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Ie ending baby names and what they mean, with 374 results. -ie names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity in the 1900s (ADOPTION OF 3.94%) and are now much less popular (ADOPTION 0.38%, DOWN 90.3%), with names like Willie becoming somewhat dated. Kyrie (#222), Bowie (#982) and Bodie (#768) are three of the more trendy birth names in this list, while Moodie (TOP 12%) and Lowrie (8%) are popular -ie surnames. Here is the list of -ie names for girls.

-ie names

Abbie - Alfie | Algie - Artie | Arvie - Basilie | Baxlie - Bertie | Beverlie - Brocklie | Brodie - Christie | .. - .. | Vinnie - Zacharie

Abbie - Alfie


Var. of Abbas. Source fr. Arabic, Hebrew words. "Stern, somber; father." Also used for girls. Common, and Abbie is similar to popular -ie surnames Angie (TOP 56%), Arie (44%).

Abner and variants

Ebbie, Abbie2
Forms of Abner. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Father of light." Less common today. Abbie was the version last recorded (1890-1899) in the Top 2000.

Form of Abbey. .. Political activist Abbie Hoffman. Moderately unfamiliar as a birth name. Gender-neutral name.

Var. of Abbott. Derivative of Old English. "Father, priest." Less used today. Abbie last appeared in 1890-1899 in the Top 2000. Unisex name.


Var. of Abraham. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." Somewhat atypical as a children's name.

Form of Abram. Based on Hebrew. "High father." Adoption of Abie was more pronounced among parents during 1880-1889. See also Abiel.

Var. of Abel. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Breath, vapour." Less common today. Abie last appeared in the 1890s in the Top 2000. See also Abia.

Form of Abe. Derivative of Hebrew word. Short form of Abner, Abraham, and .. Abie was favored as a baby name in the 1880s.


Var. of Ace. Source fr. English language. "Number one, the best." Less popular today. Acie was last listed in 1950-1959 in the Top 2000.

Var. of Ackerley. Derived fr. Old English element. "Oak meadow." Ackie and Acklio are creative variations. See also Ashlie.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ie names: Abbie, Abie, Acie, Addie, Alfie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ie names: Allie, Bertie, Ebbie, Freddie


Form of Adam. Based on Hebrew element. "Earth." Gender-neutral name. Addie grew in popularity 138 years ago.

Form of Addison. Based on Old English element. "Son of Adam." Addie was favored as a baby name 138 years ago. Gender-neutral name.

Form of Addy. Based on Teutonic word. "Awe-inspiring; noble." Cross-gender use. Adoption of Addie was widespread among parents during 1880-1889.

Form of Adlai. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God is just." Addie is rarely used as a men's name, existing often (TOP 21%) as a surname. Gender-neutral name.

Anslie, Ainslie1
Forms of Ansley. Root fr. Old English word. "Hermitage field." Ainslie and Anslie are seldom used as boys' names.

Aynslie, Ainslie2
Var. of Ainsley. Based on Old English language. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Ainslie and Aynslie were not among 2018's Top names.

Albert and variants

Bertie, Allie, Albie1
Forms of Albert. Source fr. Old English word. "Noble, bright." Less used today. Allie was the variant last appearing (the 1950s) in the Top 2000.

Form of Alban. Derived fr. Latin. "From Alba." Compare last names Albee, Albe. See also Algie.

Alphonse and variants

Fonzie, Alfie1
Forms of Alphonse. Based on Old German element. "Ready for battle." Fonzie is exclusive as a children's name among the forms of Alphonse.

Alfred and variants

Freddie, Alfie2
Forms of Alfred. Stems fr. Old English language. "Elf or magical counsel." Usage of Alfie and Freddie as children's names in 2018 was 19.5% more than the previous year.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ie names for boys.

1. Abbie - Alfie
Abbas [Abbie], Abner [Ebbie, ..], Abbey [Abbie], Abbott [Abbie], Abraham [Abie], Abram [Abie], Abel [Abie], Abe [Abie], Ace [Acie], Ackerley [Acklie], Adam [Addie], Addison [Addie], Addy [Addie], Adlai [Addie], Ansley [Anslie, ..], Ainsley [Aynslie, ..], Albert [Bertie, ..], Alban [Albie], Alphonse [Fonzie, ..], Alfred [Freddie, ..]

Algernon [Algie], Alexander [Sandie, ..], Alan [Allie], Alvin [Alvie], Ambrose [Ambie], Andrew [Dandie, ..], Angel [Angie], Angus [Gussie, ..], Archibald [Baldie, ..], Archie, Arden [Ardie], Aristotle [Arie], Ariel [Arie], Ari [Arie], Arley [Arlie], Arne [Arnie], Aaron [Ronnie, ..], Arnold [Arnie], Arthur [Artie], Artemas [Artie]

Arvad [Arvie], Arvin [Arvie], Ashby [Ashbie], Ashley [Ashlie, ..], Audey [Audie], Augustus [Gussie, ..], August [Augie], Augustine [Augie], Aubrey [Averie], Bailey [Baillie, ..], Baldie, Barclay [Berklie, ..], Berkeley [Berkie, ..], Barnabas [Barnie, ..], Bernard [Bernie, ..], Barnett [Barrie, ..], Barney [Barnie], Barrett [Barrie], Barry [Barrie], Basil [Basilie]

Baxley [Baxlie], Beasley [Beaslie], Beattie [Beatie], Burney [Burnie, ..], Bellamy [Bellamie], Benjamin [Bennie, ..], Ben [Bennie], Benedict [Bennie], Bentley [Bentlie], Bern [Bernie], Berton [Bertie], Delbert [Bertie], Bertram [Bertie], Herbert [Herbie, ..], Norbert [Bertie], Bert [Bertie], Gilbert [Bertie], Ethelbert [Bertie], Robert [Robbie, ..], Hubert [Hubie, ..]

Beverly [Beverlie], William [Willkie, ..], Bill [Billie], Birkey [Birkie], Birley [Birlie], Birney [Burnie, ..], Blakely [Blakelie], Blakeney [Blakenie], Bob [Bobbie], Boden [Bodie], Bogart [Bogie], Bowen [Bowie], Bowie, Brady [Braydie, ..], Bradley [Bradlie], Branley [Branlie], Brand [Brantlie], Brawley [Brawlie, ..], Briley [Brilie], Brockley [Brocklie]

Brody [Brodie], Brooks [Brookie], Bromley [Broomlie], Bruce [Brucie], Buck [Buckie], Bud [Buddie], Burleigh [Burlie], Busby [Busbie], Buzz [Buzzie, ..], Byrd [Byrdie], Cadby [Cadbie], Canby [Canbie], Chad [Chaddie], Chalkley [Chalklie], Charles [Charlie], Charlie, Chesley [Cheslie], Chesney [Chesnie], Chessie, Christopher [Christie]

Christie, Christian [Christie], Chuck [Chuckie], Clarence [Clarrie], Clarrie, Clement [Clemmie], Coby [Kobie, ..], Kobi [Kobie, ..], Cody [Codie], Coakley [Cokelie], Colby [Colbie], Colley [Collie], Cornelius [Connie], Conrad [Connie], Conan [Connie], Cook [Cookie], Corbin [Corbie], Corey [Currie, ..], Cowrie, Craig [Craigie]

Crosby [Crosbie], Crosley [Crosslie], Currier [Currie], Curran [Currie], Dabney [Dabnie], Dana [Danie], Daniel [Dannie], Darby [Darbie], David [Davie], Delaney [Delanie], Denley [Denlie], Denby [Dennie], Dennis [Dennie], Derby [Derbie], Derry [Derrie], Destry [Destrie], Dewey [Dewie], Richard [Ritchie, ..], Dominic [Dominie], Don [Donnie]

Dorsey [Dorsie], Duff [Duffie], Dunley [Dunlie], Earl [Earlie], Early [Erlie, ..], Ebenezer [Ebbie], Eben [Ebbie], Eddie, Edgar [Teddie, ..], Edmund [Neddie, ..], Edward [Teddie, ..], Edwin [Teddie, ..], Eleazar [Elie], Eli [Elie], Elias [Ilie, ..], Elijah [Elie], Erie, Ernest [Ernie], Everley [Everlie], Farley [Farlie, ..]

Ferdinand [Ferdie], Fergus [Fergie], Finlay [Finnlie, ..], Fonso [Fonzie, ..], Alfonso [Fonzie], Francis [Frannie, ..], Frank [Frankie], Fred [Freddie], Frederick [Freddie], Gabriel [Gabie, ..], Gardner [Gardie], Gary [Garrie], Garvey [Garvie, ..], George [Georgie, ..], Jerome [Gerrie], Gill [Ghillie], Gilby [Gillbie], Gillespie [Gillaspie], Glen [Glennie], Gordon [Gordie]

Gridley [Gridlie], Grimsley [Grimslie], Gustav [Gussie], Guthrie, Haley [Hallie], Harley [Harlie], Harry [Harrie], Harvey [Harvie], Hastings [Hastie], Hector [Heckie, ..], Heinrich [Heinie], Henderson [Hendrie], Henley [Henlie], Hercules [Herculie], Herman [Hermie], Hernley [Hernlie], Hugh [Shuggie, ..], Hewett [Hewie], Hewie, Alaire [Larie, ..]

Hilary [Hillie, ..], Hobart [Hobie], Hockley [Hocklie], Horsley [Horslie], Howard [Howie], Humphrey [Humpie], Chaim [Hymie], Hyman [Mannie, ..], Ignatius [Iggie], Isaac [Ikie], Ilias [Ilie], Imre [Imrie], John [Jonnie, ..], Jacob [Jimmie, ..], Jackson [Jackie], Jack [Jackie], James [Jimmie, ..], Jaime [Jaymie, ..], Jamie [Jaimie], Jefferson [Jeffie]

Geoffrey [Jeffrie], Jeremiah [Jemmie], Jeremy [Jeremie, ..], Jerry [Jerrie], Jesse [Jessie], Jim [Jimmie], Joseph [Jodie], Jody [Jodie], Jon [Jonnie], Jory [Jorie], Kasi [Kasie], Kerry [Kerrie, ..], Keeley [Keelie], Kelby [Kelbie], Kelsey [Kelsie], Kenley [Kenlie], Ken [Kennie], Kirby [Kirbie, ..], Kingsley [Kinslie, ..], Kirkley [Kirklie]

Knightley [Knightlie], Kody [Kodie], Kyrie, Lacy [Lacie], Ladd [Laddie], Roland [Rollie, ..], Lanny [Lannie], Laramie, Lawrence [Lawrie, ..], Lemuel [Lemmie], Lenny [Lennie], Leonard [Lennie], Leslie, Linn [Linnie], Alonzo [Lonnie], Lonnie, Louis [Louie], Lindsay [Lyndsie], Mackenzie [Mckenzie, ..], Mac [Mackie]

Malachi [Malakie, ..], Mallory [Mallorie], Manuel [Mannie], Emmanuel [Mannie], Martin [Martie], Massey [Massie], Matthew [Mattie], Maurice [Maurie], Maximilian [Maxie], Maximus [Maxie], Milton [Miltie], Monte [Montie], Montgomery [Montgomerie, ..], Morris [Morrie], Moses [Mosie, ..], Murphy [Murphie, ..], Nicholas [Nickie], Norman [Normie], Noah [Norrie], Obadiah [Obie]

Odell [Odie], Oliver [Ollie], Orpheus [Orphie], Oswald [Ozzie, ..], Oscar [Ossie], Osborn [Ozzie], Paddy [Paddie], Patrick [Paddie], Parry [Parrie], Paul [Paulie], Percy [Percie], Perry [Perrie], Randall [Randie], Randy [Randie], Reginald [Reggie], Remy [Remie], Renny [Rennie], Rick [Rickie, ..], Aldrich [Ritchie, ..], Aric [Rickie]

Broderick [Rickie], Rob [Robbie], Roderick [Roddie], Rodney [Rodnie], Ronald [Ronnie], Rudolph [Rudie], Sacheverell [Sachie], Samuel [Sammie], Sam [Sammie], Sandy [Sandie], Scott [Scottie], Shawnee [Shawnie], Selby [Shelbie], Shelby [Shelbie], Sivney [Sivnie], Skye [Skie], Solomon [Sollie], Saul [Sollie], Somerby [Somerbie], Sonny [Sonnie]

Stacy [Stacie], Steve [Stevie], Stephen [Stevie], Sunny [Sunnie], Thandiwe [Thandie, ..], Tandie, Tanner [Tannie], Tavis [Tavie], Theodore [Teddie], Ted [Teddie], Terry [Terrie], Tobias [Tobie, ..], Toby [Tobie, ..], Thomas [Tommie, ..], Tony [Tonie], Torry [Torrie], Townsend [Townlie], Tully [Tullie], Melvin [Vinnie], Calvin [Vinnie]

Vincent [Vinnie], Wallace [Wallie], Wetherby [Wetherbie, ..], Welby [Welbie], Westby [Westbie], Whitby [Whitebie], Wilkes [Willkie, ..], Willie, Willis [Willie], Willoughby [Willoughbie], Wiley [Wylie], Wylie, Zachariah [Zakarie, ..], Zachary [Zacharie]

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