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what does Edie.html mean?

Edie.html Pronunciation of Edie.htmlEdie is a diminutive form of the name Edith, which means 'prosperous in war' or 'riches and war' derived from the Old English elements 'ead' (riches, prosperity) and 'gyth' (war).


Edith, Edythe, Edyth, Eadie, Edi, Edy

How popular is Edie.html

Edie is a moderately popular name. In the United States, it ranked #1635 in 2020.

Which version is better?

There is no specific 'better' version of Edie, as it is a personal preference. Some may prefer the original name Edith, while others may like the shortened version Edie.

Similar Names

Eadie, Eda, Eddie, Edina, Edna, Edwina, Edee, Evie, Ellie, Elsie