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what does Ramona.html mean?

Ramona.html Pronunciation of Ramona.htmlRamona is a feminine name of Spanish origin, derived from the name Ramon, which means 'wise protector' or 'protecting hands'.


Ramonita, Romona, Remona, Raimonda, Raymonda

How popular is Ramona.html

Ramona is a moderately popular name. According to the US Social Security Administration, it ranked #835 in popularity in 2020.

Which version is better?

There is no specific 'better' version of Ramona, as it is a matter of personal preference. The original name Ramona is widely used and recognized.

Similar Names

Simona, Romina, Raimunda, Mona, Romana, Rayna, Romelia, Romilda, Romana, Ramira