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what does Jefferey.html mean?

Jefferey.html Pronunciation of Jefferey.htmlJefferey is a variant of the name Jeffrey, which is derived from the Germanic name Godfrey. It means 'God's peace' or 'peace of God'.


Jeffrey, Geoffrey, Jeffry, Jefferey, Jeff, Geoff, Godfrey

How popular is Jefferey.html

Jefferey is not as popular as its variant Jeffrey. According to the Social Security Administration, Jeffrey was ranked 382nd in popularity in the United States in 2020.

Which version is better?

The most common version of the name is Jeffrey.

Similar Names

Jefferson, Jeffries, Joffrey, Jeferson, Jefry, Jefte, Jeferson, Jeffer, Jefferies, Jeffy