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Er ending baby names and what they mean, with 388 results. -er names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity less than a decade ago (USAGE OF 6.66%) and have remained as common to this day (USAGE 6.45%, DOWN 3%), but with names such as Wilber becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy baby names in this compilation are Oliver (#5), Asher (#47), River (#197), Jasper (#154) and Sawyer (#99), while Acker (TOP 2%) and Canter (4%) are common -er last names. Here is the list of -er names for girls.

-er names

Abeer - Archer | Arther - Becker | Bellveder - Carter | Carver - Cooper | Coster - Draper | Dwyer - Faber | .. - .. | Wister - Zayfeer

Abeer - Archer

Var. of Abir. Derived fr. Arabic, Hebrew. "Aroma; strong." Aveer is a somewhat popular baby name.

Abner and variants

Abner, var. Ebner, Avner
Based on Hebrew language. "Father of light." Abner, Avner, Ebner (cf. Ahler, Ammer) are common -er suffix surnames.

Form of Ace. Based on English language. "Number one, the best." Rather quirky as a children's name, Acer exists more often as a surname.


Source fr. Old German element. "Eagle." A familiar birth name (#1064 IN 2018), Adler also occurs frequently as a surname. See also Adley.

Alastair and variants

Alyster, Allyster, Allister1, Allaster1, Alister1, Aleister1, Alester, Alaister, Alaster1
Forms of Alastair. Derived fr. Scottish, Greek words. "Man's defender." Uncommon, with usage of 0.005% for Alaster and variants as children's names in 2018, less than 0.006% in 2017.

Alcander1, var. Alkender, Alkander, Alcinder1
Derived fr. Greek element. "Strong." Unconventional. Alcander, Alcinder, etc. are not listed in the US Demographics.

Allister2, Alister2, Aleister2
Forms of Alistair. Stems fr. Greek. "Man's defender." Adoption of Alister and variants was widespread 1 year ago and is almost as conventional now.

Alexander and variants

Alexander, var. Zander, Xander, Sikander, Saunder, Sander, Iskander, Iskender, Allister3, Alister3, Alissander, Alisander, Alcinder2, Aleksander, Alcander2, Alaxander, Alaster2
Root fr. Greek language. "Man's defender, warrior." Xander and Zander are contemporarily stylish forms.

Alger and variants

Alger1, var. Ellger, Elger, Allger
From Old English word. "Elf spear." Elger and variants rose in popularity in the 1910s.

Var. of Algernon. Based on Old French language. "Wearing a mustache." Alger is rarely used as a male name, occurring commonly (TOP 4%) as a last name. See also Allger.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -er names: Abner, Adler, Aleksander, Alexander, Alger

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -er names: Alister, Ameer, Amer, Ander, Archer

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -er names: Xander, Zander

Derived fr. Scottish, Greek. "Man's defender." Not that popular as a birth name. See also Alasteir.

Var. of Altair. Source fr. Arabic. "Bird." Not that popular as a boys' name.

Based on Yiddish language. "Old." Alter, like the similar Alten, exists more often as a last name. See also Altaer.

Emir and variants

Emeer1, Ameer1
Forms of Emir. Stems fr. Arabic element. "Prince, ruler." Emeer and forms were favored by parents today.

Amir and variants

Emeer2, Amer, Ameer2
Var. of Amir. Source fr. Arabic, Hebrew languages. "Prince; treetop." Ameer, Amer and Emeer are rarely found as male names.

Var. of Ammar. Source fr. Arabic element. "Prosperous long life." Ammer was not among 2018's Top names. See also Aymer.

Anker, Ancher
Var. of Anchor. Based on English. "Stability." Unusual as boys' names, but Ancher and Anker are similar to the more conventional Ander.


Form of Anders. Derived fr. Scandinavian, Greek. "Man, warrior." A familiar boys' name (#1283 IN 2018), Ander also occurs commonly as a surname. See also Andrej.


Root fr. Latin element. "Bowman." Adoption of Archer soared in 2018. See also Ancher.

Form of Archibald. Based on Old French, Old German elements. "Genuine, bold, brave." Archer was a Top birth name in 2018. See also Arther.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -er names for boys.

1. Abeer - Archer
Abir [Abeer], Abner [Ebner, ..], Ace [Acer], Adler, Alastair [Alyster, ..], Alcander [Alkender, ..], Alistair [Allister, ..], Alexander [Zander, ..], Alger [Ellger, ..], Algernon [Alger], Allaster, Altair [Altaer], Alter, Emir [Emeer, ..], Amir [Emeer, ..], Ammar [Ammer], Anchor [Anker, ..], Anders [Ander], Archer, Archibald [Archer]

Arthur [Arther], Asher [Asser], Ashur [Asher], Atwater [Attwater], Avner, Aylmer [Eylmer, ..], Baylor [Beiler, ..], Baker, Balder [Baudier], Balfour [Balfer], Banner, Barber, Barker, Bachelor [Batcheller, ..], Baldemar [Baumer], Baxter, Beacher [Beecher], Beamer [Beemer], Becher, Beck [Becker]

Belvedere [Belvider, ..], Berg [Berger], Berger, Bonar [Bonner], Booker, Bouvier, Brand [Brander], Brazier [Brazer, ..], Brewster [Brewer], Brick [Bricker], Bridger, Broderick [Broder], Buckminister, Buell [Buhler, ..], Buster, Butcher, Butler [Buttler], Calder [Caulder], Carpenter [Charpentier], Carter [Cartier]

Carver, Casimir [Casimeer], Gaspard [Kasper, ..], Caspar [Jasper, ..], Cassander [Casander], Castor [Caster], Chalmers [Chalmer], Chandler, Chester, Chevalier, Chevy [Chevalier], Chip [Chipper], Christian [Krister, ..], Christopher [Topher, ..], Cleander, Collier [Collyer, ..], Colt [Coulter, ..], Colter, Connor [Conner], Cooper

Coster, Cramer [Kramer], Cristofer [Cristopher], Crowther, Culver [Colver], Currier, Cutler, Dane [Dayner], Deker [Dekker, ..], Delmar [Delmer], Dempster, Denver, Dexter, Didier, Desiderio [Dizier, ..], Theodoric [Dieter], Dedrick [Dieter], Dieter, Dover, Draper

Dwyer, Dyer, Edgar [Ogier, ..], Ebenezer [Evenezer, ..], Eberhard [Eber], Eibhear [Heber, ..], Eder, Einar [Einer], Elbert [Elber], Elder, Lazarus [Lazer, ..], Elger [Ellger], Eleazar [Eliezer], Elisha [Elisher], Elmer [Ellmer, ..], Ender, Evander, Ezer [Eizer], Ezra [Ezer], Fabian [Faber]

Fajr [Fajer], Falco [Fowler, ..], Farmer, Farrar [Ferrier, ..], Ferrer, Fester [Vester], Fielding [Fielder], Filmore [Fylmer, ..], Fisher [Visscher, ..], Fletcher [Flecher], Folker [Vollker, ..], Forest [Foster, ..], Foster, Fowler, Fafnir [Fraener], Fraser [Frazier, ..], Fry [Fryer], Fuller, Gair [Gaer], Gaynor [Gayner, ..]

Gallagher, Gardner [Gardiner, ..], Garner [Garnier], Gauthier [Gautier, ..], Gaylord [Gayler], Gerald [Ger], Gerard [Ger], Gilmer, Glyndwr [Glyndwer, ..], Glover, Gomer, Gower, Granger [Grainger], Gregory [Greger, ..], Grover, Gunnar [Gunther, ..], Gurinder [Gurvinder], Haidar [Hyder, ..], Halvard [Halver], Hammer

Harinder, Harper, Heber, Hadar [Heder], Henry [Heiner], Heinz [Heiner], Alaire [Helier], Heller, Hilliard [Hillyer, ..], Hillard [Hillyer, ..], Hjalmar [Hjalmer], Hollis [Hollister], Homer, Hooker, Hooper, Hopkin [Hoppner, ..], Hunter, Inver, Isandro [Ysander, ..], Iskander

Ivor [Iver], Ivo [Iver], Jaden [Jader], Jadon [Jader], Jaeger [Jagger], Jagger, Jasper [Kacper, ..], Javier [Havier], Eric [Jerker], Joyner [Joiner], Juniper, Jupiter [Juppiter], Kadir [Qadeer, ..], Caesar [Kaiser], Kaiser, Kaspar [Kasper], Katzir [Katzeer], Kasimir [Kazmer], Kedar [Keder], Keir [Keer]

Keller, Kennard [Kenner], Kepler [Keppler, ..], Carr [Ker], Kester, Kidd [Kidder], Kiefer [Kueffner, ..], Klein [Kleiner], Konnor [Konner], Kristopher [Krystopher, ..], Kyle [Kyler], Kyler [Cuyler], Lancaster [Lankester, ..], Lander, Lanier, Latimer [Latymer], Lawler [Loller], Lawyer, Leander [Liander, ..], Lester [Leicester]

Levander, Lexer, Lindeman [Linder], Loeb [Loeber], Lorimer [Lorymer, ..], Lothar [Lother], Luther [Louther], Lysander, Macallister [Mcallister, ..], Major [Mayer, ..], Manchester, Larrimore [Lorimer, ..], Marriner [Mariner], Mather [Matther, ..], Mayer [Myer, ..], Meir [Myer, ..], Melchior [Melker], Mercer, Meyer [Myer, ..], Miller [Myller]

Miner, Minor [Miner], Minster, Mortimer [Mortymer], Munir [Muneer, ..], Muller [Mueller], Nadir [Nader, ..], Nagel [Nagler, ..], Nahir [Naheer], Naylor [Nailer], Napier [Neper], Nasir [Naser, ..], Neander, Ner, Nestor [Nester], Nezer, Nicandro [Nikander], Ofir [Ofeer], Oliver [Olliver, ..], Umar [Umer, ..]

Omar [Omer], Osher, Osier, Oscar [Osker], Packard [Packer], Palmer [Pallmer], Parker, Pierre [Per, ..], Pepper, Peter [Pieter, ..], Philander, Piper, Porter, Potter, Proctor [Procter, ..], Prosper, Quiller, Rafe [Rafer], Rafael [Rafer], Raynor [Renier, ..]

Ragnar [Reiner, ..], Rainer [Reiner, ..], Ranger [Rainger], Ray [Rayder], Rhinelander [Rheinlander], Rider [Ryder, ..], Ritter, River, Rochester [Chester], Roger [Ruttger, ..], Roper, Ross [Rossiter], Rover, Roy [Royer], Rudiger, Ryder, Ryker [Riker], Saber, Sadler [Saddler], Sander [Zander, ..]

Sawyer, Sayer, Schaeffer [Schaffer], Schuyler [Skyler, ..], Scribner, Seger [Seeger, ..], Shafir [Shefer, ..], Shakir [Shaqueer, ..], Shamir [Shameer], Shomer, Silver [Sylver], Silvester [Sylvester], Skinner, Skip [Skipper], Skyler [Skyller, ..], Slater, Snyder [Snider, ..], Somers [Sommer], Spear [Speer], Spencer [Spenser]

Spider [Spyder], Springer, Squire [Squier], Stockard [Stocker], Stoney [Stoner], Struthers [Struther], Sumner, Sylvester [Silvester], Tab [Taber], Tabor [Tayber, ..], Tahir [Taheer], Taylor [Tayler, ..], Tanner [Tanier], Taverner [Tavernier, ..], Teague [Teger], Telford [Tellfer, ..], Temple [Templer], Thatcher [Thaxter, ..], Thayer, Tiger

Tigger, Todhunter, Torger, Tower, Travis [Traver], Trevor [Trever], Tucker, Tupper, Turner, Tyler, Ulmer, Umber, Usher [Ussher], Uther, Vander, Verrier, Vester [Fester], Vischer [Visscher], Vladimir [Vladimeer], Volker

Wagner [Wagoner, ..], Walker, Waller, Walter [Walther, ..], Wanamaker [Wannamaker], Warner [Wernher, ..], Warren [Warriner], Weaver, Webb [Webster, ..], Webster [Weber, ..], Werner [Wernher, ..], Wheeler, Whistler, Whittaker [Whitaker, ..], Wilbert [Wilber], Wilbur [Wilber], Wilder, William [Wilmer], Wilmer [Wylmer, ..], Winter

Wistar [Wister], Wyler, Xander, Xavier [Zavier, ..], Yasir [Yasser, ..], Zahir [Zaheer], Zander, Zephyr [Zayfeer]

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