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what does Romona.html mean?

Romona.html Pronunciation of Romona.htmlRomona is a variant of the name Ramona, which is a feminine form of the name Ramon, derived from the Spanish and Catalan name Ramón. Ramón is a form of the name Raymond, which means 'wise protector' or 'counselor and protector'.


Ramona, Romana, Romonia, Romonia

How popular is Romona.html

Romona is a less popular variant of the name Ramona. According to the US Social Security Administration, Romona is not in the top 1000 names for baby girls.

Which version is better?

The more popular and traditional version of the name is Ramona.

Similar Names

Simona, Romina, Ramonita, Romelia, Romilda, Romelle, Romi, Romola, Romonda, Romula