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Don ending baby names and what they mean, with 83 results. -don names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names reached its most widespread 24 years ago (USAGE OF 1.73%) and has become significantly lower since (USAGE 0.59%, 66%), with names like Brendon becoming less stylish. Hudon (TOP 17%) and Rondon (9%) are common -don surnames.

-don names

Adon - Camdon | Camedon - Graydon | Haddon - Lyndon | Maldon - Tildon | Vardon - Weldon

Adon - Camdon

Form of Aden. Source fr. Gaelic language. "Fire." Aydon is a moderately popular boys' name. See also Ado.

Var. of Adonia. Derivative of Hebrew element. "My lord is Jehovah." Adon (compare Arzadon, Edon) is a popular -don suffix surname. See also Aron.

Form of Adonis. Derivative of Greek. "Extremely good looking, handsome." Scarce as a boys' name, but Adon is comparable to the more common Aron. See also Odon.


Var. of Aldo. Source fr. Italian, Old German languages. "Old one, elder." Uncommon. Aldon is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Allon.

Aldous and variants

Eldon, Aldon2
Forms of Aldous. Derivative of Old German word. "Old." Aldon and forms peaked in popularity 98 years ago, but now, Eldon has become somewhat dated.

Form of Alton. Origin fr. Old English language. "Old town." Less widespread today. Aldon was last found in 1940-1949 in the Top 2000. See also Eldon.

Form of Alston. Root fr. Old English. "Elf stone." Aludon and Asdon are creative forms. See also Aldon.


Form of Anton. Derivative of German, Slavic, Latin. Variant of Anthony. Somewhat common as a birth name, Andon is similar to the familiar Antony. See also Andonia.

Var. of Arden. From Latin word. "Great forest." Ardon, like the similar Adon, exists more usually as a surname.

Derivative of Hebrew word. "Bronze." Compare surnames Ardan, Ardo. See also Arion.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -don names: Aldon, Andon, Bradon, Braedon, Brandon

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -don names: Braydon, Brendon, Camdon, Eldon, Kaydon

Bordon, Bardon1
Var. of Barden. Source fr. Old English word. "Barley valley." Unusual. Bardon, Bordon, similar to Belton, Button, end with -on.

Form of Bard. Source fr. English, Irish words. "Minstrel, singer-poet." Bardon was not among 2018's Top names. See also Bordin.

Belldon, Beldon
Forms of Belden. Based on Old English, Old French elements. "Pretty valley." Unique. Beldon, Belldon, like Briton, end with the androgynous -on.

Form of Blanton. Based on Latin, French words. "Mild, bland." Blandon is not frequently adopted as a baby name.

Braden and variants

Braydon, Braedon, Bradon, Braddon
Var. of Braden. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Descendant of Bradán." Adoption of Braddon and variants as baby names in 2018 was 78.6% less than the previous decade.


Root fr. Old English element. "Broom, gorse hill." Adoption of Brandon was common among parents in 1994 and has become reduced, with Brandon becoming somewhat outmoded. See also Bradon.


Form of Brendan. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic, Celtic languages. "Prince." Usage of Brendon as a children's name in 2018 was down 64.5% compared to a decade ago. See also Brentan.

Form of Caden. Source fr. Scottish word. "Son of Cadán." Uncommon as a birth name, but Cadon is similar to the more familiar Cason. See also Caidan.

Kaden and variants

Kaydon, Kaidon, Kadon, Caydon, Caidon
Var. of Kaden. From Arabic language. "Companion." Less popular today. Kaydon was the form last recorded (2014) in the Top 2000.


Form of Camden. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Winding valley." Somewhat popular as a boys' name, Camdon is comparable to the conventional Camron.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -don names for boys.

1. Adon - Camdon
Aden [Adon], Adonia [Adon], Adonis [Adon], Aldo [Aldon], Aldous [Eldon, Aldon], Alton [Aldon], Alston [Alsdon], Anton [Andon], Arden [Ardon], Ardon, Barden [Bordon, Bardon], Bard [Bardon], Belden [Beldon, Belldon], Blanton [Blandon], Braden [Braydon, Braedon, ..], Brandon, Brendan [Brendon], Caden [Cadon], Kaden [Kaydon, Kaidon, ..], Camden [Camdon]

Cameron [Camedon], Carden [Cardon], Claude [Claudon], Corridon, Corydon [Coridon], Creed [Creedon], Croydon, Don, Eden [Edon], Elton [Eldon], Elden [Eldon], Eldon, Elsdon, Ford [Fordon], Gideon [Gidon], Glen [Glendon], Glendon, Gordon, Graydon, Grayson [Greydon, Graydon]

Hadden [Hadon, Haddon], Harden [Hardon], Hayden [Haydon], Herndon, Huntington [Huntingdon], Jaden [Jaydon, Jaedon, ..], Jadon [Jaydon, Jaedon], Jordan [Jordon], Kade [Kadon], Kamden [Kamdon], Kelton [Keldon], Kennard [Kendon], Ladon, Landon, Langdon [Landon], Langston [Langsdon], Lidon [Ledon, Leedon], Linden [Lyndon, Lindon], London, Lyndon [Lindon]

Malden [Maldon], Marden [Mardon], Marsden [Marsdon], Meldon, Edmund [Odon], Ogden [Ogdon], Poseidon, Randall [Randon], Ray [Raydon], Riordan [Reardon], Rowdon, Royden [Roydon], Seldon, Shan [Shandon], Sheldon, Sheridan [Sheridon], Snowden [Snowdon], Spiridon [Spyridon], Theodore [Theodon], Tilden [Tildon]

Vardon [Verdon], Walden [Waldon], Weldon [Welldon]

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