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Y ending baby names and what they mean, with 766 results. The most trendy birth names here are Finley (#273), Huxley (#668), Oakley (#459), Remy (#425) and Wesley (#105), while Fraley (TOP 2%) and Donley (3%) are familiar -y surnames. Here is the list of -y names for girls.

Abbey - Alexey | Alfey - Archy | Ardley - Audley | Augy - Bay | Beachy - Birley | Birney - Brawley | .. - .. | Yevgeny - Zubery

Abbey - Alexey

Form of Abbas. Based on Arabic, Hebrew. "Stern, somber; father." Gender-neutral name. Abbey (TOP 4%), comparable to Aspey (TOP 86%), Ashey (45%), is a common -ey suffix surname.

Abbey2, var. Abby1
.. Political activist Abbie Hoffman. Abbey and Abby are not Top 2000 names.

Abby2, Abbey3
Var. of Abbott. Source fr. Old English word. "Father, priest." Not in Top 2000.

Abby3, Abbey4
Var. of Abelard. Root fr. Old German word. "Noble strength." Abbey and Abby are not Top 2000 names.

Ebby, Abby4, Abbey5
Var. of Abner. From Hebrew language. "Father of light." Abba, Abbo are common last names.

Var. of Abraham. Based on Hebrew. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." Abey was not a Top birth name in 2018. See also Abbe.

Form of Abe. From Hebrew language. Short form of Abner, Abraham, and .. Not that popular as a children's name, Abey is used more frequently as a last name.

Form of Abel. Derivative of Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." Abey is not frequently used as a baby name. See also Abia.

Form of Abram. Based on Hebrew word. "High father." Abed is a somewhat popular baby name. See also Abba.


Form of Ace. Origin fr. English element. "Number one, the best." Less widespread today. Acey last appeared in the 1880s in the Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -y names: Acey, Alby, Alvy

Ackerley, var. Ackerly, Ackley, Accerly
Based on Old English language. "Oak meadow." Unique, with the unusual -ey suffix for Ackerley, Ackley, like Aimerey, Anferney.

Adley, Addy1
Var. of Adlai. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "God is just." Aaley and Adalu are creative variations.

Root fr. Teutonic element. "Awe-inspiring; noble." Rare, with the unconventional -dy suffix for Addy, like Ardy, Arkady. Cross-gender use.

Form of Addison. From Old English. "Son of Adam." Addy was not a Top birth name in 2018. Also used for girls.

Form of Adam. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Earth." Gender-neutral name. Addy is uncommon as a male name, appearing frequently (TOP 8%) as a last name.

From Old English language. "The noble's island." Adney was not among 2018's Top names.

Aimery, var. Aymery, Amerey, Aimerey
Origin fr. Old German language. "King of work." Not in Top 2000.

Ainsley, var. Aynsley, Ansley
Derivative of Old English language. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Unique. Ainsley, Ansley, Aynsley, similar to Atley, have the common androgynous -ley ending.

Alban and variants

Alvy, Alby, Albany
Forms of Alban. Derivative of Latin word. "From Alba." Adoption of Alvy and variants soared 138 years ago.

Alexy, Alexey
Forms of Alexis. Root fr. Greek language. "Defender." Unique, with the -ey ending for Alexey, like Asheley, Atley.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -y names for boys.

1. Abbey - Alexey
Abbas [Abbey], Abbey [Abby], Abbott [Abby, ..], Abelard [Abby, ..], Abner [Ebby, ..], Abraham [Abey], Abe [Abey], Abel [Abey], Abram [Abey], Ace [Acey], Ackerley [Ackerly, ..], Adlai [Adley, ..], Addy, Addison [Addy], Adam [Addy], Adney, Aimery [Aymery, ..], Ainsley [Aynsley, ..], Alban [Alvy, ..], Alexis [Alexy, ..]

Alfred [Freddy, ..], Alphonse [Alfy], Algernon [Algy, ..], Alan [Alley], Aloysius [Alojzy], Alvin [Alvy], Alistair [Aly], Amaury [Amory], Ambrose [Amby], Amitai [Amitay], Amory [Amry, ..], Anatole [Antoly, ..], Andrew [Ondrey, ..], Andre [Ondrey, ..], Anfernee [Anferney], Angel [Angy], Ansley [Ansly, ..], Anthony [Tony, ..], Orestes [Aresty, ..], Archibald [Archy]

Ardley [Ardsly, ..], Arden [Ardy], Arjay, Arcadio [Arkady], Arley [Arly], Arnold [Arny, ..], Arne [Arney], Harold [Harry, ..], Arthur [Arty], Artemas [Arty], Arvin [Arvy], Ary, Ari [Ary], Aristotle [Ary], Ashby [Ashbey], Ashley [Ashly, ..], Atley [Attley], Aubrey [Avery, ..], Audey, Audley

August [Augy], Augustus [Augy], Augustine [Augy], Autry [Autrey], Avery [Avry, ..], Balbo [Bailby], Bailey [Bayly, ..], Barclay [Berky, ..], Barnabas [Burnaby, ..], Bernard [Barny, ..], Barnett [Barry, ..], Barney [Barny], Barrett [Barry, ..], Finbar [Barry], Barry [Berry, ..], Bartholomew [Barthelemy], Baxley [Baxly], Baxter [Baxley], Bayard [Bay], Bay

Beacher [Beechy, ..], Beasley [Peasly, ..], Beattie [Beaty, ..], Bellamy [Bellemy, ..], Benjamin [Benny, ..], Ben [Benny, ..], Bentley [Bently], Berkeley [Birkley, ..], Bern [Berny], Berry, Norbert [Berty], Engelbert [Berty], Albert [Berty], Bert [Burty, ..], Beverly [Beverley], William [Willy, ..], Bill [Billy], Bancroft [Binky], Birkey [Birky], Birley [Birly]

Birney [Burney, ..], Blake [Blakely], Blakely [Blakeley], Blakeney [Blakeny], Blain [Blaney], Bligh [Bly], Bly, Bob [Bobby, ..], Robert [Robby, ..], Boden [Bodey], Bogart [Bogy, ..], Bonamy, Boniface [Bonifacy], Bosley [Bosly], Bradley [Bradney, ..], Brady [Braidy, ..], Branley [Branly], Brant [Brantley], Brand [Brantley], Brawley [Brawly, ..]

Bray, Brent [Brently, ..], Bridgely [Bridgeley], Briley [Bryly, ..], Brinley [Brynly, ..], Brockley [Brockly], Broderick [Ricky, ..], Brody [Brosedy, ..], Bromley, Bruce [Brucey], Buck [Bucky, ..], Buckley, Bud [Buddy, ..], Burleigh [Byrley, ..], Burnaby, Burns [Burney], Burney [Beirney], Burt [Burty], Busby [Bussby, ..], Buzz [Buzzy]

Cadby [Cadbey], Caelan [Caley], Caley [Kayley, ..], Cameron [Kamrey, ..], Canby [Canbey], Carley, Carlyle [Carly, ..], Carlin [Carly], Carney [Kearney, ..], Cary [Carrey, ..], Charles [Karoly, ..], Carroll [Cary], Casey [Kasey, ..], Cassidy [Cassidey, ..], Chalkley, Cheyne [Cheney, ..], Chaney [Cheney, ..], Chantrey [Chantry], Chapman [Manny, ..], Charlie [Charly]

Chance [Choncey, ..], Chauncey [Chawncey, ..], Chesley [Chesly], Chesney [Chesny, ..], Chevy, Chevalier [Chevy], Christian [Cristy, ..], Christie [Christy], Clancy [Claney, ..], Clare [Clarey], Clarence [Clarry], Clay [Klay], Clayborne [Clay], Clayton [Clay], Cleary, Clement [Clemmy], Cloy, Cluny, Coakley [Cokely, ..], Jacob [Jay, ..]

Kobi [Koby, ..], Coburn [Coby], Coby [Koby, ..], Cody [Kody, ..], Colby [Collby, ..], Cole [Coley], Colley, Coney, Conlan [Conley], Conley, Conroy, Conway [Conwy], Corbin [Cory, ..], Corbett [Corby], Cordell [Corday], Corey [Kory, ..], Corliss [Corley], Cornelius [Neely, ..], Cornell [Corney], Cort [Courtney, ..]

Cory [Kory, ..], Coty, Cowrie [Cowry, ..], Courtney [Courtenay, ..], Covey [Covvey], Cox [Coxey], Coy, Cranley [Cranly], Crosby [Crosbey], Crosley [Crossley, ..], Croydon [Croy], Cuthbert [Cuddy], Culley [Cully], Culver [Cully], Curley, Curran [Curry, ..], Currier [Curry], Cyril [Cy], Cyrus [Cy], Cydney

Dabney [Dabny], Dacey [Daicy, ..], Dace [Dacey], David [Davy, ..], Dag [Dagny], Dahy [Dahey], Dailey [Daily, ..], Dale [Daley], Daly [Dawley, ..], Daniel [Danny], Donte [Dontey, ..], Dante [Dontay, ..], Darby [Derby, ..], Darcel [D'Arcy, ..], Darcy [Darsy, ..], Darnley, Darrel [Darry], Davis [Davy], Day, Deandre [Diondray, ..]

De- [Deshay, ..], Delaney [Delany, ..], Delroy [Delray], Dempsey [Dempsy], Denby [Denny, ..], Denley [Denly], Dennis [Denny, ..], Derby [Derbey], Darius [Derry], Derry, Destry [Destrey], Dewey, Dexter [Dexy], Richard [Ritchy, ..], Dick [Dicky], Digby, Diggory [Digory, ..], Demetrius [Dmitry, ..], Doherty [Douherty, ..], Dominic [Dominy]

Donnell [Donnelly], Don [Donny], Dooley, Dorsey, Isidore [Izzy, ..], Drury [Drewry], Dudley, Duff [Duffy, ..], Dunley [Dunnley, ..], Dustin [Dusty], Earl [Early], Early [Erly, ..], Eberlein [Eberley], Eddie [Eddy], Edgar [Neddy, ..], Edison [Eddy], Edmund [Teddy, ..], Edward [Teddy, ..], Edwin [Teddy, ..], Ellery [Elrey, ..]

Eli [Ely, ..], Eligius [Loy, ..], Elroy [Roy], Elijah [Ely], Eleazar [Ely], Ely, Emery [Emory, ..], Epifanio [Epiphany], Esme [Ismay, ..], Eustace [Stacey, ..], Everley [Everly], Eugene [Yevgeny, ..], Evan [Ewy], Farley [Farrley, ..], Farnley [Fernley, ..], Fawzi [Fawziy], Fay, Ferdinand [Nandy, ..], Fernley [Farnley], Finlay [Finnley, ..]

Fitzroy, Flannery, Flann [Flannery], Fortney [Fourtney, ..], Fortune [Fortuny], Frank [Franky], Fred [Freddy], Frederick [Ricky, ..], Frey, Fry, Fursey, Gabriel [Gay, ..], Galloway [Galway, ..], Galway, Garroway [Garraway], Garfield [Gary, ..], Garry, Garret [Gerrity, ..], Garvey [Garvy, ..], Gervase [Jarvey, ..]

Gary [Garry, ..], Gareth [Gary], Gerald [Jerry, ..], Gay, Gaylord [Gay], Gaynor [Gay], Geary [Gery, ..], Gentry, Geoffrey [Joffroy, ..], George [Yuriy, ..], Giovanni [Jovanney, ..], Gerry, Jerome [Jerry, ..], Gerard [Jerry, ..], Gery, Gian [Gianny, ..], Gibson [Gibby], Gilby [Gillby, ..], Gill [Gilley], Gilroy [Gilray, ..]

Glen [Glenny], Godfrey [Godfry, ..], Gordon [Gordy], Goronwy [Gronwy], Grady [Graidy, ..], Grantland [Grantly, ..], Grant [Grantley], Gray [Grey], Greeley [Greely], Gregory [Grigory, ..], Grey [Gray], Gridley [Gridly], Grimsley [Grimsly], Guthrie [Guthry, ..], Guy, Hadley [Hadly], Hagley [Hagly], Haley [Hayley, ..], Halley, Halsey [Halsy, ..]

Hanley [Henley, ..], Hani [Hany], Hardy [Hardey], Harley [Harly, ..], Harmony, Harry, Hartley [Harthy], Harvey [Hervey, ..], Hastings [Hasty, ..], Hawley [Hawly], Hedley [Hedly, ..], Henley, Henry [Harry], Hernley [Hernly], Hewney [Owney], Alaire [Lary, ..], Hilary [Hilly, ..], Hildebrand [Hildy], Hobart [Hobey], Hockley [Hockly]

Hockney [Hockny], Holiday [Holliday], Horace [Horry], Horsley [Horsly], Hugh [Huey], Humphrey [Humphry, ..], Huntley [Huntly], Hurley [Hurly], Huxley [Huxly], Hyacinth [Hy], Hiram [Hy], Chaim [Manny, ..], Isaac [Ikey], Imre [Imray], Innocenzio [Innocenty], Jace [Jacy, ..], Jack [Jacky], John [Jovanney, ..], Jackson [Jacky], James [Jimmy, ..]

Jaime [Jaimey], Jamie [Jamey], Ja- [Jaray], Jarvis [Jervey, ..], Jason [Jay], Jay, Jefferson [Jeffey], Jeffrey [Joffrey, ..], Jovan [Jovany, ..], Jeremiah [Jerry, ..], Jeremy [Jerry, ..], Jerry [Jerrey, ..], Jerzy, Jesse [Jessy, ..], Jim [Jimmy, ..], Job [Joby], Joseph [Joey, ..], Jody [Jodey], Judah [Jody], Joe [Joey]

Joffrey [Jophrey], Jonte [Johntay], Jon [Jonny, ..], Jordan [Jory, ..], Joren [Jory, ..], Jory [Jorey], July [Juley], Kacey [Kasey, ..], Kaelan [Kaley], Karl [Karoly], Kasey [Kacey], Kasi [Kasey], Kassidy, Kay, Gaius [Kay], Caius [Kay], Kearn [Kearney], Kearney [Kearny, ..], Keeley [Keely, ..], Kelby [Kellby, ..]

Kelly [Kelley], Kelsey [Kelsy], Kenley [Kenly], Kennedy [Kennedey, ..], Ken [Kenny, ..], Kendrick [Kenny], Kenneth [Kenny], Kendall [Kenny], Kenny [Kinney, ..], Kenway, Kerry [Kerrey, ..], Keyes [Key], Kyle [Kiley], Kimberly [Kimberley], Kingsley [Kinsly, ..], Kirby [Kirkby, ..], Kirkley [Kirkly], Knightley [Knightly], Kody [Kodey], Kolby [Kelby]

Konstantin [Konstanty], Kory [Korrey, ..], Xavier [Ksawery], Lacy [Lacey], Ladd [Laddy, ..], Lander [Landry], Langley [Langly], Orlando [Lanny], Lanny, Roland [Rolly, ..], La- [Laroy, ..], Lawrence [Lorry, ..], Larry, Leary, Leonard [Lonny, ..], Lenny, Leroy [Roy, ..], Leslie [Lezly, ..], Levi [Levy, ..], Lindley [Lindly]

Lindsay [Lyndsey, ..], Lindberg [Lindy], Lyndon [Lindy], Linley [Linly], Loeb [Loewy], Lonnie [Lonny], Alonzo [Lonny], Lucky, Luke [Lucky], Lundy, Lynley, Mabry [Maybury, ..], Maccoy [Mccoy], Maccrea [Maccray], Mace [Macey], Machenry [Mchenry], Mac [Mackey], Mackinley [Mckinley, ..], Macmurray [Mcmurray], Macy [Macey]

Madison [Maddy], Makarios [Makary], Malachi [Malechy, ..], Mallory [Malory, ..], Manley [Manly], Emmanuel [Manny], Manuel [Manny], Marcel [Marcely], Mark [Markey], Marley [Marly], Martin [Marty], Massey, Matthew [Matvey, ..], Maurice [Morrey, ..], Maximilian [Maxy, ..], Maximus [Maxy, ..], Mc- [Mckinley, ..], Mccoy, Mendel [Mendeley], Mercury [Mercurey]

Mersey, Mike [Mickey], Michael [Miky, ..], Miguel [Migelly], Micah [Mikey], Miroslav [Miroslawy], Monte [Monty, ..], Montgomery [Monty], Montague [Monty], Monty, Mordecai [Mordy], Morris [Morry, ..], Morley [Morrley, ..], Mortimer [Morty], Murphy [Murphey, ..], Murray [Murry, ..], Natal [Nataly], Nathaniel [Natty], Newbury [Newberry, ..], Newman [Newsy]

Nicholas [Nikolay, ..], Nickleby, Nick [Nicky], O- [O'Shay], Oakley [Oakly], Ondre [Onndray, ..], Olexei [Olexiy, ..], Oliver [Olley], Orel [Orry], Oswald [Ozzy], Oscar [Ozzy], Patrick [Patty, ..], Paddy [Paddey], Paisley, Paley, Parry [Parrey], Paul [Pauly], Peabody, Penley [Pennley, ..], Percival [Percy, ..]

Percy [Percey, ..], Perry [Parry], Philip [Philly], Pitney [Pittney], Pomeroy [Pommeroy, ..], Pompeo [Pompey], Presley [Priestly, ..], Qadir [Qadry], Quigley, Quimby [Quinby], Quincy [Quinsy, ..], Radley [Radly], Rafferty [Raffertey, ..], Rafi [Raffy], Rami [Ramy, ..], Ramsay [Ramzey, ..], Randall [Randy, ..], Randy [Randey], Randolph [Randy], Ransley [Ransly]

Raleigh [Rawly, ..], Raynor [Ray], Ray, Raymond [Ray], Redley [Redly, ..], Reginald [Reggy], Reilly [Reilley], Remy [Remy, ..], Ren [Renny], Renny, Rey, Aldrich [Ritchy, ..], Rick [Rikky, ..], Eric [Rikky, ..], Cedric [Ricky, ..], Ricky [Rickey], Aric [Ricky], Ridgeley, Ridgeway, Ridley [Ridly, ..]

Riley [Ryley], Ripley [Riply], Risley [Wrisley, ..], Rob [Robby], Rockley [Rockly], Rocco [Rocky], Rock [Rocky], Rocky, Roderick [Ruy, ..], Rodney, Roger [Rojay], Romney, Ronald [Ronny], Aaron [Ronny], Rooney [Rowney], Rory [Rorry, ..], Rowdy, Rowley [Rowly], Roxbury, Roy [Ruy, ..]

Reuben [Ruby], Rudolph [Rudy, ..], Rudy, Rugby, Rusty, Rutley, Ryley, Sainsbury [Sainsberry], Salisbury [Saulisbury, ..], Sam [Samy, ..], Samuel [Sammy], Sandy [Sandey], Alexander [Sandy], Sanjay, Savoy, Scott [Scotty], Seabury, Sedgley [Sedgely, ..], Seeley [Seely, ..], Selby [Shelby, ..]

Sergio [Sergey], Shadi [Shaday], Shandy [Shandey], Shanley [Shannley], Shawnee [Shawney], Shea [Shay], Shelby [Shelbey], Shelley [Shelly], Shepley [Shipley, ..], Sicily [Sicilly], Sidney [Sydney], Signe [Signy], Sivney, Skelly [Scully], Skerry, Skye [Sky], Sylvester [Sly], Smedley [Smedly], Smith [Smitty], Smokey [Smoky]

Somerby [Sommersby, ..], Somerley [Sorley], Sonny [Sunny], Orson [Sonny], Spark [Sparky], Stacy [Stacey], Stanbury [Stansbury, ..], Stanley [Stanly], Stanway [Stannway, ..], Stepney [Stepny], Stephen [Stevy], Stockley, Stoney, Sudbury [Sudberry, ..], Sujay, Sullivan [Sully], Sully [Sulley], Sunny [Sunney], Sweeney [Sweeny], Sydney

Tammany, Tandie [Tandy, ..], Thandiwe [Thandy, ..], Tanner [Tanney], Tavis [Tavey], Tay, Ted [Teddy, ..], Theodore [Teddy], Theobald [Teddy], Tennyson [Tenny], Terence [Terry, ..], Terry [Terrey], Thaddeus [Thady], Thierry, Tobias [Toby, ..], Thorley, Thornley [Thornly], Tiernan [Tierney, ..], Timothy [Tymothy, ..], Toby [Tobey, ..]

Thomas [Tommy, ..], Tom [Tommy], Tommy, Antonio [Tony], Tony [Toney], Torrence [Torry, ..], Torry [Torry, ..], Tory, Townsend [Townly], Tracy [Treacy, ..], Trey, Troy, Tully [Tulley], Ty, Tyler [Ty], Tyson [Ty], Valerian [Valery], Basil [Wassily, ..], Vasilis [Wassily, ..], Veltry

Vernon [Verney], Vijay [Veejay, ..], Vincent [Wincenty, ..], Vito [Vitaly], Volney, Wadley [Wadly], Wakeley [Wakely], Walter [Wally], Wally, Wallace [Wally], Wardley, Warley, Waverley [Waverley], Wayland [Way], Webley, Welby [Wellby, ..], Wesley [Westley, ..], Westby [Westbey], Westerly [Westerley], Wetherby [Wetherbey, ..]

Wetherly [Wetherley, ..], Wheatley [Wheatly], Whitby [Whitbey], White [Whitey], Whitley, Whitney, Wickley, Wylie [Wiley], Wiley [Willey], Willoughby [Willughby, ..], Willie [Willy], Willis [Willy], Elwood [Woody], Haywood [Woody], Woody, Woodrow [Woody], Worth [Worthy, ..], Wray, Yancy [Yantsey, ..], Yardley [Yeardley, ..]

Yevgeny [Yevgeniy], Yovanny [Yovanney], Yuri [Yury], Zachariah [Zakery, ..], Zachary [Zackery, ..], Zuberi [Zubery]

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