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Ard ending baby names and what they mean, with 92 results. -ard names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the top of their popularity during the years 1930-1939 (ADOPTION OF 6%) and are now significantly less popular (ADOPTION 0.3%, 94.8%), with names such as Howard becoming less fashionable. Shepard (#963) is the most trendy baby name in this compilation, while Salard (TOP 79%) and Aveyard (95%) are common -ard surnames.

-ard names

Abelard - Dainard | Dard - Gerard | Giffard - Kennard | Kenward - Shepard | Sherard - Woodward

Abelard - Dainard

Derivative of Old German. "Noble strength." Common as surname, and Abelard (UPPER 68%) is comparable to common last names Avard (UPPER 64%), Awkward (80%), which also end with -ard.

Adalhard and variants

Adalhard, var. Adellard, Adelard1, Adalard
From Old German language. "Noble strength." Adelard is popular as a baby name among the versions of Adalhard.

Alard, var. Aliard, Adlard
Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble strength." Adlard, Alard and Aliard are rarely found as male names.

Allard, var. Alhard, Adelhard, Adelard2
Stems fr. Old English word. "Noble and brave." Usage of Adelard and variants was at a high in the 1890s.

Derivative of Anglo German. "Holy, powerful." Archard is rarely adopted as a birth name.

Form of Arden. Origin fr. Latin word. "Great forest." Ard is not a Top 2000 name.

Stems fr. Old Norse language. "Gods' courtyard." Outside Top 2000.

Derived fr. Old English element. "Awesome guardian; noble guardian." Alward and Aylar are creative variations. See also Alard.


Derived fr. Old German, Old Norse words. "Brave and strong; round-shaped." A somewhat offbeat children's name, Ballard exists more often as a last name. See also Gallard.

Var. of Baird. Source fr. Gaelic, Scottish, Irish languages. "Poet, one who sings ballads." Compare last names Bardy (UPPER 38%), Barad (47%). See also Bart.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ard names: Adelard, Ballard, Barnard, Bayard, Beauregard

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ard names: Bernard, Bernhard

Derived fr. English, Irish words. "Minstrel, singer-poet." Unique, with the androgynous -rd ending for Bard, like Bayerd. See also Baret.


Derivative of French element. "Auburn-haired." A somewhat quaint birth name, Bayard is found more often as a surname. See also Byrd.


From French element. "Beautiful gaze." Moderately unfamiliar as a boys' name, Beauregard is found more often as a surname.

Bernard and variants

Bernard, var. Burnard, Bernhard, Bearnard, Barnhard, Barnard
Based on Old French, Old German words. "Strong, brave bear." Sparing use, with usage of 0.009% for Bernard, Bernhard, etc. as baby names in 2018, higher than 0.009% the previous year.

Form of Bogart. Stems fr. Old French, Old German languages. "Bow strength; orchard." Not that popular as a boys' name, Bogaard exists more commonly as a surname.

Brainard, var. Braynard
Derivative of Old English language. "Courageous raven." Rare. Brainard, Braynard (cf. Bayard, Barnard) use the -rd suffix.

Root fr. Latin language. "Short, brief." Rather quaint as a birth name, Brevard exists more commonly as a surname.

Burchard, var. Burgard
Stems fr. Old English language. "Castle strong." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Carden. Origin fr. Old English element. "Wood carder." Rare. Card (cf. Caerd, Caird) ends with -rd.

Dainard, var. Daynard, Dainhard, Dainehard, Daneard, Danehard
Source fr. Old English element. "Bold Dane." Dainard, Daneard, etc. are hardly found as men's names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ard names for boys.

1. Abelard - Dainard
Abelard, Adalhard [Adelard, Adellard, ..], Alard [Aliard, Adlard], Allard [Alhard, Adelhard, ..], Archard, Arden [Ard], Asgard, Aylward, Ballard, Baird [Bard], Bard, Bayard, Beauregard, Bernard [Burnard, Bernhard, ..], Bogart [Bogaard], Brainard [Braynard], Brevard, Burchard [Burgard], Carden [Card], Dainard [Daynard, Dainhard, ..]

Dardanos [Dard], Durward [Derward], Everett [Eward, Evrard, ..], Eberhard [Evrard, Everard], Eckhard [Eckard, Ekkehard], Edgar [Edgard], Edward [Eudard, Eideard, ..], Eginhard [Einhard, Eginard], Ellard [Allard], Erhard, Everard [Evrard, Eberhard], Gaylord [Gallard, Galliard, ..], Gaillard [Galliard, Gaillhard], Gardner [Gard, Gardnard], Garret [Garrard], Garrard [Gerard, Gerhard], Gaspard, Caspar [Gaspard], Gerald [Gerrard, Gerhard, ..], Gerard [Jerard, Jerrard, ..]

Gifford [Giffard], Glen [Glennard], Goddard [Godard, Gotthard], Hallward [Halward], Halvard [Hallvard], Harvard, Haward, Hayward, Hazard [Hazzard], Hereward, Hillard [Hilliard], Hilliard [Hillyard], Hobart [Hobard], Hubert [Hobard, Hubbard], Howard [Ward], Hubbard, Hulbert [Hulbard], Jared [Jarrard], Jerard [Jerrard], Kennard

Kenward, Kinnard, Langward, Leonard [Lonnard, Leonhard, ..], Lombard, Maynard [Menard, Meinhard, ..], Meinhard [Maynard, Mainard], Millard [Milward, Millward], Miller [Millard], Norward, Packard, Pollard, Rainart [Reinhard, Rainhard], Reynard [Renard, Rennard, ..], Richard [Ryszard, Ritshard, ..], Rickward, Robert [Riobard], Rudyard, Seward [Siward], Shepherd [Sheppard, Shephard, ..]

Sherrerd [Sherard, Sherrard], Siegfried [Sigvard], Steinar [Steinard], Stewart [Steward], Stuart [Steward], Stockard, Stoddard, Vernon [Vernard], Villard, Ward, Willard, Woodward [Woodard]

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