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what does Vidonia.html mean?

Vidonia.html Pronunciation of Vidonia.htmlVidonia is a rare female name of uncertain origin and meaning. It is possibly derived from the Latin 'vitis', meaning 'vine', or it could be a variant of the name Sidonia, which means 'from Sidon' (an ancient city in Lebanon).


Vidonya, Vidoniah, Vidoniya, Vidonea, Vidoneah, Vidonee, Vidoneia, Vidoneiya, Vidonie, Vidoniea

How popular is Vidonia.html

Vidonia is a very rare name and not commonly used. It does not appear in popular baby name lists.

Which version is better?

There is no specific 'better' version of Vidonia, as it is a rare name with few variations. The choice of version would depend on personal preference.

Similar Names

Sidonia, Vidya, Vidula, Vida, Vidette, Vidonia, Vidushi, Vidyuta, Vidyut, Vidyul