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Us ending baby names and what they mean, with 303 results. -us names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its apex 17 years ago (USAGE OF 0.9%) and has remained as widespread to this day (USAGE 0.8%, 8% LESS), but with names such as Cornelius becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names among these are Atticus (#326), Cyrus (#389), Cassius (#596), Magnus (#782) and Titus (#312), while Dycus (TOP 9%) and Matus (6%) are common -us last names.

-us names

Achilleus - Altus | Amadeus - Argus | Arius - Blasius | Bonifacius - Clementius | Cleophus - Decimus | Delfinus - Epicurus | .. - .. | Zenobius - Zeus

Achilleus - Altus

Akillius, Achillius, Achilleus
Var. of Achilles. From Greek element. From Achilleus .. Achillies is a moderately popular birth name.

Adelphus, Adelfus
Forms of Adelphe. Derived fr. Greek language. "Brother." Outside Top 2000.

Adolph and variants

Dolphus, Adolphus, Adulfus
Var. of Adolph. Root fr. Old German element. "Noble, majestic wolf." Outside Top 2000.

Aegeus, var. Aigeus
Based on Greek language. "Protection." Unconventional, but Aegeus, Aigeus are comparable to popular last names Aakhus (UPPER 84%), Aarhus (49%), with the -us suffix.

Origin fr. Celtic word. "One choice." Aengus is unusual as a baby name. See also Anngus.

Aeolus, var. Aiolus
Derivative of Greek element. "Variable, changeable." Arolus and Avolus are creative forms.

Var. of Agapito. From Greek element. "Lovingkindness, charity." Agapetus was not among 2018's Top names.

Var. of Agathias. Origin fr. Greek element. "Good, honorable." Agathius is unique as a children's name.

August and variants

Gus, Augustus, Agustus
Var. of August. Derivative of Latin element. "Great, magnificient." Augustus (UPPER 7%) and Gus (57%) appear regularly as surnames.


Form of Albert. Root fr. Old English language. "Noble, bright." Somewhat atypical as a children's name, Albertus occurs more frequently as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -us names: Adolphus, Agustus, Albertus, Aloysius, Alpheus

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -us names: Alphonsus, Augustus, Dolphus, Gus

Aldous, var. Eldous, Aldus1
Based on Old German language. "Old." Not in Top 2000.

Form of Aldo. Origin fr. Italian, Old German words. "Old one, elder." Aldus is seldom used as a boys' name.

Alexus, Alexius, Aleksius
Forms of Alexis. Origin fr. Greek element. "Defender." Uncommon. Aleksius, Alexius (cf. Aurelius) use the masculine -ius suffix.

Alphonse and variants

Alphonzus, Alphonsus1, Alfonzus, Alfonsus
Forms of Alphonse. Stems fr. Old German. "Ready for battle." Alfonsus, Alphonsus, etc. are seldom found as male names.


Var. of Elois. Derivative of Old German element. "Famous warrior." Aloysius is popular as a baby name compared to other versions. See also Aleksius.

Aloysius2, var. Aloisius
Origin fr. Old German language. "Famous warrior." Aloisius is exclusive as a children's name among the versions of Aloysius.

Ludovicus, Aloysius3
Var. of Louis. Based on French, Old German. "Famous warrior." Less used today. Aloysius was the variant last found (1960-1969) in the Top 2000.

Alpheus and variants

Alpheus, var. Alphoeus, Alpheaus, Alfeus, Alfaeus
Origin fr. Hebrew. "Successor." Usage of Alpheus and variants was common a century ago.

Var. of Alfonso. Based on Old German language. "Ready for battle." Somewhat unfamiliar as a baby name. See also Alfonsus.

Form of Alta. Root fr. Latin element. "High, elevated." Altus is not a Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -us names for boys.

1. Achilleus - Altus
Achilles [Akillius, ..], Adelphe [Adelphus, ..], Adolph [Dolphus, ..], Aegeus [Aigeus], Aengus, Aeolus [Aiolus], Agapito [Agapetus], Agathias [Agathius], August [Gus, ..], Albert [Albertus], Aldous [Eldous, ..], Aldo [Aldus], Alexis [Alexus, ..], Alphonse [Alphonzus, ..], Elois [Aloysius], Aloysius [Aloisius], Louis [Ludovicus, ..], Alpheus [Alphoeus, ..], Alfonso [Alphonsus], Alta [Altus]

Amadeus [Amatus], Ambrose [Ambrus, ..], Amerigo [Amerikus, ..], Anacletus [Cletus], Anastasios [Stasius, ..], Andre [Andrius, ..], Andrew [Andrius], Androcles [Androclus], Angus [Gus, ..], Aniketos [Anicetus], Antaeus [Anteus], Antioco [Antiochus], Anthony [Thonus, ..], Antonio [Antonius], Aonghas [Aonghus], Apolonio [Apollonius], Arcadio [Arkadius, ..], Arcelio [Aricelius, ..], Archelaus [Arkelaus], Argus

Arius, Ari [Arius], Armin [Arminius], Arsenio [Arsenius], Artemas [Artimus, ..], Arthur [Artus], Ascanius, Astraeus, Athanasios [Athanasius, ..], Atticus, Augustus [Guus, ..], Aurelio [Aurelius], Bacchus, Barnabas [Barnebus, ..], Bartholomew [Bartholomeus, ..], Basil [Vasilus, ..], Belisario [Belisarius], Bemus [Beamus], Benedict [Benedictus], Blaze [Blasius]

Boniface [Bonifacius], Britannicus, Brutus, Cadmus [Kadmus], Caduceus, Caius, Camilo [Camillus], Carroll [Carolus], Cassius, Catullus, Cecil [Cecilius], Celso [Celsus, ..], Cetus, Christopher [Christoforus], Cincinnatus, Cirrus, Claude [Claudius, ..], Nicholas [Nikolaus, ..], Claus [Klaus], Clement [Clementius]

Cleophas [Cleophus], Cletus [Kletus, ..], Clitus, Colum [Columbanus], Columbus, Comus, Constantine [Constantius], Cornelius [Kornelius, ..], Crispin [Crispus], Cronus, Cyril [Cyrillus], Cyrus, Dacey [Dacius], Daedalus [Dedalus], Damario [Damarius], Damaskenos [Damascus], Damian [Damianus], Dardanos [Dardanus], Darius [Derrius, ..], Decimus

Delphin [Delphinus, ..], Delius, De- [Demarcus], Demarcus [Demarkus, ..], Demetrius [Dimitrious, ..], Desiderio [Desiderus, ..], Deus, Dennis [Dionysus, ..], Dionysius [Dionysus], Dolph [Dolphus, ..], Donato [Donatus], Dontavius [Dontavious, ..], Eugene [Iphigenius, ..], Giles [Egidius], Eligius, Emery [Emerus], Emil [Emilianus], Epemetheus, Efigenio [Efigenius, ..], Epicurus

Erasmus [Rasmus], Erastus [Rastus], Ernest [Ernestus], Euphemios [Euphemius, ..], Eusebius [Esavius], Eustace [Eustatius, ..], Evaristus, Fabian [Fabiyus, ..], Fabrice [Fabrizius, ..], Faunus [Fawnus], Faust [Faustus], Fergus [Feargus, ..], Festus, Firoz [Firus], Flavian [Flavius], Florent [Florus], Fortune [Fortunatus], Francis [Franciskus, ..], Fulgentius, Gaius

Gennaro [Januarius, ..], Germain [Germanus, ..], Gerontius, Gervase [Gervasius], George [Siorus, ..], Gilbert [Giselbertus], Gregory [Gregorius], Gus, Gustav [Gustus, ..], Hampus, Hermes [Hermus], Hesperos [Hesperus], Jerome [Hieronymus, ..], Geronimo [Jeronimus, ..], Hieronymos [Hieronymus], Hilary [Hilarius], Hippolytus, Homer [Homerus], Honore [Honoratus, ..], Horace [Horatius]

Horatius, Hyacinth [Hyacinthus], Icarus [Ikarus], Ignatius [Ignatious, ..], Irenio [Ireneus, ..], Isidore [Isidorus], Jacob [Shamus, ..], Jairo [Jairus], Jairus, Janus [Jenarius, ..], Jarius, Jesus [Jesous], Joseph [Josephus], Julian [Julius, ..], Julius, Junius, Justin [Justus, ..], Justus, Calogero [Kalogerus], Kalogeros [Kalogerus]

Klaus, Kornel [Kornelius], Ladislas [Ladislaus], La- [Lamarcus], Lawrence [Laurentius], Lazarus, Leonard [Leondaus], Leviticus, Lexer [Lexus], Lexus, Liberio [Liberatus], Linus, Lucian [Lucianus], Luke [Lucius], Lucretius, Lleu [Lugus], Makarios [Macarius], Magnus [Manus], Magus, Marcel [Marcellus]

Marcellus, Marcus [Markus], Mark [Marquus, ..], Mariano [Marianus], Mario [Marius, ..], Marino [Rinus, ..], Martin [Martinus], Matthew [Mattheus, ..], Maurice [Maurus, ..], Maximilian [Maximus, ..], Maximus, Methodios [Methodius], Modesto [Modestus], Montana [Montanus], Narcisse [Narcissus], Nazaire [Nazarius], Neckarios [Nektarius, ..], Nereus, Nicodemus [Nikodemus], Nikostratos [Nicostratus]

Nigel [Nigellus], Octavio [Octavus, ..], Odysseus, Olimpio [Olympus], Onofrio [Onofrius], Orpheus, Pacifico [Pacificus], Paladio [Palladius], Parmenio [Parmenius], Parthenios [Parthenius], Patrick [Patrizius], Paul [Paulus, ..], Pelagios [Pelagius], Perseus, Philip [Philippus], Phoebus, Phineas [Pinkus, ..], Pio [Pius], Placido [Placidus], Pons [Ponthus, ..]

Procopio [Procopius], Prosper [Prosperus], Proteus, Prudencio [Prudentius], Quentin [Quintus], Rasmus, Rastus, Remus, Rene [Renatus], Rocco [Rochus], Roman [Romanus], Romulus, Rudolph [Rudolphus], Rufus [Rufous, ..], Salvio [Salviatus], Sassacus, James [Seamus], Seamus [Shamus, ..], Septimus, Seraphim [Seraphimus]

Sergio [Sergius], Servas [Servatus], Severin [Severinus], Sextus [Sixtus], Shamus, Sigmund [Sigismundus], Silas [Silvanus], Silvanus [Sylvanus], Sirius, Sixtus, Sofus [Sophus], Stanislaus, Stephanus [Stefanus], Stephen [Stephanus], Straus, Tacitus, Tarquin [Tarquinus, ..], Taurus, Tavaris [Tevarus, ..], Terence [Terrius, ..]

Thaddeus [Thadeus, ..], Theodore [Theodosius, ..], Theophilus, Theseus, Timothy [Timotheus], Titus, Thor [Tyrus], Tyrus, Urban [Urbanus], Urso [Ursus, ..], Valentine [Valentinus], Valerian [Valerius], Vincent [Vincentius], Virginius, Vito [Vitus], Wenceslaus, William [Willhelmus, ..], Xanthus, Zaccheus [Zacheus, ..], Zachariah [Zacheus, ..]

Zenobios [Zenobius], Zephyr [Zephyrus, ..], Zeus

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