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S ending baby names and what they mean, with 699 results. -s names are used more often as masculine names. The most trendy baby names here are Atlas (#291), Brooks (#161), Elias (#67), Lucas (#8) and Matias (#201), while Mares (TOP 2%) and Andrus (2%) are familiar -s surnames.

Aaronas - Albis | Aldis - Anacletus | Anastasios - Arcadios | Arcelius - Ascanius | Astraeus - Bemus | Benedictos - Burroughs | .. - .. | Willis - Zeus

Aaronas - Albis

Form of Aaron. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Rare, but Aaronas is similar to popular -nas surnames Arenas (TOP 3%), Aranas (32%).


Origin fr. Arabic, Hebrew elements. "Stern, somber; father." A popular birth name (#1662 THE PAST YEAR), Abbas also exists commonly as a surname.

Form of Abraham. Based on Hebrew. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." Seldom used as a baby name, Abrams occurs more frequently as a surname.

Achilles and variants

Achilles, var. Aquilles, Aquiles, Akillius, Akillios, Achillius, Akilles, Achillios, Achilleus
Stems fr. Greek. From Achilleus .. Usage of Achilles and variants as baby names in 2018 was up 11.9% compared to the year before.

Adam and variants

Atkins, Addis, Addams, Adams
Var. of Adam. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Earth." Adams is commonplace as a birth name among the variations of Adam.

Adelphus, Adelfus
Forms of Adelphe. Origin fr. Greek language. "Brother." Adelfus and Adelphus are not often adopted as boys' names.

Form of Adonia. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "My lord is Jehovah." Adonias was not among 2018's Top names. See also Adones.

Adonis and variants

Adonis, var. Adonys, Adones, Adohnes
Origin fr. Greek. "Extremely good looking, handsome." Adonis is a constant favorite.

Adolph and variants

Dolphus, Adolphus, Adulfus
Var. of Adolph. Stems fr. Old German word. "Noble, majestic wolf." Less used today. Adolphus was the version last found (1960-1969) in the Top 2000.

Aegeus, var. Aigeus, Aigeos
Derivative of Greek element. "Protection." Angeus and Argeus are creative forms.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -s names: Abbas, Achilles, Adams, Adolphus, Adonis

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -s names: Agustus, Albertus, Anders, Andreas, Andres

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -s names: Augustus, Dolphus, Gus, Guss

Aeneas, var. Enneiss, Enneis, Enneas, Eneas, Aineis, Ainneas, Aineias, Aineas, Aenneas
From Greek, Latin elements. "To praise." Aeneas, Enneis, etc. are rare as birth names.

Derivative of Celtic element. "One choice." Unique, with the masculine -us suffix, like Aldus. See also Aonghus.

Aeolus, var. Aiolus, Aiolos, Aeolos
From Greek language. "Variable, changeable." Aeolus, Aiolus, etc. were not among 2018's Top names.

Agapios, Agapetus
Var. of Agapito. Based on Greek word. "Lovingkindness, charity." Not in Top 2000.

Agathias, var. Agathos, Agathius, Agathios
Origin fr. Greek element. "Good, honorable." Agathios and variants are not frequently used as boys' names.

August and variants

Guss, Gus, Augustus, Agustus
Var. of August. Origin fr. Latin language. "Great, magnificient." Augustus (UPPER 78%) and Gus (52%) are frequently occurring men's names, while Agustus and Guss are unconventional.

Var. of Ajax. Root fr. Greek word. Greek mythology .. Alias is a somewhat popular boys' name. See also Amias.

Andrew and variants

Andros, Andrius, Andries, Andrews, Andres1, Andrewes, Andreas, Andres2, Andras, Aindreas, Anders
Forms of Andrew. Stems fr. Greek language. "Man, warrior." Usage of Aindreas, Andrewes, etc. as boys' names in 2018 was down 15.2% compared to the previous decade.

Albert and variants

Alvertos, Albertus
Forms of Albert. Derivative of Old English language. "Noble, bright." Alvertos is exclusive as a boys' name among the versions of Albert.

Albys, Albis
Forms of Alban. Root fr. Latin. "From Alba." Not in Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -s names for boys.

1. Aaronas - Albis
Aaron [Aaronas], Abbas, Abraham [Abrams], Achilles [Aquilles, ..], Adam [Atkins, ..], Adelphe [Adelphus, ..], Adonia [Adonias], Adonis [Adonys, ..], Adolph [Dolphus, ..], Aegeus [Aigeus, ..], Aeneas [Enneiss, ..], Aengus, Aeolus [Aiolus, ..], Agapito [Agapios, ..], Agathias [Agathos, ..], August [Guss, ..], Ajax [Aias], Andrew [Andros, ..], Albert [Alvertos, ..], Alban [Albys, ..]

Aldo [Aldus, ..], Aldous [Eldous, ..], Alex [Aleks], Alexander [Zandros, ..], Alexis [Alexus, ..], Alfonso [Alphonsus, ..], Alphonse [Phons, ..], Alfred [Alfredos, ..], Algis, Aloysius [Louis, ..], Alpheus [Alphoeus, ..], Alta [Altus], Alvis [Alwyss, ..], Amadeus [Amyas, ..], Ambrose [Emrys, ..], Amerigo [Amerikus, ..], Ames [Aymes, ..], Amos [Amoss], Amyas [Amyees, ..], Anacletus [Cletus]

Anastasios [Stasius, ..], Anders, Andre [Ries, ..], Andreas, Androcles [Androclus], Aneislis [Stanislas], Angus [Gus, ..], Aniketos [Anicetus], Anstice [Anstiss], Antaeus [Anteus, ..], Antares, Antioco [Antiochus, ..], Anthony [Thonus, ..], Antonio [Antonius], Aonghas [Aonghus], Apolonio [Apollonius, ..], Apollo [Apollos], Apostolos, Aramis, Arcadio [Arkadius, ..]

Arcelio [Aricelius, ..], Archelaus [Arkelaus, ..], Archimedes [Arquimedes, ..], Ares, Argus [Argos], Aries [Ares], Aristeo [Aristos, ..], Aris [Arris], Aristides [Aristeides], Aristotle [Aristotellis, ..], Ari [Arius], Arius, Arlen [Arles], Arliss, Armin [Arminius], Arsenio [Arsenius, ..], Artemas [Artimus, ..], Arthur [Artus], Arvin [Arvis], Ascanius

Astraeus [Astraios], Athanasios [Thanasis, ..], Athens [Athenios], Athos, Atlas [Attlas], Atticus, Augustus [Guus, ..], Aurelio [Aurelius], Ayers, Bacchus, Barry [Baris], Barnabas [Barnebus, ..], Barnes, Bartholomew [Bartholomeus, ..], Basil [Vasilus, ..], Bayless [Baylless], Beal [Beals], Beasley [Beals], Belisario [Belisarius, ..], Bemus [Bemis, ..]

Benedict [Venedictos, ..], Bernard [Vernados, ..], Bevis [Beviss, ..], Bialas, Blaise [Blais], Blaze [Blasius], Bliss, Boaz [Boas], Boniface [Bonifacius], Boris [Borys, ..], Peter [Petros, ..], Briggs, Brigham [Briggs], Britannicus, Brooks [Brookes], Brutus, Burgess [Burgiss, ..], Bourne [Burns], Burns [Byrnes, ..], Burroughs [Burrows]

Caddis [Caddiss], Cadmus [Kadmus, ..], Caduceus, Cairn [Kairns, ..], Caius [Keys, ..], Callis [Callys], Calogero [Kalogerus, ..], Camilo [Camillus], Capp [Capps], Carlos [Carrlos], Carroll [Carolus], Caspar [Cass], Cassidy [Cass], Cassius [Cass], Catullus, Cecil [Cecilius], Celso [Celsus, ..], Cephas, Cetus, Chalmers [Chambers]

Chamberlain [Chambers], Chappel [Chaps], Charles [Chas, ..], Chaz [Chas], Chester [Chess], Christopher [Kristos, ..], Chris [Kris, ..], Christian [Kris, ..], Christmas, Cincinnatus, Cirrus, Claude [Claudius, ..], Clarence [Clarons, ..], Claus [Klaus, ..], Cleanth [Kleanthes, ..], Clement [Klementos, ..], Cleophas [Cleophus, ..], Cletus [Kletus, ..], Clitus, Clovis

Collier [Collis, ..], Collins, Collin [Collins], Colley [Collis], Colum [Columbanus], Columbus, Comus, Constantine [Constantius, ..], Cordell [Cordas], Corliss [Corless], Cornelius [Kornelius, ..], Cornwallis, Cortez [Kortes, ..], Costas [Kostis, ..], Crispin [Crispus], Cronus, Crook [Crooks, ..], Crowther [Crothers], Curtis [Kurtis, ..], Cyril [Cyrillus]

Cyrus, Dacey [Dacius], Daedalus [Dedalus, ..], Dallas [Delles, ..], Damario [Damarius, ..], Damaskenos [Damaskinos, ..], Damian [Damianus, ..], Daphnis, Dardanos [Dardanus, ..], Darius [Derrius, ..], David [Davis, ..], Davis [Daviss, ..], Dawson [Dawes], Decimus, Deems, Delphin [Delphinus, ..], Delius [Delos, ..], De- [Demarcus, ..], Demarcus [Demarquiss, ..], Demas [Dimas]

Demetrius [Dmitrios, ..], Demos [Dimos, ..], Denis [Denys], Dennis [Dionysus, ..], Dion [Deonys], Des, Desmond [Des], Desiderio [Desiderus, ..], Deus, Deacon [Diakonos], Dionysius [Dionysus, ..], Dobbs, Dodge [Dodds], Dolph [Dolphus, ..], Donato [Donatus], Dontavius [Dontavious, ..], Douglas [Douglass], Eamon [Eames], Edward [Edwards, ..], Eugene [Iphigenius, ..]

Einion [Einwys], Elijah [Ellis, ..], Elias [Ilyas, ..], Eligius, Ellis [Elliss], Elois [Aloysius, ..], Elpidos, Elvis [Elvys, ..], Elwin [Elvis], Emery [Emerus], Emil [Emilianus], Emmons, Emrys, Eneas [Ennis, ..], Ennis [Enis], Enos, Henry [Enrikos], Epaminondas, Epemetheus, Efigenio [Efigenius, ..]

Epicurus, Erasmus [Rasmus, ..], Erastus [Rastus, ..], Ernest [Ernestus], Eros, Ezra [Esdras], Esias [Esaias], Estes, Euclid [Euclides], Euodias, Euphemios [Euphemius, ..], Euphrates [Eufrates], Euripides, Eusebius [Eusevios, ..], Eustace [Eustiss, ..], Evangel [Vangelis, ..], Evan [Evans], Evaristus, Ewart [Evarts], Fabian [Fabiyus, ..]

Fabrice [Fabrizius, ..], Fairbanks, Fallows, Fares [Faris], Farris [Ferris, ..], Faunus [Fawnus], Faust [Faustus], Felix [Feliks, ..], Fenris, Fergus [Feargus, ..], Ferdinand [Fernandas], Farrar [Ferrars], Ferris [Ferriss, ..], Festus, Fidel [Fidelis], Firdos, Firoz [Firus], Flavian [Flavius], Flinders, Florent [Florus, ..]

Forbes, Fortune [Fortunatus], Francis [Proinsias, ..], Fritz [Frits], Fulgentius, Gaines [Gaynes, ..], Gaius [Keys, ..], Geddes [Geddis, ..], Genesis [Jennesis, ..], Gennaro [Januarius, ..], George [Yorgos, ..], Germain [Germanus, ..], Gerontius, Gervase [Jervis, ..], John [Johannes, ..], Gibbes [Gybbes, ..], Gibson [Gibbs, ..], Giles [Jyles, ..], Gillanders [Gillandreis], Gillies [Gilliss, ..]

Gillespie [Gillis], Gilbert [Giselbertus], Glade [Glades], Gonzalo [Gonzales], Graves, Gregory [Grigorios, ..], Gunnar [Gunners], Gus [Guss], Gustav [Gustus, ..], Hampus, Hans [Hanss, ..], Jan [Janos, ..], Harold [Haralds], Hargrove [Hargreaves], Harrison [Harriss, ..], Harris, Hastings, Hawes [Haws], Hawkins [Hawkyns], Hayes [Hays]

Eleodoro [Heliodoros], Henderson [Hendries], Hercules [Herakles], Geronimo [Jeronimus, ..], Hermes [Hermus, ..], Hesperos [Hesperus, ..], Hieremias, Jerome [Hieronymus, ..], Hieronymos [Hieronymus, ..], Hilary [Hilarius], Hildefuns, Hippolytus [Hyppolytos, ..], Hobbes [Hobbs], Hodgson [Hodges], Hollis [Holliss], Holmes, Homer [Homerus, ..], Honore [Honoratus, ..], Hopkin [Hopkyns, ..], Horatius

Horace [Horatius], Hovannes, Howell [Howells], Hugh [Hugues, ..], Hyacinth [Hyakinthos, ..], Jacob [Shamus, ..], Icarus [Ikarus, ..], Idris, Ignatius [Ignatious, ..], Ilias, Ingram [Ingrams], Innes [Inniss, ..], Ioanis, Irenio [Ireneus, ..], Isaiah [Isais], Isidore [Isidorus], Ivo [Yves, ..], Jabez [Jabes], Jacques [Jaques], Jairus

Jairo [Jairus], James [Seamus, ..], Janus [Jenarius, ..], Juri [Jaris], Jarius, Jarvis [Jervis], Geoffrey [Jephers, ..], Jeffrey [Jeffries, ..], Jefferson [Jeffers], Jenkin [Jennings, ..], Jens, Jeremiah [Jeremias], Jesse [Jess], Jesus [Jesous], Jonah [Jonas], Jones, Joseph [Joss, ..], Justin [Justus, ..], Josiah [Josias], Joshua [Joss]

Joss, Juan [Juanluis, ..], Jude [Judas], Julian [Julius, ..], Jules, Julius [Jules], Junius, Justus [Justis], Kalogeros [Kalogerus], Karl [Karlos, ..], Kassidy [Kass], Kern [Kearns], Keats, Kornel [Kornelius, ..], Kelvis [Kelvys, ..], Kendrick [Kenricks, ..], Kevin [Kevis], Keyes [Keys], Kiril [Kirillos], Klaus [Klaes, ..]

Klemens [Klemenis], Knightley [Knights], Knoll [Knowles, ..], Konstantin [Kostas], Kris, Kurtis [Kurtiss], Ladislas [Ladislaus], La- [Lamarcus], Lander [Landiss, ..], Lawrence [Lorens, ..], Lars, Lazarus, Leander [Leiandros, ..], Leomaris, Leonard [Leonis, ..], Leo [Leontios], Lester [Les], Leslie [Les], Leviticus, Lewis [Luis, ..]

Lexer [Lexus, ..], Lexus, Liberio [Liberatus], Linus [Linos], Louis [Luis, ..], Luke [Lukas, ..], Loukas [Loukianos, ..], Lucas [Lukas, ..], Lucian [Lukianos, ..], Lucretius, Lleu [Lugus], Luis, Lyon [Lyons], Lysander [Lysandros], Maddox [Maddocks, ..], Matthew [Matyas, ..], Magnus [Manus, ..], Magus, Makarios [Makkarios, ..], Maximilian [Maximus, ..]

Max [Maks], Maks, Malachi [Malaquias], Manasseh [Manases, ..], Marcel [Marcellus], Marcellus, Mark [Marquus, ..], Marco [Markos, ..], Marcus [Markus, ..], Mariano [Marianus, ..], Mario [Marius, ..], Martin [Martinus, ..], Marino [Rinus, ..], Marquis [Marquess, ..], Mar- [Marquis], Mars, Masos, Matthias [Tijs, ..], Maurice [Moss, ..], Maximus [Maximos, ..]

Mayes [Mays], Methodios [Methodius], Michael [Mikhos, ..], Miles [Myles], Mills, Minos, Modesto [Modestus], Mohandas, Montana [Montanus], Monte [Montes], Morris [Moss, ..], Moses [Mozes, ..], Moss, Myles, Narcisse [Narses, ..], Nazaire [Nazarius], Neckarios [Nektarius, ..], Neil [Niles, ..], Nelson [Nils, ..], Nels

Nereus, Nevin [Nevins], Nicandro [Nikandrios, ..], Nicholas [Nils, ..], Nicodemus [Nikodemus], Nicomedes [Nikomedes], Nico [Nikos, ..], Niels, Nigel [Nigellus], Nick [Nikos], Nikostratos [Nicostratus, ..], Niles [Nyles], Norris, Nuri [Nuris], Nyles, Oakes [Ochs, ..], Oakley [Oakes], Obadiah [Obadias], Octavio [Octavus, ..], Otto [Otys, ..]

Odysseus, Olimpio [Olympus, ..], Onofrio [Onofrius], Orestes, Orpheus, Orson [Orsis], Otis [Otys, ..], Owen [Owens], Pablo [Pablos], Pacifico [Pacificus], Paladio [Palladius], Paris [Parris], Parker [Parks, ..], Parkins, Parmenio [Parmenius, ..], Parrish [Parriss, ..], Parsons [Persons], Parthenios [Parthenius], Pascal [Paschalis], Patrick [Pats, ..]

Paul [Paulus, ..], Pierce [Piers, ..], Pelagios [Pelagius], Pericles, Perkin [Perkins], Perseus, Phelps, Philip [Phillips, ..], Phineas [Pinkus, ..], Phipps [Phips, ..], Phoebus [Phoibos], Pierre [Piers], Piers [Pears], Pio [Pius], Placido [Placidus], Pons [Ponthus, ..], Porfirio [Prophyrios, ..], Porthos, Prentice [Prentiss, ..], Procopio [Prokopios, ..]

Prosper [Prosperus], Proteus, Prudencio [Prudentius], Purvis [Purviss, ..], Quentin [Quintus], Radames, Raines [Raynes, ..], Ram [Ramos], Ramses [Ramesses, ..], Rasmus, Rastus, Rawlins, Reece [Rhys, ..], Reeve [Reeves], Regis, Reginald [Reynolds, ..], Reis, Remus, Rene [Renatus], Rey [Reyes]

Rex [Reyes], Reynold [Reynolds], Rhodes [Rodas, ..], Rhys, Rice [Rhys], River [Rivers], Rives, Robert [Robers, ..], Rocco [Rochus], Roderick [Rodrigues], Roger [Rogers], Roland [Rollins], Roman [Romanus, ..], Romulus, Roscoe [Ross], Ross, Rudolph [Rudolphus], Rufus [Rufous, ..], Russell [Russ], Saxe [Sachs]

Salvio [Salviatus], Sancho [Sancos], Sanders [Sandros, ..], Sandor [Xandros, ..], Santos, Sapir [Saphiros], Sassacus, Sayer [Sayres, ..], Seamus [Shamus, ..], Sellers [Sellars], Septimus, Seraphim [Seraphimus], Sergio [Sirgios, ..], Servas [Servatus, ..], Severin [Severinus], Sextus [Sixtus], Shamus, Shea [Shays], Sigmund [Sigismundus], Silas [Sylas, ..]

Sill [Sills], Silvanus [Sylvanus], Simon [Syms, ..], Simmons [Symonds, ..], Sirius, Sixtus, Scorpio [Skorpios], Socrates [Sokrates], Sofus [Sophus], Somers [Sommers], Sophocles, Spear [Spiers, ..], Spiridon [Spyros, ..], Squire [Squyres, ..], Stanislaus [Stannes, ..], Stavros, Sterne [Stearns], Stefan [Stefanos], Stennis, Stephen [Stephens, ..]

Stephanus [Stephanos, ..], Stiles, Stoney [Stones], Straus [Strauss], Struthers, Styles [Stiles], Tacitus, Tallis [Talys, ..], Tanner [Tannis], Taos, Tarquin [Tarquinus, ..], Terence [Terrius, ..], Taurus, Tavaris [Tevarus, ..], Tavish [Tevis, ..], Tavis, Thaddeus [Thadeus, ..], Theodore [Theodosius, ..], Theophilus, Theseus

Thomas [Tomas, ..], Tiger [Tigris], Timothy [Timotheus], Titus [Titos], Tobias, Tompkins, Torrence [Torrens], Tower [Towers], Travis [Travys, ..], Trevis, Tristan [Tris], Tully [Tullis], Thor [Tyrus], Tyrus, Ulysses [Ulises], Uncas, Urban [Urbanus], Uriah [Urias], Urso [Ursus, ..], Valentine [Valentinus]

Valerian [Valerius], Vasilis [Vasos, ..], Villiers, Vilmos, Vincent [Vincents, ..], Virginius, Vito [Vitus, ..], Victor [Vittorios], Waite [Waits, ..], Wallace [Wallis, ..], Walter [Watkins], Watkins, Watt [Watts], Wells, Wenceslaus [Wenceslas], Wesley [Wes], William [Wills, ..], Wilkes [Willkes], Wilkinson [Willkins, ..], Willet [Willets]

Willis [Williss, ..], Winter [Winters], Xanthus [Xanthos], Xenos [Zenos], Xerxes, Ximenes [Jimenes], Yannis [Yannakis, ..], Yates [Yeats], Yoelvis, Yonas, Yves [Ives], Zachariah [Zakarias, ..], Zaccheus [Zacheus, ..], Zander [Zandros], Zedekiah [Zedekias], Zenas [Zenios], Zenobios [Zenobius], Zephyr [Zephyrus, ..], Zeus

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