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Le ending baby names and what they mean, with 142 results. -le names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity 25 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.3%) and are now much less conventional (ADOPTION 0.3%, 75.2%), with names like Ole becoming somewhat dated. Sale (TOP 6%) and Bible (5%) are conventional -le last names. Here is the list of -le names for girls.

-le names

Abele - Cable | Cale - Dekle | Derelle - Gamble | Gentile - Ladle | Lale - Neville | Nile - Saville | .. - .. | Yule - Zale

Abele - Cable

Able, Abele
Forms of Abel. Derivative of Hebrew. "Breath, vapour." Common as surnames, and Abele (UPPER 11%) is similar to popular -ele surnames Ayele (UPPER 35%), Angele (59%).

Form of Achilles. Derived fr. Greek word. From Achilleus .. Achilar and Achili are creative forms.

Anatole and variants

Anatole, var. Antolle, Antole
Derived fr. Greek language. "Break of day." Anatole is commonly used as a birth name compared to Antole, Antolle.

Var. of Hannibal. Source fr. Phoenician element. "Grace of Baal." Not in Top 2000.

Root fr. Scottish language. .. Also given to the indigenous knitting .. Rather unusual as a children's name, Argyle is found more frequently as a last name.

Derived fr. Greek language. "The best of all." A quaint baby name.

Var. of Arundel. Origin fr. Old English language. "Eagle valley." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Hasdrubal. Stems fr. Italian, Spanish, Phoenician elements. "Baal helps." A rare baby name.

Vale, Vaile, Bale
Var. of Vail. Origin fr. Old English language. "Valley." Not in Top 2000.

Root fr. Old English. "Birch valley." Outside Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -le names: Anatole

Thole, Bartle
Forms of Bartholomew. From Aramaic. "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." Outside Top 2000.

Vasile, Basile
Forms of Basil. Based on Greek word. "Royal, kingly." Basile and Vasile are not Top 2000 names.

Form of Beau. Source fr. French. "Handsome; admirer; sweetheart." A novel baby name, Beale is found more frequently as a last name. See also Beals.

Bealle, Beale2
Var. of Beal. Stems fr. Old French. "Handsome." Compare last names Beadle (TOP 5%), Beaule (67%).

Form of Berlyn. Origin fr. German word. "Son of Berl." Not in popularity charts. See also Berne.

Form of Burnell. Source fr. Old French element. "Small brown one." Bernell is a marginally favored boys' name.

Var. of William. Derivative of Old German word. "Determined protector." Outside Top 2000. See also Bell.

Birtle, var. Bertle
Origin fr. Old English element. "Hill of birds." Birtle and Bertle are scarce men's names.

Form of Burl. Root fr. Old English, Old French languages. "Knotty wood; tuft of wool." Burle, like the similar-sounding Berle, exists more often as a surname. See also Burley.

Derived fr. Old French element. "Rope-maker." A rare birth name, Cable occurs more frequently as a surname. See also Gable.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -le names for boys.

1. Abele - Cable
Abel [Able, ..], Achilles [Achille], Anatole [Antolle, ..], Hannibal [Anibale], Argyle, Aristotle, Arundel [Arundale], Hasdrubal [Asdrubale], Vail [Vale, ..], Barksdale, Bartholomew [Thole, ..], Basil [Vasile, ..], Beau [Beale], Beal [Bealle, ..], Berlyn [Berle], Burnell [Bernelle], William [Bille], Birtle [Bertle], Burl [Burle], Cable

Cale [Kayle, ..], Caleb [Cale], Cardell [Cardelle], Carlyle [Carlisle, ..], Carnell [Carnelle], Carvell [Carville], Colbert [Cole], Cole, Colin [Colle, ..], Nicholas [Nichole, ..], Colum [Columcille], Colville [Colvile], Cordell [Kordelle, ..], Cornelius [Corneille], Coyle, Cyril [Cyrille], Dale [Dayle, ..], Daniel [Daniele], Darryl [Daryle], Deacon [Dekle]

De- [Derelle], Doyle, Dougal [Doyle], Eagle, Earl [Erle, ..], Eberlein [Eberle], Emmanuel [Immanuele, ..], Emil [Emile], Ercole, Hercules [Hercule, ..], Errol [Eryle, ..], Ezekiel [Eziechiele], Fadile [Fadle], Fidel [Fidele, ..], Flavian [Flavelle], Gable, Gabriel [Garbriele, ..], Gael [Gale], Gale [Gayle, ..], Gamble

Gentile, Glanville, Glen [Glendale], Glenville [Glanville], Granville [Grenville, ..], Greville, Hale [Hayle], Halle, Ja- [Jaquille, ..], Jamal [Jamile], Je- [Jerelle], Julius [Jule], Karl [Karle, ..], Kellen [Kelle], Kendall [Kendle, ..], Kimball [Kimble], Kordell [Kordale], Kyle [Kile], La- [Ladale], Ladell [Ladle]

Lalo [Lale], Lasalle, Leland [Le], Le- [Levelle], Lisle [Lysle, ..], Lyle [Lysle, ..], Lyndon [Lyndale], Macardle, Manville [Manvile, ..], Maxwell [Maxwelle], Melville, Merlin [Merle], Merle, Michael [Michele, ..], Nagel [Nagle, ..], Noel [Natale], Natal [Natale], Neal [Nealle, ..], Neil [Nile, ..], Neville [Nevyle, ..]

Niles [Nile], Noble, Norville [Norvylle], Odilo [Odile], Olaf [Olle, ..], Orville [Orvelle], Pascal [Pasquale, ..], Paul [Pavle], Peale [Pealle], Peel [Peele], Raphael [Rafaelle], Randall [Randle, ..], Rolf [Rolle], Ronald [Rondale], Royal [Royle, ..], Rudy [Rudelle], Sable, Sackville, Samuel [Samuele], Saville [Savyile, ..]

Searle, Seminole, Shakil [Shaquille, ..], Shaquille [Shaquile], Somerton [Somerville, ..], Steele, Temple, Templeton [Temple], Terrell [Terrelle], Theophilus [Theophile], Thurl [Thurle], Truesdale, Trumble, Tyrell [Tyrelle], Udell [Yudale, ..], Verlyn [Vyrle, ..], Vito [Vitale], Wendell [Wendale], Wole, Yale

Yule, Zale [Zayle]

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