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what does Katherin.html mean?

Katherin.html Pronunciation of Katherin.htmlKatherin is a variant of the name Katherine, which means 'pure' or 'clear'. It is derived from the Greek name Aikaterine or Hekaterine.


Katherine, Catherine, Kathryn, Katharine, Katheryn, Cathryn, Catharine, Katerina, Katrina, Ekaterina

How popular is Katherin.html

Katherin is less popular than its other variants, such as Katherine or Catherine. It is not commonly found in the top baby name lists.

Which version is better?

There is no definitive 'better' version of the name Katherin, as it depends on personal preference. Some may prefer the more traditional spelling of Katherine or Catherine.

Similar Names

Kathleen, Kaitlyn, Katalina, Kateri, Katia, Katarina, Katlyn, Kassidy, Kassandra, Kallie