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what does Arthelia.html mean?

Arthelia.html Pronunciation of Arthelia.htmlArthelia is a rare and unique name of uncertain origin and meaning. It is possibly a combination of the names 'Arthur' and 'Ophelia', or a variant of 'Arthuretta', which is derived from 'Arthur' meaning 'bear' and 'king'.


Arthuretta, Arthurelia, Arthelina, Arthella, Arthel

How popular is Arthelia.html

Arthelia is a very rare name and not commonly used.

Which version is better?

There is no specific 'better' version of Arthelia, as it is a unique name with few variations.

Similar Names

Ophelia, Aurelia, Amelia, Athena, Ariella, Arabella, Adelia, Aphelia, Ardelia, Artelia