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what does Emilia.html mean?

Emilia.html Pronunciation of Emilia.htmlEmilia is a feminine name of Latin origin, derived from the Roman family name 'Aemilius'. It means 'rival' or 'industrious'.


Amelia, Emilie, Emily, Emiliana, Emmalee, Emmeline, Emmy, Emelie, Em

How popular is Emilia.html

Emilia is a popular name, ranking 58th in the United States, 10th in England and Wales, and 21st in Sweden in 2020.

Which version is better?

There is no definitive 'better' version of the name Emilia, as it depends on personal preference and cultural background.

Similar Names

Amelia, Emilie, Emily, Camila, Emery, Emma, Mila, Emilia-Rose, Emilee, Emilia-Grace