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what does Archibold.html mean?

Archibold.html Pronunciation of Archibold.htmlArchibald is a male name of German origin, meaning 'genuine', 'bold', and 'brave'.


Archibaldo, Archibaldus, Archambault, Archaimbaud, Archaimbault, Archimbald, Archimbaldo, Archimbaud, Archimbauld

How popular is Archibold.html

Archibald is not a very popular name in recent years, but it was more common in the early 20th century.

Which version is better?

The original version of the name is Archibald.

Similar Names

Archie, Archard, Archer, Archelaus, Archimedes, Archippus, Archiebald, Archiwald, Arkwright, Arkwald