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Is ending baby names and what they mean, with 139 results. Adoption of these boy names reached its highest during 1910-1919 (ADOPTION OF 2.55%) and is now much reduced (ADOPTION 0.73%, 71.2%), with names such as Francis becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Ellis (#317), Adonis (#366), Genesis (#984), Idris (#956) and Davis (#507), while Nellis (TOP 7%) and Solis (1%) are popular -is surnames. Here is the list of -is names for girls.

-is names

Addis - Artemis | Arvis - Dallis | Daphnis - Fenris | Ferris - Jarvis | Joris - Marquis | Mikhalis - Tavaris | Tavis - Yoelvis

Addis - Artemis

Var. of Adam. From Hebrew. "Earth." Adis is a somewhat common kid's name. See also Aldis.


Derived fr. Greek element. "Extremely good looking, handsome." Common as surname, and Adonis (UPPER 44%) is similar to common -onis surnames Adamonis (UPPER 55%), Antonis (82%). See also Adonia.

Aloysius and variants

Louis, Lewis, Alois, Ahlois
Var. of Aloysius. Derivative of Old German element. "Famous warrior." Ahlois is rare as a boys' name among the variant forms of Aloysius.

Enneis, Aineis
Forms of Aeneas. Derived fr. Greek, Latin elements. "To praise." Aeneis and Arneis are creative variations.

Var. of Alban. Source fr. Latin word. "From Alba." Albis is scarcely used as a men's name, existing regularly (UPPER 72%) as a surname. See also Alvise.

Form of Aldo. Derivative of Italian, Old German. "Old one, elder." Compare surnames Aldi (UPPER 39%), Aldia (93%).

Eldis, Aldis2
Forms of Aldous. Root fr. Old German element. "Old." Not Top 2000 names.


Form of Alexander. Root fr. Greek word. "Man's defender, warrior." Alexis is familiar (TOP 53%) as a first name, and is found commonly (TOP 4%) as a last name. Also a girls' name.

Derivative of Greek. "Defender." Adoption of Alexis as a birth name in 2018 was down 67.4% compared to 2008. Cross-gender use.

Root fr. Old German language. "Spear." Unconventional. Algis is not found in the US Census. See also Alwis.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -is names: Adonis, Alexis, Alois, Alvis, Aramis

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -is names: Aris, Lewis, Louis

Alvis and variants

Alvis, var. Alwis
Root fr. Old Norse element. "All wise." Alvis and Alwis are scantly used first names, and Alvis occurs frequently (TOP 5%) as a last name.

Form of Amadeus. From Latin language. "God's love." Amadis was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Form of Andre. Origin fr. French, Greek elements. "Man, warrior." Not Top 2000 name. See also Andriel.

Derivative of Irish, Gaelic language. "Careful, thoughtful." Rare. Aneislis is not listed in the US Census.

Var. of Anastasios. From Greek word. "Resurrection." Not in popularity charts. See also Anstiss.


In fiction, the famous swordsman from .. Unusual. Aramis is not listed in the US Census.

Aris and variants

Aris1, var. Arris
Origin fr. Greek word. "Best." Rare, with usage of 0.005% for Aris and Arris as birth names in 2018, higher than 0.004% the previous year.

Form of Aristeo. Source fr. Spanish, Greek elements. "Best." A conventional baby name (#1749 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Aris also occurs often as a last name. See also Kris.

Aristotellis, Aristotelis
Var. of Aristotle. Origin fr. Greek. "The best of all." Aristotelis and Aristotellis are not in the Top 2000.

Artimis, Artemis
Forms of Artemas. Root fr. Greek element. "Follower of the goddess Artemis." Not in Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -is names for boys.

1. Addis - Artemis
Adam [Addis], Adonis, Aloysius [Louis, ..], Aeneas [Enneis, ..], Alban [Albis], Aldo [Aldis], Aldous [Eldis, ..], Alexander [Alexis], Alexis, Algis, Alvis [Alwis], Amadeus [Amadis], Andre [Andris], Aneislis, Anastasios [Anestis], Aramis, Aris [Arris], Aristeo [Aris], Aristotle [Aristotellis, ..], Artemas [Artimis, ..]

Arvin [Arvis], Barry [Baris], Bemus [Bemis], Bernard [Bernis], Bevis [Beavis, ..], Blaise [Blais], Boris [Borris], Burns [Burnis], Caddis, Callis, Chris [Kris, ..], Christian [Kris, ..], Christopher [Kris, ..], Cletus [Cletis], Clovis, Collier [Collis, ..], Colley [Collis], Cornwallis, Curtis [Kurtis], Dallas [Dallis]

Daphnis, David [Davis], Davis, Demetrius [Demetris], Denis, Dennis [Denis], Elias [Ellis, ..], Ellis, Elijah [Ellis], Elois [Alois], Elvis [Alvis], Elwin [Elvis], Innes [Innis, ..], Eneas [Ennis], Angus [Ennis], Ennis [Enis], Eustace [Eustis], Fares [Faris], Farris [Ferris, ..], Fenris

Ferris [Farris], Fidel [Fidelis], Florent [Floris], Francis [Francois, ..], Geddes [Geddis, ..], Genesis [Jennesis, ..], Gervase [Jervis, ..], John [Ioannis, ..], Gillanders [Gillandreis], Gillies [Gillis], Giles [Gillis], Gillespie [Gillis], Harrison [Harris], Harris, Hollis, Idris, Ioanis, Isaiah [Isais], Juri [Jaris], Jarvis [Jervis]

George [Joris], Juan [Juanluis], Justin [Justis], Justus [Justis], Kelvis [Kellvis], Kevin [Kevis], Klemens [Klemenis], Cornelius [Kornelis], Costas [Kostis], Kris, Kurtis, Lander [Landis], Leomaris, Leonard [Leonis], Lewis [Luis, ..], Lexer [Lexis], Louis [Luis, ..], Luis, Marquis, Mar- [Marquis]

Michael [Mikhalis], Maurice [Morris, ..], Morris [Moris], Nicholas [Nicolis], Norris, Nuri [Nuris], Otto [Ottis, ..], Orson [Orsis], Otis [Ottis], Paris [Parris], Parrish [Parris], Pascal [Paschalis], Prentice [Prentis], Purvis, Regis, Reis, Stennis, Tallis, Tanner [Tannis], Tavaris

Tavis, Tavish [Tevis, ..], Terence [Terris], Anthony [Teunis], Athanasios [Thanasis], Tiger [Tigris], Travis, Trevis, Tristan [Tris], Tully [Tullis], Evangel [Vangelis], Basil [Vasilis], Vasilis, Vito [Vitalis], Wallace [Wallis], William [Willis], Willis, Yannis [Yannakis, ..], Yoelvis

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