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what does Aleksandr.html mean?

Aleksandr.html Pronunciation of Aleksandr.htmlAleksandr is a male name of Greek origin, meaning 'defender of the people' or 'defending men'. The '.html' part seems to be a mistake and should be ignored.


Alexander, Alexandre, Alejandro, Alessandro, Alexandros, Oleksandr, Iskandar, Sándor, Alexandru, Aleksander

How popular is Aleksandr.html

Aleksandr is a popular name in Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. It is less common in English-speaking countries.

Which version is better?

There is no 'better' version of the name, as it depends on personal preference and cultural background. The most common version in English-speaking countries is 'Alexander'.

Similar Names

Aleksei, Aleksey, Alessio, Alexei, Alexey, Alexi, Alexio, Alexios, Alexis, Aleksandar