Adar, Adelmar, Alard [Adlar], Akbar, Alamar [Alomar], Alexander [Aleksandar], Alger [Ellgar, ..], Alastair [Allaistar, ..], Alvar [Allvar], Ammar, Anwar, Elmer [Aylmar], Baldemar [Baumar, ..], Balthasar [Belshazzar, ..], Berkeley [Bar], Bard [Bar], Baird [Bar], Barclay [Bar]

Barber [Barbar], Bernard [Bear], Bolivar [Bollivar, ..], Bonar [Bonnar], Cadmus [Cadmar], Caesar [Sezar, ..], Caspar [Kaspar, ..], Cesar [Cezar], Czar, Da- [Davar, ..], Danar, Dar, Delmar, De- [Demar], Deodar, Dunbar, Eachann [Eachtar], Ebenezer [Ebenezar], Edgar [Eadgar], Edmar

Eibhear, Einar [Inar, ..], Eleazar [Eliazar, ..], Elger [Ellgar, ..], Ellair [Ellar], Elmar, Ezer [Ezar], Fajr [Fajar], Farquhar [Farquar], Farrar [Ferrar], Finbar [Finnbar], Gardner [Gardnar], Garner [Garnar], Gaspard [Kaspar, ..], Jasper [Jaspar, ..], Goodyear, Gulzar, Gunnar [Gunthar, ..], Hadar, Haidar [Haydar]

Halvard [Halvar], Hamar, Hamilcar [Amilcar], Hammer [Hammar], Harinder [Harendar], Hilary [Ilar, ..], Hjalmar [Hjallmar, ..], Homer [Homar], Ingemar [Ingmar, ..], Igor [Ingmar, ..], Ingvar [Ingevar], Ivor [Ivar, ..], Issachar [Yissachar, ..], Itamar [Ittamar, ..], Ivo [Ivar], Yves [Ivar], Iyar [Iyyar], Jabbar [Jabar], Jafar [Jaffar], Ja- [Jamar]

Jamar [Jimar, ..], Jaycee [Jayar], Je- [Jemar], Joe [Jomar, ..], Johar, Kaspar, Kedar [Kadar], Kumar, Kyle [Kylar], La- [Lavar, ..], Lamar [Lemar], Lazarus [Lazear, ..], Le- [Lemar], Lawler [Lollar], Lothar, Luther [Lothar], Makarios [Makar], Marr [Mar], Miller [Millar], Nizar

Omar, Oscar [Oskar], Osmar, Palmer [Palmar], Peter [Petar, ..], Qadir [Qadar], Ragnar, Raynor [Raynar, ..], Sachar [Sacar], Schuyler [Skylar, ..], Seger [Segar], Shachar, Shafir [Shafar], Skyler [Skylar, ..], Spear, Steinar, Temple [Templar], Tyler [Tylar, ..], Trevor [Trevar], Tsar

Ulmer [Ulmar, ..], Umar [Omar], Valdemar [Waldemar], Vidar, Waldemar [Valdemar], Werner [Wernhar], Wilmer [Willmar, ..], Wistar, Xiomar, Yaar, Yakar, Yishachar [Yisachar, ..], Zafar [Zaphar]

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