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Ay ending baby names and what they mean, with 75 results. Adoption of these boy names was at its highest a century ago (USAGE OF 0.5%) and has become significantly diminished since (USAGE 0.1%, 80%), with names such as Fay becoming somewhat outmoded. Delay (TOP 6%) and Nay (6%) are familiar -ay last names. Here is the list of -ay names for girls.

-ay names

Amitay - Deandray | Delray - Jaray | Jay - Pommeray | Ramsay - Wray

Amitay - Deandray

Form of Amitai. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Truth." Uncommon. Compare Amitay with common -ay surnames Aglipay (TOP 89%), Adaway (38%). See also Amital.

Source fr. American language. Phonetic spelling of the initials R .. Not in popularity charts. See also Archy.

Dray, Aundray
Var. of Andre. Origin fr. French, Greek words. "Man, warrior." Aundray and Dray are seldom used as baby names.

Barclay, var. Barrclay1, Barklay1
Origin fr. Scottish, Old English words. "Birch tree meadow." Barclay, Barklay and Barrclay are unique as baby names.

Barrclay2, Barklay2
Forms of Berkeley. Derivative of Old English. "The birch tree meadow." Barklay and Barrclay are unique as children's names.

Geography name .. Bay is a rare given name, existing regularly (UPPER 3%) as a surname. Also used for girls.

Var. of Bayard. Derivative of French element. "Auburn-haired." Baby is a somewhat common boys' name.

Based on Cornish, Old French words. "Hill; borderland." Bray is atypical as a masculine name, occurring often (UPPER 1%) as a surname. See also Wray.

Form of Kennedy. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Helmet head; ugly head." Canaday is rarely occurring as a male name, registering frequently (UPPER 6%) as a last name.


Form of Clayborne. Source fr. Old English element. "Brook near a clay-bed." Clay became more trendy in 2018, gaining +6 positions as a baby name to reach #687. See also Cully.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ay names: Clay, Conway, Dontay, Klay

Form of Clayton. Origin fr. Old English language. "Clay settlement." Popular, with usage of 0.02% for Clay as a children's name in 2018, higher than 0.019% a year ago. See also Cleo.

Clay and variants

Clay3, var. Klay
Derivative of Old English word. Occupational or place name involving clay .. Well-used, with usage of 0.025% for Clay and Klay as baby names in 2018, higher than 0.023% in 2017.


Origin fr. Welsh, Irish, Gaelic elements. "Holy river; hound of the plain." A slightly rare birth name, Conway occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Coney.

Var. of Cordell. Derived fr. English, Old French languages. "Cord maker." Compare last names Cordy (UPPER 20%), Corda (22%).

Var. of Cort. Stems fr. English, Old German elements. "Courtier, court attendant; brave." Unisex name. Courtenay was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Courtenay2, Courtenay3
Var. of Courtney. Derived fr. Old French word. "Domain of Curtis." Not in Top 2000. Gender-neutral name.

Donte and variants

Dontay1, Dantay1
Var. of Donte. Origin fr. Italian language. "Lasting." Less common today. Dontay was the form last found (2003) in the Top 2000.

Dontay2, Dantay2
Forms of Dante. Source fr. Spanish, Italian, Latin. "Lasting, enduring." Dantay is uncommon as a baby name among the variations of Dante.

Derived fr. Old English language. "Day." Day is a scantly used men's name, registering regularly (UPPER 1%) as a surname. Unisex name.

Diondray, Diandray, Deandray
Forms of Deandre. From American element. Modern name combining Andre with the .. Not Top 2000 names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ay names for boys.

1. Amitay - Deandray
Amitai [Amitay], Arjay, Andre [Dray, Aundray], Barclay [Barklay, Barrclay], Berkeley [Barklay, Barrclay], Bay, Bayard [Bay], Bray, Kennedy [Canaday], Clayborne [Clay], Clayton [Clay], Clay [Klay], Conway, Cordell [Corday], Cort [Courtenay], Courtney [Courtenay], Donte [Dontay, Dantay], Dante [Dontay, Dantay], Day, Deandre [Diondray, Diandray, Deandray]

Delroy [Delray], De- [Deshay], Esme [Ismay, Esmay], Farley [Farlay, Fairlay], Fay, Finlay [Findlay, Finndlay], Fortney [Fortenay], Galloway [Galway, Gallway], Galway, Garroway [Garraway], Gabriel [Gay], Gay, Gaylord [Gay], Gaynor [Gay], Gilroy [Gilray, Gillray, Gildray], Grey [Gray], Gray, Holiday [Holliday], Imre [Imray], Ja- [Jaray]

Jacob [Jay], Jason [Jay], Jay, Jonte [Johntay], Caius [Kay], Kay, Gaius [Kay], Kenway, La- [Laray], Lindsay [Linsay, Lyndsay, Lindesay], Maccrea [Maccray], Mackinley [Mckinlay, Mackinlay], Macmurray [Mcmurray], Mc- [Mckay, Mccaulay], Monte [Montay], Murray [Moray], Nicholas [Nikolay, Nicolay, Nikkolay], O- [O'Shay], Ondre [Ondray, Onndray, Ohndray], Pomeroy [Pommeray]

Ramsay, Ray, Raymond [Ray], Raynor [Ray], Ridgeway, Roger [Rojay], Sanjay, Shadi [Shaday], Shea [Shay], Stanway [Stannway, Stanaway, Stannaway], Sujay, Tay, Vijay [Bijay, Veejay], Wayland [Way], Wray

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