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what does Iva.html mean?

Iva.html Pronunciation of Iva.htmlIva is a feminine name of Slavic origin, meaning 'yew tree' or 'willow tree'. In some cultures, it is also considered a variant of the name Eva, meaning 'life' or 'living one'.


Ivanka, Ivana, Iveta, Ivette, Ivonne, Eva, Eve, Evita, Evie, Evelyn

How popular is Iva.html

Iva is a moderately popular name, ranking 2,104th in the United States and 1,000th in England and Wales.

Which version is better?

There is no specific 'better' version of the name Iva, as it depends on personal preference and cultural background.

Similar Names

Ava, Eva, Ivy, Ida, Ina, Isla, Ima, Ilsa, Iola, Ira