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On ending baby names and what they mean, with 667 results. -on names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these boy names was at its apex in 2016 (ADOPTION OF 10.03%) and has remained as conventional to this day (ADOPTION 9.95%, DOWN 1%), but with names such as Antwon becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable names for newborns here are Grayson (#32), Greyson (#77), Jameson (#91), Hudson (#54) and Waylon (#142), while Holton (TOP 2%) and Brunson (1%) are common -on last names. Here is the list of -on names for girls.

-on names

Aaron - Albinson | Albion - Ardon | Arion - Barrington | Barron - Boynton | Braddon - Bryon | Bryson - Caxton | .. - .. | Yvon - Zivon

Aaron - Albinson

Aaron and variants

Aaron, var. Ron, Ayron, Auron, Arron, Aron, Aharon, Ahron, Aeron, Aarron
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Amron is also a marginally favored baby name.

Var. of Abel. Derived fr. Hebrew. "Breath, vapour." Abelson (compare Avenson, Aberson) is a common -on suffix surname.

Absolon, Absalon
Var. of Absalom. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Father is peace." Outside Top 2000.

Derived fr. Old English element. "Oak tree settlement." Actoni and Arton are creative variations. See also Aston.

Adamson, var. Addamson, Adamsson
Derivative of Old English element. "Son of Adam." Adamson, Adamsson and Addamson were not Top birth names in 2018.

Adam and variants

Adnon, Addison1
Var. of Adam. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." Addison is popular as a boys' name among the variations of Adam.

Addison2, var. Adisson, Adison, Addeson
Derived fr. Old English element. "Son of Adam." Adisson and variants are rarely found as given names.

Derivative of Hebrew. "Earth." Unusual as a children's name, but Admon is similar to the more familiar Adnan. See also Amon.

Var. of Adonis. From Greek language. "Extremely good looking, handsome." Compare surnames Adin (TOP 97%), Adson (77%). See also Adim.

Form of Adonia. From Hebrew element. "My lord is Jehovah." Uncommon. Adon (compare Andon) ends with the androgynous -don. See also Aron.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -on names: Aaron, Aarron, Addison, Adron, Afton

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -on names: Aharon, Aron, Arron, Ron

Form of Aden. Stems fr. Gaelic. "Fire." Adon, like the similar Adom, occurs more usually as a last name. See also Adem.

Adrian and variants

Adron, Adrion
Forms of Adrian. Stems fr. Latin element. "From Hadria." Less used today. Adron was the version last found (1930-1939) in the Top 2000.

Origin fr. Greek element. Unknown meaning .. Aeson is unusual as a boys' name. See also Aeron.

Afton and variants

Afton, var. Affton
From Old English. Place name and surname used as .. Afton and Affton are sparsely used as male names, and Afton occurs frequently (TOP 51%) as a last name.

Agamemnon, var. Agamenon
Derivative of Greek language. "Working slowly." Outside Top 2000.

Var. of Augustine. Derivative of Latin language. "Great, magnificient." Scarce as a boys' name, Agoston is found more often as a last name. See also Agostino.

Aimon, var. Haimon, Aymon
Root fr. Old German language. "Fatherland." Uncommon. Aimon, Aymon, Haimon, like Admon, Amon, end with -mon.

Stems fr. Greek language. "One who lives in Akte (Attica)." Rare. Aktaion, like Adrion, Albion, ends with -ion.

Alon, Allon, Alanson
Var. of Alan. Root fr. Old German. "Precious." Scarce as children's names, but Allon, Alanson, etc. are comparable to the more common Alton.

Form of Albin. Derivative of English. "White, pale-skinned." Albinson was not among 2018's Top names. See also Albion.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -on names for boys.

1. Aaron - Albinson
Aaron [Ron, ..], Abel [Abelson], Absalom [Absolon, ..], Acton, Adamson [Addamson, ..], Adam [Adnon, ..], Addison [Adisson, ..], Admon, Adonis [Adon], Adonia [Adon], Aden [Adon], Adrian [Adron, ..], Aeson, Afton [Affton], Agamemnon [Agamenon], Augustine [Agoston], Aimon [Haimon, ..], Aktaion, Alan [Alon, ..], Albin [Albinson]

Albion, Alban [Albion], Aldo [Aldon], Aldous [Eldon, ..], Aleron [Aileron], Algernon [Allgernon, ..], Alison [Allyson, ..], Alon [Allon], Alston [Allston, ..], Alton [Elton, ..], Ammon [Amnon, ..], Anders [Andersson, ..], Anson [Hanson, ..], Anthony [Antwon, ..], Anton [Toon, ..], Antonio [Anton], Antoine [Antwon, ..], Apollo [Apollon], Arden [Ardon], Ardon

Arion [Aryon], Armand [Armon], Armon, Arnon, Aron, Arran [Arron], Arvin [Arvon], Ashby [Ashton], Ashton [Aston, ..], Aston, Atherton, Auberon [Oeberon, ..], Aubrey [Oberon, ..], Avon, Babson [Babsson], Bard [Bardon], Barden [Bordon, ..], Baron [Barron], Barrington, Barry [Barrington]

Barnett [Barron], Barton [Barrton], Beacon, Beaman [Beemon, ..], Belden [Belldon, ..], Belton [Bellton], Benjamin [Benjamon], Benson [Bensson], Benton, Benzion, Berger [Bergeron], Berthold [Berton], Berton [Burton], Bertram [Berton], Bevan [Bevvon, ..], Blanton [Blandon], Bolton [Bollton], Boston, Bourbon [Borbon], Boynton

Braden [Braydon, ..], Brandon [Branton, ..], Brannon, Branson [Branston], Branton [Brannton], Braxton [Brexton], Braylen [Braylon], Brendan [Brennon, ..], Brennan [Brennon], Brenton [Brentton], Brent [Brenton], Brett [Britton, ..], Brighton, Brian [Bryon, ..], Britton [Briton, ..], Brockton [Brocton], Bronson [Bronsson, ..], Broughton, Bruno [Brunon], Bryan [Bryon]

Bryson, Burton, Button, Buxton, Byron [Buiron, ..], Caden [Cadon], Kaden [Kaydon, ..], Camden [Camdon], Cameron [Ron, ..], Campion, Channing [Channon, ..], Cannon [Kanon, ..], Canyon, Carden [Cardon], Carlsen [Karlsson, ..], Carlton [Charlton, ..], Caron, Carrington [Caryngton, ..], Carson [Kason, ..], Caxton

Champion [Champeon, ..], Charles [Charlton, ..], Charlton [Charleton, ..], Chester [Cheston], Chevron, Chilton [Chelton], Cimarron [Simeron, ..], Clarence [Claron], Claude [Claudon], Claxton, Clayton [Klayton], Clive [Cleavon], Cleveland [Clevon, ..], Cleavant [Cleavon], Cleon [Kleon], Cletus [Cleon], Clifton [Clyffton, ..], Clinton, Cole [Colson], Colton [Colston, ..]

Cornelius [Con], Conrad [Con], Conan [Con], Conlan [Conlon], Corridon, Corydon [Coridon], Cotton, Coulson [Colson], Covington, Cranston, Creed [Creedon], Creighton [Crichton, ..], Christian [Criston], Crofton [Croffton], Croydon, Damian [Daymon, ..], Dagan [Dagon], Dagon, Da- [Davon, ..], Dajon

Dallan [Dalon, ..], Dallin [Dallon], Dalton [Daulton, ..], Damon [Daymon], Dane [Danon], Danton [D'anton], Darion [Darrion], Darrien [Darrion, ..], Darian [Darrion, ..], Darin [Darron, ..], Darren [Derron, ..], Darton, Darwin [Darwon], David [Davon, ..], Davis [Dayton, ..], Davion [Daveon], Davian [Davyon, ..], Davon, Dawson, Dax [Daxton]

Daylon, Dayton, Deacon [Deekon, ..], Deion [Deon], De- [Deron, ..], Delmon, Delroy [Delron], Delton [Dalton], Delvin [Delvon], Dennis [Dion, ..], Dennison [Tennyson, ..], Deon, Deron [Derron, ..], Derwin [Dervon], Deshawn [Deshon], Destin [Deston], Devlin [Devlon], Devon [Devron, ..], Devin [Devon], Dexter [Dexton]

Dickinson, Dick [Dixon, ..], Dylan [Dylon, ..], Dillon [Dylon, ..], Dion [Deyon, ..], Dionysius [Dion], Dixon [Dickson], Dodge [Dodgson], Don, Donovan [Donovon, ..], Dorian [Dorion], Doran [Doron], Doron, Dotson [Dottson], Dow [Dowson], Drake [Drakon, ..], Dunstan [Dunston], Dunton, Dustin [Duston], Dyson

Edmund [Odon, ..], Eamon [Aymon, ..], Earlston [Earlton], Easton, Eaton [Eyton, ..], Edison [Edson, ..], Edward [Edison], Eden [Edon], Efron [Ephron], Egerton [Edgerton], Egon, Egan [Egon], Eifion, Ilan [Ilon, ..], Eilon [Ilon, ..], Einion [Eynon, ..], John [Jon, ..], Eion [Ion, ..], Ian [Ion, ..], Ekon

Elden [Elton, ..], Eldon, Eliron, Ellington, Ellison [Elson, ..], Elon, Elsdon, Elston [Elson, ..], Elton [Ellton, ..], Emerson, Emil [Emilion], Endymion [Endimion], Ericson [Erikson], Eron, Erin [Erron], Esias [Esiasson, ..], Esteban [Estevon], Eston, Eurion, Everton

Evian [Evion], Ephraim [Evron], Fabian [Faybion, ..], Fabron, Falco [Falcon], Faron [Farron], Farquhar [Farquarson, ..], Farren [Ferron, ..], Faxon, Felton, Fenton, Fergus [Fergusson, ..], Ferron, Ford [Fordon], Freeman [Freemon], Fulton, Gaetano [Gaeton], Galton [Gallton], Galvin [Galvon], Gannon

Garmon, Garman [Garmon], Garret [Garretson], Garrison [Garrisson], Garron [Geron, ..], Garson, Garton [Gorton], Gaston [Gascon], Galen [Jaylon, ..], Gilzean [Gilleon, ..], Gershom [Gerson, ..], Gibson [Gilson, ..], Gideon [Hedeon, ..], Gillean [Gillon, ..], Gilon, Gilson [Gillson], Girvin [Girvon], Glenavon [Glennavon], Glendon [Glenton], Glen [Glennon, ..]

Gordon, Gorton, Graydon [Grayton], Grayson [Greyson, ..], Griffin [Gryphon, ..], Gur [Guryon, ..], Hadden [Hadon, ..], Hakon [Hacon, ..], Halton [Halton, ..], Hamilton [Hamelton], Hampton, Hanson [Hansson], Harden [Hardon], Harman [Harmon], Herman [Hermon, ..], Harun [Haroon, ..], Harrington, Harrison [Harrisson], Hayden [Haydon], Hazleton

Hedeon, Henderson [Henryson, ..], Herndon, Hewson, Hilary [Ilarion, ..], Hilton [Hylton], Hobson [Hobbson], Hodgson, Hopkin [Hopkinson], Horton [Orton], Houghton, Houston [Hutchinson, ..], Hudson, Huntington [Huntingdon], Huon, Hutton, Eoin [Ion], Ion [Eion], Ivo [Ivon], Jackson [Jaxson, ..]

Jadon [Jaydon, ..], Jaden [Jaydon, ..], Jalen [Jaylon, ..], Jaylen [Jaylon, ..], James [Jamison, ..], Jameson [Jamison, ..], Ja- [Jayvon, ..], Janson [Jenson, ..], Jaron [Jerron, ..], Jason [Jayson, ..], Jay [Jayron], Jayson, Javan [Jayvon], Jefferson [Jeffersson], Jeffrey [Jefferson], Jens [Jensson, ..], Geoffrey [Jepherson], Je- [Jevon, ..], Jerome [Jerron], Jestin [Jeston]

Jevon, Eoghan [Jevon], Jim [Jimson], Jonathan [Jonathon, ..], Johnson [Johnston, ..], Julius [Jolyon], Jolyon, Julian [Jolyon], Jon, Jordan [Jordon], Joren [Joron], Jovan [Jovon], Jude [Judson], Kade [Kadon], Kaemon, Kamden [Kamdon], Kameron [Kamron, ..], Kannon, Karl [Karson, ..], Caolan [Kealon]

Keaton [Keeton], Keenan [Kennon, ..], Kieran [Kierron, ..], Kyrone [Kyron, ..], Kelton [Kellton, ..], Kelvin [Kelvon], Kempton, Kennard [Kendon], Kenton, Kenyon, Keon, Keoni [Keon], Kevin [Kevron, ..], Kiran [Kieron], Kingston, Kolton, Kynaston, Lebrun [Lebron, ..], Ladon, La- [Lavon, ..]

Lake [Lakon], Landon, Langdon [Landon], Langston [Langton, ..], Larron [Laron], Lars [Larsson, ..], Lauriston, Lawson, Lawton [Loughton, ..], Leighton [Leyton, ..], Leon, Leo [Lyon, ..], Leonard [Leon], Le- [Levon, ..], Leron, Levon, Levi [Levon], Lidon [Leedon, ..], Linden [Lyndon, ..], Linton [Lynton]

Liron [Lyron, ..], Litton [Lytton], Livingston, Lunn [Lon], Lawrence [Lon], Lonnie [Lon], Alonzo [Lon], London, Loren [Loron], Lyndon [Lindon], Lyon, Lytton, Mabon, Macmahon [Mcmahon, ..], Macon, Madison [Madyson, ..], Magnus [Magnusson], Mahlon, Maimon, Malden [Maldon]

Malin [Mallon], Mandel [Mandelson], Manton [Mannton], Marden [Mardon], Marion, Merlin [Marlon], Marland [Marlon], Marlon, Marmion [Marmyon, ..], Marsden [Marsdon], Marshawn [Marshon], Marston, Martin [Marton], Maslin [Masslon, ..], Mochan [Machon, ..], Mason, Maximilian [Maxemilion], Max [Maxson], Mckenna [Mckennon], Mario [Meirion]

Meldon, Mellen [Mellon], Melvin [Melvon], Merton [Murton], Middleton, Milton [Mylton, ..], Monckton [Monkton], Morris [Morrisson, ..], Morse [Morrison], Morton, Myron [Miron], Nachshon [Nachson], Napoleon [Leon], Nathan [Nathon], Navon, Neil [Nealon], Nelson [Nilsson, ..], Nevin [Nevon], Newton, Nick [Nixon, ..]

Nixon, Norton, Oberon [Oberron, ..], Odilo [Odilon], Ogden [Ogdon], Orion [Oryon], Oron, Orson [Urson], Orton, Palmer [Palmerston], Parsons [Person, ..], Parton, Patterson [Pattison, ..], Patrick [Patton], Patton [Paton], Paul [Paulson], Paxton [Paxon, ..], Pierce [Piersson, ..], Piers [Piersson, ..], Pendleton

Peter [Peterson], Peyton [Payton], Philemon, Phipps [Philipson], Plato [Platon], Poseidon, Preston, Prince [Princeton], Quentin [Quinton, ..], Quinton [Quinnton], Ralston, Raymond [Ramon], Ramon [Raymon], Randall [Randon], Rawlins [Rawson, ..], Ray [Raydon], Riordan [Reardon], Remington, Renton, Rexton

Ryan [Ryon, ..], Rishon, Riston [Wriston], Robert [Robynson, ..], Robinson [Robson, ..], Ronald [Ron], Ronson, Ross [Rosston], Rowdon, Royden [Roydon], Royston, Ruston [Russton], Saffron [Saphron], Salton, Samson [Sanson, ..], Sanders [Saunderson, ..], Sanditon, Savion [Xavion], Xavier [Xayvion, ..], Savyon [Savion]

Saxon [Saxton], Scanlon, Seaton [Seton, ..], Sefton, Seldon, Seton, Sexton, Shan [Shandon], Shannon [Shanon], Shavon [Shovon], Shea [Shaylon], Sheldon, Shelton, Sheridan [Sheridon], Sherman [Shermon], Shipton, Silas [Silvaon], Silverton, Simeon [Simyon, ..], Simon [Szymon, ..]

Simpson, Sion [Zion], Smith [Smythson, ..], Snowden [Snowdon], Shalom [Solomon], Solomon [Shalmon, ..], Somerton, Spiridon [Spyridon, ..], Stanton [Staunton], Stefan [Steffon], Stephen [Stevenson, ..], Stetson [Stettson], Steven [Stevon, ..], Stockton, Sutton, Swanton, Sven [Swenson], Swinton, Syon, Talmon

Talon [Tallon], Tamson, Tanner [Tannon], Tannon [Tanson], Tanton, Tarleton, Tarun [Taroon], Tavis [Taveon], Tavon [Tavion, ..], Taylan [Taylon], Tayson, Tayton [Teyton], Templeton, Tennyson, Terence [Terron], Terran [Terron], Terron [Teron, ..], Tevon, Theodore [Theodon], Theon

Theron [Therron, ..], Thomas [Thompson, ..], Thornton, Thor [Thorsson], Thurman [Thurmon], Thurston [Torston], Tiburon, Tilden [Tildon], Tilton, Timothy [Tymon, ..], Timon, Tomlin [Tomlinson], Tompkins [Tompkinson], Torin [Torion], Travon [Trayvon, ..], Trent [Trenton], Trenton, Trevin [Trevon, ..], Tristan [Triston], Triton

Tychon, Tynan [Tynon], Typhoon, Tyrone [Tyron], Tyson [Tyeson], Upton, Vardon [Verdon], Verlyn [Verlon], Vernon, Vinson, Vinton, Von, Van [Von], Walden [Waldon], Waldo [Waldron], Waldron, Walton, Warburton, Warton [Wharton], Washington

Watson, Wayland [Waylon], Weldon [Welldon], Wellington, Welton, Weston, Wharton [Warton], Wheaton, Wilkinson [Willkinson], William [Wilson, ..], Willis [Williston], Wilson [Willson], Wilton, Winston [Wynston], Winton [Wynton], Woodson, Worth [Worthington], Wynn [Wynton], Xenophon, Yukon

Yves [Yvon], Zalman [Zalomon], Zebulon [Zevulon], Zenas [Zenon], Zeno [Zinon, ..], Zion [Sion], Ziv [Zivon]

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