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what does Jeff.html mean?

Jeff.html Pronunciation of Jeff.htmlJeff.html is not a valid name. It seems to be a combination of the name 'Jeff' and the file extension '.html'. The name 'Jeff' is a short form of 'Jeffrey' which means 'God's peace' or 'divinely peaceful'.


Jeffrey, Geoff, Geoffrey, Jeffery

How popular is Jeff.html

Jeff.html is not a popular name as it is not a valid name. However, 'Jeff' was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Which version is better?

The better version would be 'Jeff' without the '.html' file extension.

Similar Names

Jefferson, Jett, Jeferson, Jephthah, Jevon, Jevin, Javon, Jovanni, Jovany, Jovanny