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what does Stephani.html mean?

Stephani.html Pronunciation of Stephani.htmlStephani is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning 'crown' or 'garland'. It is derived from the Greek name 'Stephanos', which means 'crown' or 'wreath'.


Stephanie, Stefani, Stefanie, Stephany, Stephania, Steffani, Steffanie, Stephaine, Stephene, Stephannie

How popular is Stephani.html

Stephani is not a very popular name in recent years. The more common spelling, Stephanie, ranked 437th in the United States in 2020.

Which version is better?

There is no definitive 'better' version of the name Stephani, as it depends on personal preference. However, the more popular spelling is 'Stephanie'.

Similar Names

Stefania, Stefany, Stephana, Stephene, Stevana, Stevani, Stepania, Steffany, Steffanie, Steffani