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Ee ending baby names and what they mean, with 121 results. -ee names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these boy names reached its highest a century ago (USAGE OF 0.41%) and is now much reduced (USAGE 0.05%, 87.3%), with names like Anfernee falling out of fashion. Agee (TOP 2%) and Mcfee (9%) are popular -ee surnames. Here is the list of -ee names for girls.

-ee names

Acee - Branlee | Brinlee - Fairlee | Farnlee - Jamee | Jarvee - Lee | Leslee - Rislee | Rocklee - Yardlee | Zebedee

Acee - Branlee

Form of Ace. From English language. "Number one, the best." Acee is rare as a boys' name.

Aynslee, Ainslee1
Var. of Ainsley. Derived fr. Old English word. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Unconventional, but Ainslee, Aynslee are similar to popular last names Allee (UPPER 8%), Alee (85%), which also end with -lee.

Form of Ansley. Source fr. Old English. "Hermitage field." Uncommon. Ainslee is not listed in the US Demographics. Cross-gender use.

Form of Amadeus. Stems fr. Latin. "God's love." Amaree is a marginally favored birth name.


.. His name may be a phonetic .. Moderately novel as a boys' name.


Var. of Adlai. Based on Hebrew element. "God is just." Atlee was popular with parents 108 years ago. See also Attley.

Attlee, Atlee2
Forms of Atley. From Old English element. "The meadow." Attlee is novel as a children's name among the versions of Atley.

Bailey and variants

Baylee, Baillee, Bailee
Forms of Bailey. Stems fr. Old English word. "Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification." Baylee is familiar as a boys' name among the variations of Bailey.

Var. of Barnabas. Derivative of Greek, Aramaic elements. "Son of consolation." Not in popularity charts.

Form of Barry. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Fair-haired." Compare surnames Barrea, Barren. See also Barret.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ee names: Anfernee, Atlee, Baylee, Bentlee, Bradlee, Lee

Form of Baxley. Origin fr. Middle English language. "Baker's meadow." Not that popular as a children's name. See also Baylee.

Form of Benjamin. Stems fr. Hebrew. "Son of the right hand." Beljee and Bevjee are creative variations.

Bentley and variants

Lee1, Bentlee
Var. of Bentley. Source fr. Old English language. "Bent grass meadow." Bentlee and Lee are more prevalent as baby names compared to other versions.

Var. of Berkeley. Based on Old English word. "The birch tree meadow." Unique. Berklee, like Branlee, Boslee, ends with the common -lee.

Form of Birkey. From Middle English language. "Island of birch trees." Birkee is rarely adopted as a birth name. See also Birk.

Var. of Blakely. Origin fr. Old English word. "Dark meadow; pale meadow." Blakelee is seldom adopted as a boys' name. Cross-gender use.

Var. of Bob. Root fr. Old English language. .. Bobbie and Bobby are pet forms .. Also a girls' name. Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Bosley. Origin fr. Middle English. "Meadow near the woods." Boslee was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Bradley and variants

Lee2, Bradlee
Forms of Bradley. Root fr. Old English language. "Broad meadow." Bradlee and Lee are more common as children's names compared to other variant forms.

Var. of Branley. From Old English language. "Raven meadow." Unique, with the -lee ending for Branlee, like Bromlee, Brinlee.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ee names for boys.

1. Acee - Branlee
Ace [Acee], Ainsley [Aynslee, ..], Ansley [Ainslee], Amadeus [Amadee], Anfernee, Adlai [Atlee], Atley [Attlee, ..], Bailey [Baylee, ..], Barnabas [Barnabee], Barry [Barree], Baxley [Baxlee], Benjamin [Benjee], Bentley [Lee, ..], Berkeley [Berklee], Birkey [Birkee], Blakely [Blakelee], Bob [Bobbee], Bosley [Boslee], Bradley [Lee, ..], Branley [Branlee]

Brinley [Brynlee, ..], Brockley [Brocklee], Brody [Brodee], Bromley [Bromlee], Brylee, Busby [Busbee], Cadby [Cadbee], Cherokee, Chesley [Cheslee], Colby [Colbee], Corey [Coree], Cranley [Cranlee], Cree, Crosley [Crosslee], Dabney [Dabnee], Dee, Dorsey [Dorsee], Dundee, Elisha [Elisee], Farley [Lee, ..]

Fernley [Fernlee, ..], Farnley [Farnlee], Felix [Fee], Finlay [Lee, ..], Freeman [Free], Grady [Gradee], Guthrie [Guthree], Hadley [Hadlee], Hagley [Haglee], Hanley [Henlee, ..], Harley [Harlee], Hartley [Hartlee], Harvey [Harvee], Henley [Henlee], Hernley [Hernlee], Hockley [Hocklee], Huntley [Huntlee], Hurley [Hurlee], Huxley [Huxlee], Jamie [Jamee]

Jarvis [Jarvee], Jaycee [Jayvee, ..], Geoffrey [Jeffree], Jeffrey [Jeffree], Jeremy [Jeramee], Jim [Jimmee], July [Julee], Kasi [Kasee], Kaycee, Kenley [Kenlee], Kingsley [Kinslee], Kirkley [Kirklee], Knightley [Knightlee], Langley [Langlee], Ashley [Lee], Leander [Lee], Lee, Leo [Lee], Leonard [Lee], Leroy [Lee]

Leslie [Leslee], Lindley [Lindlee], Lindsay [Lindsee], Linley [Linlee], Maccabee [Makabee, ..], Magee [Mcgee, ..], Mercury [Mercuree], Morley [Morlee], Murphy [Murphee, ..], Nyree, Oakley [Oaklee], Pawnee, Presley [Presslee], Rabi [Rabee], Radley [Radlee], Rafi [Rafee], Ravi [Ravee], Remy [Remee], Ridgeley [Ridglee], Risley [Rislee]

Rockley [Rocklee], Rodney [Rodnee], Rowley [Rowlee], Rudy [Rudee], Riley [Rylee], Santos [Santee], Shawnee, Stanley [Stanlee], Tavi [Tavee], Tavis [Tavee], Tennessee, Tobias [Tobee], Toby [Tobee], Townsend [Townlee], Tyree, Umi [Umee], Vernon [Vernee], Waunakee, Waverley [Waverlee], Yardley [Yardlee]

Zebediah [Zebedee]

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