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what does Aafje.html mean?

Aafje.html Pronunciation of Aafje.htmlAafje is a Dutch female name, derived from the Germanic name Adelheid, which means 'noble' and 'kind'


Aafke, Aaf, Aaltje, Alette, Alida, Adelheid, Heidi, Adele, Adelaide, Alice

How popular is Aafje.html

Aafje is a rare name, mostly used in the Netherlands and among Dutch-speaking communities

Which version is better?

The original version of the name is Adelheid, and Aafje is a Dutch diminutive

Similar Names

Aagje, Aaltje, Alette, Alida, Aafke, Aagje, Aaltje, Alette, Alida, Aafke